Increasing Fast Presence On Instagram

Increasing Fast Presence On Instagram Can Help You Boost Your Sales

With over 1 billion monthly active users, there is no doubt that Instagram is a goldmine for marketers. 64% of 18-29 years old use Instagram and over 500 million people worldwide access Instagram daily. This means you have a great opportunity to target this demography and boost your sales. An average Instagram user is ever ready to buy your product as far as you are doing all the right things.


A lot of marketers have discovered how powerful Instagram is in the recent years and thus are pumping a lot of money into the platform in order to boost their Instagram presence and get more sales. According to the latest report, Instagram is expected to account for nearly a quarter of all of Facebook's ad revenue by the end of the year. At the moment, there are about 2 million active advertisers on this platform but the number is growing quickly every day. