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Spotify counts a listener as a monthly listener if he has streamed any of your songs in the past 28 days.

Yes, buying Spotify monthly listeners is nothing new. It’s a kind of Spotify promotion. The best way to buy Spotify monthly listeners is to buy directly from a company like Instant Famous. Our starter pack contains 1000 Spotify monthly listeners for $11.79

To increase your listeners’ numbers you can use the strategies mentioned below.

Link your Spotify profile to other social media sites.

Add a Spotify “Follow” icon on your website.

Create your Spotify Playlist.

And, best of all, buy Spotify monthly followers.

Definitely, yes! We deliver your engagements through our network of Spotify users and influencers with real Spotify profiles.

We try to deliver you the monthly listeners as soon as possible. But as you know, the nature of this service is time-taking, and we can't promise to deliver you, monthly listeners, in a few hours. But what we promise is you'll definitely see booming results in your profile's monthly listener's metrics. 

Yes, buying monthly listeners is safe as long as you are buying from a legit resource like Instant Famous.

Having 1 million monthly Spotify listeners is impressive.

Know why people return to music and listen to it again and again?

Because …

Music has POWER.  It can heal, imitate your emotion, makes you feel, and release a flood of Dopamine. 


Some voices have a magical effect. Whenever they come up on your Spotify shuffle, they make your soul dance. That magical voice can be yours too. But if you are just starting as a Spotify music artist, how will you let others know that your voice can make listeners stick? 

Retaining listeners is not a hard nut to crack these days.

You can buy monthly listeners and tell everyone around that your music has made some long-lasting connections. And your future connections will flow effortlessly.

Seems like a great deal?

Let’s explore more about buying Spotify Monthly Listeners and know what the heck they are and why you need to buy them.

What are Spotify Monthly Listeners?

Spotify monthly listeners is the count of consistent Spotify users who play your tracks at least once in 28 days. If a listener doesn't continue listening to any of your music in 28 days, he is no longer considered a monthly listener.

However, the frequency of the song plays a particular user made doesn’t impact the Monthly Listeners Stats.

Spotify’s algorithm is quick in updating monthly listeners. Your monthly listeners are updated once in 24 hours.

Listeners vs. Plays – How are they different?


If you are wondering, what’s the difference between Spotify ‘Listeners’ and ‘Plays’?

Let us break that for you.

Spotify listeners are people who listen to your music. Spotify algorithm takes your listeners as an engagement metric to post your track in a playlist. And the number of listeners always keeps on changing. Spotify plays, on the other hand, are used to calculate the payment of royalties and they grow gradually.

Hopefully, now you know the difference between listeners and plays. Both are important factors and contribute a lot to improving your Spotify profile.

Remember to balance your marketing. Grow your Spotify listeners and Plays side by side, and soon your profile will be exploding with followers, plays, reposts, and of course, monthly listeners.

The Perks of Buying Spotify Monthly Listeners

Spotify displays the metrics of your monthly listeners on your profile. 

That reason alone is enough to know that this count is important, right?

Moreover, a good listener-to-stream ratio is a hell useful to trigger the Spotify algorithm and eventually for your success on the platform.

So, if you rack up more streams than the number of listeners you have, that may be a sign that your songs are good enough to make your listeners dive back to your music tracks. On the other hand, if the situation is totally opposite, the uneven number of streams and listeners is not a good omen.

It gives the algorithm a signal that people don't like your music enough to listen to it repeatedly.

Even worse? It might take your streams as shady and fraudulent.

Below are some of the benefits of buying Spotify Monthly Listeners. 

  • Your music is so loveable that listeners can’t stop listening to it.
  • Your songs translate the emotions of your listeners in the best possible way.
  • It attracts a large number of followers (people who might be interested in your niche)
  • They become a resource to your future fame.
  • They help your music trend. 
  • You earn credibility, and your position in Spotify Search improves.

Buying Spotify Monthly Listeners from Instant Famous

You can buy Spotify monthly listeners from Instant Famous in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is walk through a few simple, quick, and easy steps.

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  • Get your Order

    Right after you confirm your order with payment we get to work. Now you can sit back and focus on creating more unique music that helps people feel some connection. We’ll take care of the rest.

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