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Boost your Spotify metrics with Instant Famous targeted plays services. Higher play counts can lead to more visibility, increased followers, and better chances of getting featured on playlists. This helps build your brand and attract industry attention.


Our Services

1k Spotify Targeted Plays from just $4.99

  • Perfect for new artists.
  • Increase your reach with plays from real users.


Premium Play Packages:

  • Choose from various packages up to 1 million plays.
  • Improve your Spotify Popularity Index and get more organic followers.


Spotify Promotion:

  • Real, organic plays.
  • Guaranteed results with a 60-day refill policy.
  • Safe and secure transactions with SSL encryption.



  • Organic Growth: Increased play counts improve algorithmic rankings.
  • Enhanced Reputation: More plays make your tracks appear popular and attract new listeners.
  • Industry Attention: High play counts can lead to opportunities with labels and promoters.


How It Works

  • Select your package.
  • Provide your track URL.
  • Complete the payment.
  • Watch your plays increase organically over a few days.


Prioritize your music's success with our reliable Spotify promotion services.