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What Are The Best Instagram Ideas You Can Post About

Are you struggling to come up with ideas about what to post on Instagram? You are not alone. One reason why most business Instagram account goes dormant after a few weeks of creating the account is lack of ideas about what to post.

Since this is your business account, you obviously don't want to post what may be considered unprofessional by your followers. One of the reasons why you seem to lack ideas about what to post is that you overthink things. Sometimes, your followers may find a simple post really interesting and engaging.

So don't give up hope just yet about keep your Instagram account alive.

keep your Instagram account alive

Over the years, we've seen lots of marketers struggle to create engagement on Instagram. If you want to create engagement consistently, you have to post consistently as well. The problem here is that most people run out of ideas after a few weeks. Big brands have learned how to overcome this problem and it has a very simple solution. Most big brands hire professional social media managers to manage their social media accounts.

It is totally understandable if you cannot hire a social media manager. That is why we've created this post. Today, you will learn of various ways you can come up with ideas of what to post on your business Instagram account.

Top 7 Best Instagram Post Ideas To Keep Your Followers Engaged


Show Off Your Product in Actions

    A great way to keep your followers engaged and even get them to buy more of your products is to always show your product in action. It doesn't matter what you sell, there is always a way to show off your product. Take, for instance, if you have an e-commerce shop, you can show several images and even videos of cute people that wore clothes from your e-commerce shop to an event.

    However, you need to ensure you execute this perfectly. Always show off your best product to avoid it backfiring. If you want to post a random picture or video of a customer using your product, make sure you get his/her permission first.

    Show What Goes On Behind the Scenes

      You can easily build trust and credibility by showing your followers what goes on behind the scenes. The truth is that every great product comes as a result of great effort. Sometimes, it is a good idea to show your followers the level of effort you put into making a product or service for them.

      If you are a photographer, you can make a picture-story or video of how you set up scenes, make-up session, and every other activity that goes into taking a perfect shot. Don't forget to show your editing session as well. This kind of post will surely help you to build more loyal followers.

      Go Live

        Live video is very popular nowadays. Fortunately, Instagram has made it extremely easy to do live videos. According to studies, Instagram users love live videos because it feels authentic. Besides, your followers will have an opportunity to interact with you in real time. It is a great opportunity to answer any question your followers may have or even show them how your product works.

        Give Your Employees the Spotlight

          A great way to show the human side of your brand is to acknowledge the people that make your product/service great. It is also an easy way to come up with something to post that your followers will definitely love. Next time you are struggling to find what to post, consider putting up the picture of your employee of the month.

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          Announce New Product, Milestones, or Offer

            Did your company just win an award? Don't waste time, break the news to your followers immediately and make sure they know you are dedicating the award to them. You can also celebrate milestones like your first-year anniversary or 10-year anniversary with your followers.

            Another great way to come up with an idea of what to post is to announce a new product or offers. Even if the new product is not yet ready, let your followers know that you are working on something unique that they are going to love. This type of news creates the feeling of anticipation and will make your followers keep on checking on your account for the new product or announcement.

            Create Contests

              Nowadays, top brands make use of user-generated content to fill up their Instagram account. It is a great way to come up with ideas of what to post and also keep your followers engaged. Instagram users love contest. You don't have to give away a lot of money. You can ask your followers to repost a particular post or make a post using a hashtag of your brand.

              Indeed, there a lot of ways you can come up with a contest. Remember to keep your words if you promise a reward for the winner of the contest. You can keep your followers more engaged and loyal by creating a contest.

              Repost Old Posts

                Do you completely lack ideas about what to post? No problem! Revisit that old post that so many people love so much. You can go back to a picture you posted and even add the story behind that picture. You can simply repost an old post just to keep your users engaged. Research has shown that Instagram users don't mind when brands repost old posts as far as you are not doing it too often.

                Final Words

                There are so many ways to come up with cool post ideas that your Instagram followers will love. They key here is to be consistent. You don't have to post the best content every time. Ensure you post at least 3 times per week. Instead of abandoning your Instagram account due to lack of ideas, use these tips above to keep your followers engaged and loyal to your brand.