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SoundCloud Promotion in 2018


SoundCloud has evolved a lot in recent years. It was started in the year 2008. Since then the company is taking giant steps in the music industry. SoundCloud is a huge and most popular music platform to promote your music, songs and find different indie songs. This has become a go-to platform for many new talents. Many musical tracks and the innovation have made a huge impact on the global music industry. You can upload all of your creations on the platform to let other people enjoy your work.

soundcloud promotion

With the promotion of your work, you can get recognition from different parts of the world. Your creations can stand out from all other creations. This will make you an international sensation. However, you need to attract a number of genuine fans to your music. Likes, reposts, and the comments will take your creations to a different level. However, without proper promotion, you cannot get the desired result. With proper promotion, you can increase your plays and reputation even though even creation is just around good. In 2017, there were many tracks uploaded and played on the SoundCloud. Many of them became an instant success. In this article, we will help you to promote your creations on SoundCloud in the year 2018.

Different ways to promote your songs in SoundCloud

  1. Promote your creations on the social media

The best way to promote your creation is to promote your content on the social media platforms. In this information era, everyone is in the social media. Even the school kids. Therefore, you can reach many people within few minutes. If the content is good and people likes it then got can become an internet sensation. When you do not have such results then you need to do few things to promote your content. The best way to do is spread the word through your friends. However, it will reach few people.

When you do the online live performances, you can increase the number of plays. Then you can send the free giveaways of merchandise, T-SHIRT, free tickets for the concerts, coupons, CD and the DVD's. However, you should do it regularly. Doing it once or twice will not give you desired results. Always make sure that you provide the content on different social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media outlets. SoundCloud has the option to add your SoundCloud page to the different social media site. It even includes YouTube, Instagram, and the Tumblr. Because of this, you can even set up different hashtags or the trending music videos.

soundcloud promotion

  1. Do not fall for the fake plays

Many people use the online fake play services to increase the number of plays on the SoundCloud platform. In 2018, we have already seen such online services, which promises to increases your play count. They do increase your play count, likes, comments, and reposts. Many of them use the bot and artificial intelligence to increase your count and reposts. When this happens, the software of the SoundCloud cloud will analyze all the traffic on your music. If the SoundCloud tracking system catches any bots and other kinds of promotion activities, which are legal then your SoundCloud page will be blocked. So stay away from the fake play increasing platforms. However, there are services, which do not use any kind of bots. They only use genuine accounts to increase the count. However, finding them is difficult, the Instant Famous team is here to help you in achieving real SoundCloud plays.

  1. SoundCloud marketing systems

If you are good and you have, good content then you can take help from the SoundCloud marketing services. To do that you need to do all the planning like marketing strategies, social media campaign, and promotions, sharing info on your play data, finding your target platforms etc. Then you will have enough number of hits and plays on your SoundCloud page. You can join their pro services to make most out of your content and creations.

  1. Marketing plan for the SoundCloud Promotion

Marketing plan involves many things in it. If you want to promote your SoundCloud page in 2018, then you need to find all the concerts and the programs related to the music. Attend them. If possible, participate in them. Show your talent. You can even create a concert by yourself by teaming with different musician and singers to create a big stage. Then you can upload the concert on social media sites to increase your views and the popularity of the song.

  1. New and old promoters in 2018

There are new promoters online. You can test them with some basic packages. They increase the song play count and the reposts. However, there is a risk of page blocking. The risk is same with other services as well. You can choose the famous promoters to increase your reputation. As they update their strategies, there is a good chance that you get what you pay for the promotions.

  1. Mutual support

This is a new kind of promotion. Here, many of the artists follow each other and recommend their fans to subscribe and support the content of their mutual group. In this way, you will have more number of fans. This also leads to the more plays. This also helps you to earn new badges and reputation on the SoundCloud platform.