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An Interactive Content Marketing Campaign

Attracting an audience to your blog or website is one thing and maintaining them is another. Irrespective of the field you choose to venture as a niche, content is dynamic. You have to keep on updating your services and blog posts to match up with the trends and individual preferences. One of the things that will drive your audience off is being monotonous. Recurring content becomes boring to visitors in your site thus sourcing for other options, which are your competitors. It is crucial to involve your audience as a marketing strategy considering content marketing is increasingly becoming competitive.

Having successfully developed interactive content marketing campaigns over the years as a social media promoter here are some tips that are crucial in planning for a content marketing campaign that actively involves your audience.

 social media promoter

Customize content

Before venturing into complex techniques of involving your audience, begin form the nature and type of content. It is important to consider the user experience after the content is posted. Also, you should tailor the content to match with campaign goals. Whether you want to gather likes or create leads that make sales determine how you present your content. User experience and campaign goals are all dependent on the type of audience you are targeting. Be sure to specify the age, location, and lifestyle of the target audience depending on your campaign goals.

The whole point here is ensuring your content is relevant. If you are targeting millennials, you have to use lots of slang and casual presentations to engage such a group of people. This kind of language will not work with an older generation. Also, whether you are targeting new or existing customers largely influences the type and presentation of the content. Design and orientation can also be an element of concern if your audience appreciates such. After establishing specific details about your audience, make sure the interface is quick and easy for the users. Developing an appropriate interactive experience sets is a crucial step in engaging audience.

Tie the content to a marketing strategy

Once you have established a suitable interface experience, it is time to focus on the big picture. One of the sources of views and likes on your content depending on your campaign goals is social media platforms. Plan on how you will market the content through your social media accounts. Specify how the interactive campaign will begin and end. The specific points and images or words used at the beginning should match either partly or wholly with content at the end of a campaign. The interactive experience is not enough; you need to tailor ways to integrate the interactive experience with content considering the motive here is actively engaging the audience. Be sure to align your content with an interactive experience.

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While the type and nature of the content is good enough, integrating tweets and YouTube Videos increases chances of active audience involvement with the content. Your content should not hang, integrate social media platforms to increase the interactive element.

Building interactive content

Use quizzes to engage your audience. It not only encourages the audience to participate actively but also gives you a chance to ask questions and learn buying decisions and general customer behavior. Understanding your audience is crucial in building an interactive content.

Engage our audience in questions using polls and surveys. Be sure to select an interesting topic based on your niche and directly spell out purpose of the campaign. Visitors on your site will be more intrigued to participate in a survey on an interesting topic that they find relevant.

Today, infographics sell more than any other type of content. People easily relate and engage on seeing a visual. Visuals intrigue the audience and generate active participation whether it is through questions that depict curiosity from interest of the content. Also, people rarely forget infographics. It is a long-term strategy to engage an audience.

Integrate contests in your content. This is not only fun to your audience but also intriguing. Be sure to give a price to winners and encourage losers to strive towards the prize. Consider enhancing the contest to involve groups hence real competition.

However, the above techniques are only to generate interest and attract the audience to the content. Ensure there is relevant content that directly addresses audience needs and expectations to maintain them on the site. Usefulness and suitability of content should come soon after generating interest otherwise you will lose the audience. While people enjoy fun and good graphics, the content should be relevant otherwise, it is perceived as a waste of time.

Allocate resources

Let’s say you achieve in generating likes or leads to your site and sales are rolling in. The audience will begin engaging you through in large numbers; will you be able to attend to each of their needs satisfactorily?

First, ensure your site includes necessary components that help you interact with the audience. The channel of communications should be convenient and easy to use. No one wants to struggle sending a simple question for clarification whereas there are multiple sites offering the same product or service. The interface and user experience should be attractive and easy.

Also, consider using tools like “hashtag” for easy management of queries and interaction of your audience.