The Knowhow of Social Media Followers

When signing up to any social media platform, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you are looking forward to creating a large number of followers. The first days always seem easy as the numbers rise rapidly. As the days pass by, the numbers stabilize and they increase at a uniform rate. There are different types of social media followers, and if you want to build your social following, you need to get their attention. For example; Instagram users want to attract as many instant followers as they can manage. Gaining social media followers automatically may sometimes require you to buy followers. However, as much as there are many ways you can increase your social media followers, the best way is by sharing and more sharing.

Instant followers

From just the name, you can tell that these are followers you gain immediately. A hack to social media following is that the more numbers you have, the more people are attracted to your account. Why is so? This is because numbers are an indication of popularity, something everyone is looking for on these platforms. So, if you want to build your instant followers¸ you can consider choosing between the free followers and buying followers. As Instagram becomes popular by the day with advanced features and developments, users find the need to increase their followers too. The logic is to be trendy and follow the vibes of the platform. When you are looking for instant followers, you should be cautious in that you find legit followers and who will add value to your account.

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How to build your social following

There are four defined ways on how you can build your social following. These include; buying followers, free followers, through following and sharing, by using hashtags. While each of them operates different, it is right to say that their impacts are also different. There are those that are more effective than others while others lie somewhere in between there.

  • Buying followers: looking for followers is a real hustle, and before your numbers can shoot up to millions, it would take years. However, that has been simplified and been made possible through buying followers. As effective as this strategy is, it should be among your last. Why? Because you use your own money to buy the followers. If you want to have more instant followers¸ then you have to pay for them. One tip to carry along is to buy followers who will promote you to the fullest.
  • Free followers: there are certain websites that offer free instant followers. This may seem unreal considering where the followers are coming from. Anyways, to get free followers, all you need is set the number you want then make sure your account is public and is 30 days old. The requirements may differ for different free followers’ providers, but those are the basics.
  • Following and sharing: this is a genuine way of gaining a social following and the most permanent of all. It is a follow-for-follow kind of relationship where you follow someone, and they follow you back. This is often prompted by your sharing which depending on who it attracts; then you create your own social following.
  • Hashtags: hashtag on its own is a trend and is applicable on any social media platform. All you have to do is post a picture, video or a message and then use the hashtag to represent something. There are various common hashtags that people use. When you use it, it is reflected on the timelines of those who’ve used it. Thus, you can create your social following from there.
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Types of social media followers

Social media followers are classified in accordance to how they behave on social media. They can either be proactive, moderately active or “lazy” active. This is all in accordance with how often one is on social media either posting, liking, or finding other followers to follow. Social media followers have been categorized into five different groups. Despite their nature, they can be part of the larger group of instant followers whom you might have attracted to your account.

  • Early adopter: they are usually the first to sign up on any social media platform. These are that kind of instant followers who are ever the first and present in almost all social media platforms. Or rather, any trendy social media platform.
  • Trendy followers: these are the new generation followers who are young, creative and popular. They have a “cool factor, ” and they seem to attract a larger population of followers. Having a trendy follower as part of you instant followers can be beneficial in that they can carry channel a lot of followers to your account.
  • Choosy followers: these are followers who are choosy and only associate themselves with followers they know. It can either be a group of friends, people they probably have met before that or family members.
  • Born followers: these are followers who are enthusiastic about following others and seems like a passion to them. They will follow anyone independent on whether they know them or not.
  • The sociable followers: instant followers who understand the role of social media. They are the center of all the hot gossip and trending topic. Just like their name dictates, they are social and like sharing a lot.

Why buy social media followers

The main reason why you should buy social media followers is if you want to add value to your profile. As earlier mentioned, the more the followers, the popular you become, and the more other followers will want to follow you. It goes beyond popularity for some, especially people promoting their business. It is all about creating brand awareness to potential customers.