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Spotify Plays are the number of times users have listened to your music.

They act as proof that your song is good enough to spend some time and listen to. Without Spotify Plays, there's NO WAY to tell other users that your song is a must-hear. The online world depends on the number of views, plays, likes, etc. No one wants to listen to a song that has no plays at all. Real numbers convince users to give your song a try.

 There are so many benefits of buying Spotify Plays. We have listed some of the benefits below:

  • More plays can get you popular labels and help you progress through your career rapidly.

  • Your work gets recognized by the audience throughout the world.

  • Spotify plays to give you the initial kick to expand your fan following.

  • They help you gain social proof.

  • They give you an initial boost, especially when your music is new.

With thousands and thousands of music artists online, it can be a hard task to stand out without spending a boatload of money on marketing campaigns.

Luckily, social media growth services have made this a lot easier.When you use reputable service providers, like Instant Famous, you make your music get heard. The more your music gets heard, the more it attracts other organic listeners. This way, you can grow your numbers massively.

 Yes, buying Spotify Plays absolutely helps. Spotify is a platform that has brought out many music artists that were undiscovered before. Spotify Plays help you get noticed, and they also get people to listen to your music quickly.

This is a great way to get your music featured on the playlists of multiple Spotify song listeners. 

No, there’s nothing wrong with buying Spotify Plays. They are just a way of marketing your content. In fact, they are a great way to stay dynamic in your community and attract a more targeted audience to your Spotify account.

Yes, buying Spotify Plays is good for your music career. You can manage to get more and more streams with the purchased Plays. Resultantly, you get a boost as a music artist and can make an impact in the music industry with your unique music.

At Instant Famous, we make buying Spotify Plays a breeze.

Select the package that is RIGHT for you first. Enter your relevant information (such as user name or the URL based on the service you are buying). Follow our SSL secured payment method to confirm your order.

Hooray! You are done.

The Spotify Plays come from real Spotify listeners. You can rest assured we don't make your account appear shady by delivering fake or software-generated streams. What you get is real and quality plays that will help you reach your goals. 

Yes, as the leader of Social Media promotions we stand behind our products and offer the guarantee of our Spotify Plays packages. We keep the promotion going until we hit the desired number of plays.

Our system is SSL secured. We make sure that nobody gets access to your personal information. And we never sell your information to third parties. So, rest assured no one will know that you bought the Spotify Plays Promotion package from us.

It’s really fascinating having a Spotify music page brimming with plays. And as this service is quite enticing, no one can resist it – be it an already established artist or a budding music enthusiast.

Yes, Spotify benefits its music artists by paying them revenue. However, the revenue is not directly paid to the artist. It pays the right holders. 

Yes! Buying Spotify Plays through Instant Famous is safe. Our system is SSL protected, and we make sure that none of your information is stored.

You can see a boost in your Spotify plays within a very little time. Such as 10 to 30 minutes. We transfer all of your ordered plays within 24 hours maximum.  

 Following are the different types of Spotify Plays.

  • Regular Plays

  • Playlist Plays

  • Album Plays

  • Podcast Plays

We are one of the best Spotify Plays providers on the web. But how did we manage to reserve the best spot? Of course, by serving multiple music artists!

Below are some of the key characteristics of our service.

  • We bring you real plays.

  • We prioritize your safety. Hence, we don’t sell your personal information to third parties.  

  • We offer you our services at fair prices.

  • We guarantee to deliver quality plays.

  • We provide you customer support at any time.

Maximizing Your Music Promotion on Spotify: Buy Spotify Plays

spotify Spotify is a music streaming service that has completely changed and turned around the music industry for good. 

It is a fact that people do not buy music CDs nowadays. The growth of the internet and internet services has led to this change.  Because of this change, Spotify-like services have definitely gained an advantage and have grown by offering users to play their favorite music directly from the cloud, rather than having to download it first.

Streaming Music

spotify Globally speaking, everyone now has a smartphone tucked in their pocket. And they are capable of listening to songs or music (or anything of their choice) with a few taps. Some buoy their mood by listening to their favorite singer or artist.  Some prefer to please their ear with a mixture of songs, while others are eclectic listeners only. But even eclectic listeners have some preferences. Therefore, they keep their playlist with them.

Digital Music vs. Spotify Plays

spotify Everything has become digital, and so has music. All the music we listen to on the internet is digital music. And, in this digital era, Spotify has become quite popular. It has been able to surpass all expected notions about digital music. Spotify can run on any device, such as Smartphones, tablets, and even PCs.  Of course, the interface may vary from platform to platform; the basics of Spotify remain the same. It also provides the users with customized features such as making their playlists, choosing albums, artists, songs, and what have you.

Role of Spotify Plays 

spotify It’s not only the listeners who use Spotify artists as well reap benefits from this platform. They need it for spreading their music brand or songs. Even well-known artists use it for gathering fans and popularizing themselves. Spotify acts as a catalog that ties the users to the artists. It’s a place for users to share their playlists over social network sites and for artists to showcase their work.

Promotions offered on the site are quite irresistible. So, buy some Spotify plays to promote your music. It is the best option on the market for the promotion of music. And it promotes your music on social media platforms, music networks, community pages, and so on.  The perks don’t end there. Spotify pays the artists for plays, but only if the plays are real. 

See how effective it is to promote your music through Spotify!

With a promotional service like this, what do you lose if you buy Spotify plays and promote your music with REAL plays? Nothing!

Get More Plays

spotify Marketing is time-consuming, and getting more plays is a tricky part of an artist’s job.

Instead of consuming so much energy by yourself or outsourcing it, all you have to do is let Instant Famous do the job for you. 

And these are the services you will get:


Visibility & Engagement

spotify Get engagement for your music so that you do not get passed over. Buy Spotify plays as more plays give the impression that your music is worth listening to.



spotify Our expert team is available to help you build brand awareness, reach your goals, answer your questions, and provide guidance.  When you need help, just go online, and contact our customer support.


Help in building your Custom Campaign

spotify Spotify Plays service enables you to build your custom campaign.  The plays you buy can boost your reach. You can give your listener a unique taste of your music and discover some other genres at the same time. In short, you can be your producer and marketer as your music gains popularity.



spotify The total number of plays and frequency of these plays are the factors that decide your popularity and ranking on Spotify. So, when you buy plays they directly popularize your songs and help you gain the popularity you need. Buying Spotify plays eventually increases the number of your music plays on other platforms as well.



spotify You will also find yourself earning more as your popularity increases. First, you buy some plays. These plays encourage users to listen to your music. When your plays increase, your earnings from the platform also increase.



spotify There are several different packages for buying plays on Spotify that are quite bewildering to choose from. The more you buy, the more you earn advantages and discounts. You also start to collect points that could be redeemed, at a later stage and for any of the services on the site itself.

In case you haven’t yet noticed, it is a win-win situation – where you as an artist will gain fans, money, and popularity. You save the time and money you would have spent on marketing experts. And, all you had to do was be a part of this great site, create a profile and buy some plays (at Instant Famous) as you go along or the need arises.

So, what will you do as an artist? Are you going to sit there and wait until one of your songs starts gaining popularity (even if it takes years) and people start looking for your music? Or are you going to use a service like buying Spotify Plays?

Hopefully, you’ll act wise and go with the second option. If so, Instant Famous is your best bet to buy Spotify Plays.


 Buy Spotify plays from Instant Famous.

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