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Ans. If your Instagram video is watched for 3 or more seconds, it’s counted as a view.

Ans. Sadly, no! Video loops aren’t counted as views.

Ans. Yes. For Instagram videos, the maximum length of your videos has to be 2 minutes.

Ans. No, you can’t see how many times a certain Instagram user watched your video. Also, you cannot see the profiles of the viewers on your video. All you get to know is the number of people who watched your videos altogether. 

Ans. There are multiple strategies that you can use to enhance the views on your Instagram videos. Below are some of the proven techniques that you can use to boost the views on every video you upload.

  • Post videos that your audience wants.

  • Choose a time to upload your videos when most of your followers are online.

  • Bring value to your viewers' life.

  • Run a “Like to Enter Giveaway” campaign.

  • Use optimized hashtags.

  • Use the description of the videos wisely.

  • Buy Instagram video views.

Ans. Yes, you can buy Instagram video views. They are easy to buy, affordable, and come in minutes.

Ans. You should buy Instagram views to increase your popularity, catch the attention, avail sponsorship opportunities, and boost your engagement.

Ans. When you buy Instagram video views, it pushes your marketing campaign over the top of the hashtag charts. When your video has very little to no views, you simply can’t get the exposure you deserve.  

Ans. Your Instagram account is likely to grow faster if you get more Instagram video views. Instagram’s algorithm prefers videos with a high amount of views. Videos with a high number of views will make your account more visible. 

Ans. No! The sole purpose of buying Instagram video views is to bring you or your brand the exposure you need to outgrow your competition. As long as you are not using any foul means to bring views on your IG videos, it's legal and is taken as a part of your marketing strategy.

Ans. You don't need to provide your details or any confidential information at all. No personal details, no Instagram password, or no other sensitive data. Nothing!

All we need is your Instagram video’s link to start delivering your Instagram views, and we get your campaign started right away.

Ans. At Instant Famous, we offer nothing less than high-quality and real Instagram views. We never deliver our clients with fake or bot-generated views.

Ans. No, buying Instagram video views won’t hurt your Instagram account. When you buy your video views with Instant Famous, you can keep calm because we keep our social media marketing strategies updated and aligned with the new updates and policies of Instagram. Therefore, there is no risk of getting your account banned. 

Plus, we are proud to tell you that we never had a record of hurting our customer’s accounts.

Ans. Of course, yes! We hate keeping our clients waiting. Therefore, we can start delivering your video views right after you upload them.

Ans. Instant Famous is one of the genuine social media marketing companies over the web and provides you its services through proven ways that don't violate the terms and conditions of social media platforms. Instant Famous is equipped with a squad of experts. They are not only skilled but are willing to help the newcomers grow.

Some other reasons you should choose Instant Famous are following:

Instant Delivery 

Quality Views

Secure Payment Methods

No Decrease Risk

24/7 Customer Support  

Ans. Buying the Instagram video views package from Instant Famous is fast and simple. You need to follow three easy steps to get your views delivered.

Step 1: Choose Your Package – Select an appropriate package of Instagram views that suit the best to your needs.

Step 2: Enter your Instagram Video’s link – Next you have to enter your Instagram’s video’s link you want to buy your views for.Step 3: Get the Results – You can process your payment and we’ll set up your views campaign once your order gets confirmed. Now, you just have to see the magic happening.

Ans. No, the video views you buy from Instant Famous come with a no-drop guarantee. However, if you still face any kind of decrease in the number of your views within six months of the order delivery, we'll be there to compensate for your drop. 

Ans. No one will ever know about the purchase of your video views unless you tell them by yourself. 

Ans. No! Your account must have to be set in public mode. Please make sure that you set your account on public mode to start receiving your IG video views. Once we are done with delivering your IG video views, you can reset your privacy mode to private.

Buy Instagram Video Views and Make Your Product Go Viral!

In the current era, Instagram is one of the most engaging social communities. To tap into its marketing potential, you need to have plenty of time. But what if you find yourself stuck in a shortage of time to spend on all the accounts? If so, Instagram is the way to go!

