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How To Get Real Instagram Followers In 2018?

What is the success on Instagram? It is to have more followers, likes, comments and mentions. Instagram is the fastest growing social media of 2017. It is an essential platform for digital marketing. There are many ways to get followers on Instagram, but some are better than others.

Instagram followers

The tips below were tested by different people and are easy, effective ways to get more followers on Instagram. Try it yourself!

Have a good profile

 You have to create a profile that can interest people. Your photo, name, profile name and description are very important. If they are interesting, people will see your profile, look for your photos and visit your page. Also, make sure your account is public, or people won’t see your posts. It all starts with the profile.

Use popular hashtags (#)

Any user can search for a theme and see all pictures related to it. If you use the most popular hashtags, more people will see your photos and they will get more attention. This is one of the best ways to get more followers.

Know your public

Define what kind of people you want to attract to your profile. Knowing your public is important. That way you can decide what to post to get their attention. When you already know your public, it is time to think about the posts. What kind of post would interest your public? You don’t have to resume yourself to just one type of post, but try to focus on the interests of who you want to follow you.

Use geotags

By adding a location to your picture, you get more visibility. Every time someone searches for a picture in that area, yours will come up.

Take some time between posts

It is better if you don’t post all your pictures at once. That would only flood your followers feed and make them think twice about following your posts. Post one picture at a time, a few hours apart from each other. Some recommend posting 3 times a day on average.

Use your words

Instagram is about pictures, but words matter too. Be descriptive on your photos. Storytelling creates engagement and sharing. It makes the public more interested in your pictures. Photos with good stories get shared more.

Like pictures of others

Like as many pictures as you can from people that fit in your targeted audience. The odds are that some of that people will like your pictures back and follow you.

Use other social media

Promote your Instagram profile outside of Instagram. Use other social media to get people interested in your profile.

Use filters with moderation

Don’t use filters too much. Try using it only if it really makes the picture look better. Also, try using only the most popular filters, so it gets better results.

Post pictures at the right time

There are some peak hours for posting pictures on Instagram. Pictures usually stay relevant for about three to four hours, then they almost stop showing on people’s feeds. Post at a time where there are more people online. Your picture will reach more users and get more attention.

get instagram followers

The best hours of posting are:

  • In the morning, before people go to work.
  • During lunch (12pm – 3pm).
  • At the end of the day (6pm).


Post only your best

Post only your best pictures and videos. Discard the rest. Posting low-quality pictures make people stop following you. You have to have quantity, but also quality. Post every day, but make an effort to post only great quality content.

If someone sees your profile, that person will judge you for the first picture he or she sees. First impressions matter. If the post is good and has a nice quality, it will generate interest. But if it is a bad picture, the user will just move on to other profiles, ignoring yours.

Find your competition

Find people that have the same public you want to have and post similar content. Not many people, but those with most followers. Start following their followers, that way you can catch their attention. The logic is simple. If they like a page that is similar to yours, they may like your page too.

Post videos too

Instagram used to be all about the pictures, but now videos are very important too. Don’t resume your efforts to only posting pictures. Post videos too, every day. Be careful, though. It is the same as with the pictures. Always create quality content, or people won’t respond to it.

One thing that helps to get views on your videos is to post them at the same hour every day. That way you followers will already be waiting for it when you release it.

Instagram is a great way to boost your business or even to be an income source itself. But you need a few guidelines to make it work as you wish. Those people with lots of followers don’t simply get them out of nowhere. That are techniques and a lot of hard work behind those massive amounts of followers. With those 13 simple tips, anyone can start getting new followers every day.