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You can try different strategies to get more comments on Facebook. Some of the useful approaches are listed below.

  1. Ask customers to share their best tips regarding the post.

  2. Use visual content (videos/pictures) on your post.

  3. Ask questions. (Like, What, Why, How, Where, and Who)

  4. Evoke an emotional response.

  5. Try a fill-in-the-blank post. 

Comments take a little extra effort. And traffic on Facebook is often too lazy to stop and write a few words of appreciation. On the other hand, the Facebook algorithm values massive comments on the posts. For this reason, businesses and influencers buy Facebook comments.

Facebook comments are important metrics. They gauge your content (based on relevance and quality) according to your business. People only engage with posts that are bursting with comments.

Therefore, if you want to encourage more organic comments on your Page’s posts, buying some comments won’t hurt.

 You can buy Facebook comments in three easy steps.

  1. Select the Facebook Comments bundle.

  2. Provide us the link to your post (where you want us to supply the comments).

  3. Process your payment to confirm the order.

That’s it – buying Facebook comments couldn’t be easier! 

Unfortunately, no! But you can buy different packages for different posts to get engagement on multiple posts.  

Nope. The number of comments on your post will not decrease even if the commenters unfollow you, their comments won't decrease.

With Instant Famous, you can buy 100 Facebook comments at once.  Of course, you can repeat your order over and over again.

We have three Facebook Comments packages at Instant Famous. All are reasonably priced.

  • 10 Facebook Comments for $4.71.

  • 50 Facebook Comments for $23.58.

  • 100 Facebook Comments for $41.28.

Of course, it is. Our system is SSL secured. So, buying Facebook comments is totally safe when purchased with Instant Famous.

Yes, you can purchase comments for your ANY Facebook post.

Definitely! You can place multiple orders for the same post if you want more engagement. But, wait until you receive all the comments of your first and then place the second order. 

You’ll receive generic comments related to your post. However, if you want to control what is being said in the comments, you have the freedom to ask us for custom comments. 

In this 21st century, the business industry is greatly influenced by the latest technologies. Social media websites have changed the marketing scenario to a great extent. Marketing professionals these days are interested in finding ways to promote their niche online. Social media websites provide them the best opportunity to lead their brand ahead of the competitors. The idea is to launch interesting contests and polls that can capture audience attention online. It can help big brands to stand out in the business industry while creating a reputation in the market. But it is not that easier to succeed with your marketing campaigns online.

The fact is that there are millions of competitive brands online, and each one of them is targeting an audience around. Customers find plenty of purchase options in the market. Sometimes they also get confused about where to buy. If you want to direct huge traffic to your website, it is better to use some trusted tricks and tips online that work. You can buy Facebook comments and likes online to boost engagement fast. Many big business brands have already tried this strategy, and they are happy with the results. However, if you are a little confused about using Facebook marketing tactics, we suggest you go through the detailed discussion below.

Social Media for Marketing:

With the advancements in technologies, the world has now grown on the digital horizon. People sitting at the far end of the world stay connected via the internet and social media. Millions of people around the world are following the technology revolution and trends with peak excitement. Even the business industry is not away from the impact of the latest inventions. Small brands and new businesses have found their way to target audiences at any far end of the world. Globalization has changed the way people used to make purchase decisions. Everything is not accessible online at an affordable price with instant delivery options.

Facebook helps growing brands to capture audience attention with ease. They can initiate active conversations online to build strong connections with the customers. When people feel connected and valued at your business platforms, they are more likely to return. They will also recommend your brand to the near and dear ones ahead.

Potential of Facebook Fan Base:

Facebook is one of the most potential platforms online that connects millions of people online. The growing businesses can use Facebook fan pages to sell products and services online. It helps them to target more audiences in less time while making the least effort as well. Highly active brands on Facebook are likely to achieve a higher ranking on big search engines like Google and Bing. It clearly means...if you make efforts to boost your popularity on Facebook, it will also provide you credibility on other platforms.

Importance of Facebook Comments and Likes for Marketing:

When you make efforts to get a higher number of comments and likes for marketing, it becomes easier to boost credibility online. Whenever you post a new brand promotion campaign online, prefer to purchase Facebook comments and likes fast. Our teams can help you get fast delivery for an unlimited number of comments and likes. We are dedicated to helping you stand ahead of the competitors in the market. Note that our large network of real profiles can help you get organic traffic on your Facebook page, and soon you will be ranked higher for the higher engagement online.

It is possible to visit our official website online and place an order for the most suitable Facebook comments package. Our organic likes work perfectly with almost every type of marketing campaign. You can also ask for tailored packages to ensure the desired level of popularity online. We can help you to draw the attention of the customers within very little time online. Soon you will be able to mark top rank on search engine results. The traffic generated through purchased 'Facebook Comments and Like Packages' can be converted into trusted buyers soon. Indeed, our professional teams can help your brand to make a huge profit online. It is the right time to design the most interesting Facebook marketing campaigns and get ready with custom promotional packages.