Instagram is a well-known social networking site and has millions of people using it across the world. Currently, people are using social media websites to market as well as promote their businesses online. The Instagram business profile helps you build your business presence or other things that, either you want to share or boost. And you can boost your business’s credibility vividly by buying Instagram video views. 

On the other hand, Instagram has become a measurable capability for both lead generations and sales as well. Thus, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms to aid small businesses to target millions of customers.

The Necessity of Buying Instagram Views?

It's essential to get engagement on the popular photo and video-sharing app – Instagram. When you buy Instagram video views, it brings a lot of changes to your social media profile, for sure. Moreover, it also helps to gain quick credibility and thus helps your business profile look more trustworthy. 

Launching a Brand on Instagram 

As a business, you’re probably being pulled in a million different directions. You need to concentrate on your website, physical stores, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and many other platforms. Therefore, we know that it’s tricky to come up with a strong marketing strategy for all of these different areas. However, this doesn’t mean you should forget Instagram. Here’s why:


Firstly, Instagram allows you to engage with customers, and customer engagement can bring your brand a lot of value and credibility. These days, consumers like to feel closer to brands. This means being able to contact and get a response quickly. Fortunately, we have exactly this with Instagram. With the right approach, it’s possible to build a community and grow the value around your business (and cheap Instagram views help with your mission!).

Tell a Story 

As you know, Instagram is a very visual platform. Based on images and videos, you can tell a story and start differentiating yourself from the competition. For example, it could be the sustainability of your company. The fact that your products use a unique manufacturing process. Or the work that you do in the community. When people choose to follow your brand, it's time to tell your story.

Make Sales

It sounds obvious, but there’s no reason why you can’t make sales on Instagram. The engagement helps to answer the most pressing concerns of prospective consumers, while the pictures/videos you upload can show off your amazing products. These days, customers don't even need to leave the app to buy your products (as long as you utilize Instagram Shopping).

Niche Markets

As you buy fast-delivered views on Instagram, the brand can build a following in the desired niche. With hundreds of millions of active users, you can settle into the right market. Whether you need to attract sports lovers, gym enthusiasts, or musicians, nearly every audience is available.


When speaking to experts, they will often tell you that Instagram is a slow-burner and that you need a long-term strategy to see any success. But, this has become a thing of the past now. These days Instagram works in a different environment. You can even buy Instagram views. After making this investment, your page and videos will receive the attention they deserve. Rather than cheating, as some people will tell you, you’re just giving your page a kick-start. Why wait for months for the views to come when you can buy cheap Instagram views from a reliable service like Instant Famous? With these views, it provides the foundation your page and videos need to succeed. 

Market Research

In recent years, social media has actually become one of the best market research tools around. Why? Because, after building a following, you can head into the analytics and learn more about your audience. When launching a company, you have an idea of your average customer. By digging into the analytics, you might realize that your product has found a slightly different audience to the one intended.

What’s more, engaging with consumers helps you to learn about industry trends. If all else fails, there’s nothing wrong with just asking people directly. With a simple poll, you’ll learn what they like about your product, what improvements they recommend, what they like and dislike about other products in the market, and more. Ultimately, it doesn’t take long before you have ideas for product development and ad optimization.


Significant benefits of buying Instagram video views

Cheap Instagram views 

Buying cheap Instagram views is comparatively a new way to enhance your business online. The images can be customized and boosted online by using Instagram for the best possible outcome before sharing them on other social media tools. Nowadays, it's quite easy to buy cheap Instagram video views.

Provides an opportunity to go viral

Instagram can make both pictures, as well as images, go viral. It displays all the images visible to all the Instagram users, and that too is virtually free. No one will ignore this opportunity.

It gives a peek off the screen 

Instagram allows the business to show their followers. It gives a sort of unique experience to the followers. 

Uses thrilling images and hashtags

It makes use of thrilling images instead of stocking up images that show the targeted visitors to the company to those existing and upcoming clients. You can also take advantage of using hashtags while tagging others to every photo to ensure that not only your products and services will get hit, but even the hashtags as well.


