Social Media Marketing Strategies 2020

Social Media Marketing Strategies 2020 - Instant Famous Explain It

Social media is now a global phenomenon. People everywhere across countries, regions and continents make use of social media daily for a wide range of reasons. And to be candid, social media is one of those things that are here to stay. It will continue to be a normal part of human life from now on. The advantages of social media are many and they cover even commerce and marketing. Whether you render a service or manufacture products for people's use, social media is the right place for you to properly market your brand. There are lots of these social media marketing strategies that have been adopted over the years. However, as 2020 is here, we present you with some fresh perspectives towards marketing your brand on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many other social media platforms in the New Year.

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Know that engagements are just as important as followers

It is not enough for you to just have a large number of followers. Your level of engagement matters too. This can be seen from two angles. First, you personally need to learn to engage and interact with your followers on social media regularly. This is one of the major qualities of all leading brands with huge social media influence. The initial strategy used to be to gain followers as quickly as possible. Now, that is no more enough. Having followers with insufficient engagement wouldn't yield many positive results.

Under the second perspective, your engagements are your likes, comments, reposts, retweets, etc. Take for instance, a post that is marketing a product with less than 1000 likes would not impress the audience as one with over 10,000 likes. Someone with fewer followers can even have more engagements than you. As such you need to work on how to get as many instant likes for Instagram photos and videos as you can. Of course, this is not related to Instagram alone, it applies to other social media platforms. When you have high engagements, your brand becomes more attractive to potential clients.

Understand the importance of videos

You should now be aware of the ever-increasing popularity of video content. Therefore, for every serious brand, marketing in 2020 should not be limited to just photos. More and more marketing needs to be effected through the use of video content. We live in a visual age where videos are the newest fad. They have taken over social media so your brand must never hesitate to take advantage of it. It started with streaming networks like Hulu and Netflix but has now developed into features such as TikTok and IGTV. Of course, another case in point is YouTube with how much buzz and attention it gets on the internet these days. Thus, for any brand that wants to grow massively in 2020, marketing through video content is a necessity.

Be relatable

See, it is never easy for audiences to rely on any product or service. The fear of not getting value for their money is a real one on the part of potential clients and customers. The reason for this is that social media has brought about a dramatic effect on the way information is constantly spread. Digital content is now at a surplus, making it very hard for audiences to trust the things they come across on social media. This is why relatability is important if you want to market a brand. Being a successful brand marketer on social media requires you to build a web of loyal users that have ultimate trust in your brand of business which you can only achieve by being relatable. In case you are wondering how to be more relatable to your audience, all you need is transparency and authenticity. Those two qualities are the key ingredients of relatability so you need to imbibe them.

Note that influencer marketing is key

If you used to be the type that didn't fancy social media influencers, 2020 is the year for you to reconsider your stance. Social media influencer marketing is a type of marketing based on word of mouth and it uses key leaders to magnify your brand message to a wider audience. In other to reach a larger market this year, influencer marketing must be adopted as a strategy because generally, it is more authentic and transparent than corporate advertising. Social media influencers tend to be Instagram, Twitter or YouTube personalities that have a large niche following, although at times they might be celebrities. They easily help to spread a positive message about your products or services through their social media channels to a wide range of audiences.