Terms of service agreement

By registering on the Instant Famous you confirm that you have read, understood and you agree to the terms and conditions established by this policy agreement. Using the services provided by Instant Famous, you confirm that you agree to these terms.

1). In general

a). This Terms of service agreement shall enter into force on 01 January 2012 (updated on 20 May 2018)

b). Any time Instant Famous can change or revise the User Terms of service agreement, without prior notice at its discretion. All the recent changes made by Instant Famous replace the previous and come into force from the date of posting. Continued using of the service after the amendment confirms your acceptance of the terms and conditions set in the amended User Terms of service agreement. You also confirm that you will read from time to time the revised User Terms of service agreement on the site of Instant Famous.


2). Services

a). The main objective of Instant Famous is the promotion of your pages on social networks.

b). All requests added to the system Instant Famous must comply with the principles established by combining social networks.


3). PayPal

a). By ordering our services you are clearly aware of what you order and you confirm that you will not make any false statements/disputes/chargebacks on Instant Famous via PayPal/2Checkout.

b). If you make such attempt, the Instant Famous will use the right to terminate the previously done services, your account and/or block your IP address.


4). Registration

a). By registering you confirm that you are over 13 years old or free from parental care, and that you understand and realize the conditions set forth in this User Terms of service agreement, and will follow them.


5). Copyright

a). You can’t copy or duplicate any text, images or software provided on the site Instant Famous without the written agreement of the representative of Instant Famous.


6) Promotion in social networks

a). You can use Instant Famous only if there are no any disagreements between the data by the User Terms of service agreement and conditions set out on social networking sites

b). Your Orders must not contain pornography or explicit sexual scenes, drug propaganda, animal abuse or racism.

c). If your Order gets removed for failing qualify terms of that social network, we do not provide any refunds for such orders

7). Responsibility

a). Instant Famous isn’t responsible for the deletion of your orders by the administration of social networks.


8). Cancellation Policy

a). You can ask to cancel any order before is gets completed at any time

b). Everything besides YouTube views can be canceled at any time, for YouTube views we can't cancel order first 4 days after submission

c). You will get Particular refund for unfinished work


9). Refund Policy

For all our services we offer you 30 days replacement or refund guarantee.


a). What’s not qualify for refund:

1. If all services were provided.

2. If your video was removed due to violations of the terms of YouTube (please look the information on the website http://www.YouTube.com/t/terms)

3. If YouTube removed your video due to copyright infringement/fraud/viruses/inappropriate content.

4. If your Page lost some followers or Likes after several days after is been completed

5. If you are the Re-seller all YouTube Views orders our not refundable, unless fail to completed in first 5 days

6. YouTube views should be used only at your own risk and if video gets deleted for any reason there's will be no refunds not even particular


b). What’s qualify for refund:

1. Refund is possible if your order was not completed in first 5 days

2. Particular Refund is possible for unfinished services

3. Our guarantee can be voided if your video violates the terms of YouTube