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Yes, at Instant Famous we offer several different services across various platforms. When it comes to TikTok, we're now growing our service and building on the success we've had elsewhere. If you don't receive the product after paying, wait a little longer and, then, get in touch with our fantastic customer service team.

Yes, we’re proud of our customer support systems and are big believers in communication. Whether you have issues or just questions that haven’t been answered here, feel free to contact our team.

We’ll help you ANYTIME.

As many as you want! We recommend going for an amount that provides the initial boost. If it hasn’t quite had the effect you wanted, come back and invest in some more. Eventually, you’ll get to a tipping point where the social proof jumps into action. And, you’ll see a great spike in views.

Yes and no. 

Yes, because there’s a great opportunity to get featured. Thanks to the boost in views!

No, because TikTok won't be aware of our transaction. After purchasing from us, everything will remain between the two parties, and you don't have to worry about it going any further.

What else would we like? Nothing more!

Whenever you need a boost in views to get some exposure for your content, just come back. Depending on how your first experience went, you can either choose the same package or increase the number of views you buy.

As we always say when purchasing anything for a social platform, there is only so much we can do. Sure, we can help you get views on your content (and we can also help with followers and likes). After this, whether or not they engage with future content depends on the quality of your content and its frequency (how often you post). If you don’t produce great content, the investment will go to waste eventually.

Firstly, don’t panic. We aren't like other platforms. We deliver what we promise.

With this in mind, the first tip is to wait. Sometimes the process can be a little delayed, or you might not have waited for the suggested time. If you have waited and still aren’t seeing changes, just contact our customer support team. They will work hard to correct the issue and get the views for which you’ve paid.

If you buy a starter TikTok views pack, you don't necessarily need to wait for drip-feed delivery.

However, for a greater number of views, you must get your order through the drip-feed process. Otherwise, a large number of views in a relatively short time may sound fishy.

The drip-feed feature allows you to get TikTok views without getting caught by the TikTok algorithm.

Are you getting started on the platform? If so, it's a good idea. Because when you start on a platform like TikTok, you need to build your foundation strong. High-quality TikTok views gathered from active TikTok accounts establish you as a TikToker and get your account the initial flow.

In another case, if you are already an established TikToker, BUYING TikTok views still helps. You can give your views a boost by buying TikTok views.

On TikTok, you can try some strategies to plan your content in a way that brings more ways. Below we have listed some of such tips that will surely help you enhance your viewership.

  1. Upload high-quality content.

  2. Post your videos consistently. This will help the TikTok algorithm to suggest your video on TikTok’s “For You” page to the interested audience.

  3. Use as many relevant tags as you can. Avoid the irrelevant ones, though. 

  4. Polish your video visuals by editing them properly.

  5. Upload short and sweet-sized videos.

  6. Take inspiration from the best-performing TikTokers in your niche.

So, you are thinking about buying TikTok views but are still unable to make the decision?

Let us blow your mind with an interesting stat . . .


Your (and ours) favorite TikTok app has nearly 100 million monthly active users in the US only. Woahhhh! 

That's truly amazing, but we'll make you aware of every aspect of buying TikTok views. Let's begin with the first-ever query that might pop into your mind, "What are TikTok views?”

What are TikTok views? 

TikTok views are a mode of engagement with the content you present on the platform.

In other words, they are the NUMBER OF TIMES your content has been viewed by other TikTok users. They are one of the key metrics for determining the popularity of the content. Content that receives the highest number of views is considered a trending piece, and it impacts your profile in a lot of other ways.

Say, for example, your popular video may drive more traffic, get more followers, and win more likes and views... 


Why should I buy TikTok views?


Do you ever find that the successful accounts on TikTok get more successful while everybody else scrambles over the small leftover views? If yes, you have an opportunity to buy TikTok views to encourage your profile’s growth and engagement.

Why not take advantage when you can build a foundation for your TikTok profile to grow? 

When people see you have massive views, they're more attracted to your profile. They view your content often and this way you start enjoying organic growth.

Pros of Buying TikTok Views:

Now, one last piece of the puzzle to help you make the decision...

We want to throw some light on the pros of buying TikTok views.

As you know, TikTok is the queen of the video content of all Social Media platforms at the moment. Therefore, promoting your profile across the platform has endless perks. Let’s take a glimpse of a few of them.

They are cheap.

You don’t have to put a hole in your wallet or loot a bank to buy TikTok views. We offer you 1,000 TikTok views for only $3.53. Now, imagine with spending a few dollars how much value you get? 

It’s really rocking, no?

They grow your TikTok presence rapidly.

When you buy some TikTok views, your video becomes popular in an instant as it gets many views in a short time. Hence, your video manages to make its way to other people's (that might show interest in your content) 'For You' page.

Results? The new audience might become your followers. 

More money, more opportunities

When you become a credible TikToker with a vast viewership, TikTok opens the door to huge money-making opportunities.

Go live and collect donations. Use ad platforms. Manage Influencer campaigns. Build and sell your account, and many more such opportunities are waiting. 


How do TikTok views affect the TikTok algorithm?

TikTok’s only goal is to retain its users.

How do they do so?  With the help of its algorithm!

TikTok’s algorithm finds the best content on the platform and refers it to the relevant audience. The criteria of any video’s fame on TikTok revolve around engagement. And the TikTok algorithm derives its result from people’s feedback. 

The more views a video has, the more it becomes trendy in the eyes of the TikTok algorithm.

Where can you buy TikTok views?

Don’t know where to buy legit TikTok views? It’s simple.

Log on to Instant Famous – the best social media growth service provider with an easy-to-use, safe, and quality service.

With that said, now let’s move on to the next question you might ask, “Why to choose us?”

Why should I consider Instant Famous above every other TikTok promotion service?

We don’t shy away from the fact that we have competitors in the market. Instead, we use it as motivation to become even better. Our platform is easy-to-use. Moreover, the algorithm will get you thousands of views, and we don’t even ask for your password - at any stage!

Furthermore, we should note that your data remains private with us. The last thing you want is for your information to be passed on. This is something we dislike as much as you. So, don’t worry, you are in safe hands.

Here’s how we are different from other TikTok views providers:

  • Our TikTok views service is accessible to EVERYONE regardless of what region they live in and who the creator is.
  • The views we provide come from REAL TikTok users.
  • You get viewership from mixed demographics.
  • We don't ask you for your sensitive information like passwords etc.
  • We don't muddle you with complex procedures of downloading some app or connecting to a site, and so on.
  • We give you a No-Block guarantee. You’ll never get banned for buying TikTok views from us.
  • We have a highly responsive Customer Support service. Always ready to address your issues!  


How does buying TikTok views work?

To buy TikTok views, you need to walk through only three steps.

Step 1:

Pick the Appropriate Package: You can pick from our seven TikTok Views bundles. They start from 1,000 TikTok views and go up to 1,000,000 TikTok views. Take a look at all the packages and choose the one that fits your goals and budget.

Step 2:

Provide your Information: At this step, you need to provide your TikTok profile's username and email address. We ask for the email address because we mail you a copy of your purchase as a verification of your order.

Step 3:

Complete your Order: Go ahead and make the purchase. You can complete your order by processing the payment. We only take a few seconds to verify your order. After the confirmation, we get started delivering your views. 

Here, we recommend you wait for a few hours because the views won’t come immediately.

When you get the views, those who come across your content will be more likely to engage. Your views act as 'social proof.'  And it's a psychological phenomenon where we're all essentially online sheep – following the actions of others.


 Buy Tiktok Views from Instant Famous.

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