Buy Instagram views and enhance overall business presence!

Buy Instagram views and increase your overall presence online. By using Instagram likes, views, and followers, a business organization/company can easily take straightforward decisions and generate quick and affordable ideas. These likes, views, and followers are just from the base of the web traffic which will be attracted by all the sites. It is one of the best ways to enhance the overall online presence on social media along with likes and followers. Several businesses are using Instagram views and followers to generate more web traffic. They are also making huge revenue within a short period.

There are several options available. Obviously! You may get confused about which one to choose for successful business promotion. Instagram video views, likes, and followers boost business advertising as well as marketing. Hence, buying Instagram followers will boost your products and services within a short period.

Tips to buy Instagram video views 

In any social networking site, the number of followers you have will decide the power of your profile, as well as your presence in digital marketing. Indeed, it's not so easy to get followers on Instagram. To accomplish this task, firstly, you need to follow others, and later others start following you slowly. It may take years together to make your presence strong on any social media site. 

When it comes to the matter of buying these services, bear in mind that you are not at all alone. There are several companies which are ready to aid you in this regard. So, it's essential to find genuine ones to buy Instagram video views. 

While marketing any product online, most companies look for advanced strategies to make their products and services reach potential customers. It's an ideal place to share your thoughts with others. The only way to make your products reach beyond Geographical limitations is through using social media sites. That's why it is pretty much important to buy Instagram video views. 

Buying Instagram Views, likes and followers are the best way to become smart online, and thus it produces instant results. Nowadays, it is possible to buy Instagram video views at an affordable rate. 

It's very hard to get noticed sometimes, particularly the new business profiles. Hence, having several views is indeed a vital factor to get noticed in the huge crowd.

To get more credibility in the business field.

To become visible in the business world.

To create a much better impression.

Draw more clients' attention.

Buying Instagram video views these days is one of the best ways to promote products and services to people across the world. 

There are varieties of products and services which are efficient enough to boost your social presence and help you stand ahead amongst strong business competitors in the field. In this regard, there are three simple steps to buy Instagram video views. 

Firstly choose a package from the given list, which is best and suits your budget.

Enter essential details like email id and other such essential requirements for account verification.

At last, choose the payment mode like a debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

Why Choose Instant Famous for Instant Instagram Views?

With this, all that's left is to convince you to choose our fast-delivered views on Instagram service over every other. Let’s take a look! 

Flexible Service - As you have seen on this page, we offer a flexible service, and this means that it’s possible to choose the package that fits your needs. We understand that every business is unique, and this is why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all service with our cheap Instagram views. Instead, you can choose between the following:


As you can see, there’s something for everyone, and this is why many customers choose to partner with us long-term. While they start with the smaller packages, they eventually progress to the larger ones as the business grows.

Full Marketing Approach - You can buy Instagram views with Instant Famous, but it doesn’t end there. We’ve developed our service to help businesses across their marketing strategy. With us, it’s possible to boost your whole social presence because we offer services on Periscope, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitch, and Spotify. You can even buy website traffic from Instant Famous

Fast Delivery - Next, we know that you don’t want to wait; you want fast-delivered views on Instagram. Therefore, you'll be happy to learn that we deliver the smaller packages within 10 minutes and even the larger packages in an efficient way. Whether you go for a big, or small package you can be confident that your video will get the views it deserves quickly. 

Real Views - As a business, we understand your concern about buying Instagram views because there’s lots of confusion surrounding this process. Fortunately, we dislike bots and fake views (just like you!). Instead, we only ever offer real views, and this hopefully eases your nerves somewhat.

Great Customer Support - From the moment you first reach out, you will receive the very best service. If ever you have a problem or want to ask a question, get in touch with our dedicated 24/7 customer support. Our team is always ready and waiting to help because we want you to succeed just as much as you do. When you buy Instagram views, this is the first step to progress.  Even after all this, we also offer cheap Instagram views because we don’t believe this should break the bank. Browse the packages and get your instant Instagram views with Instant Famous now!


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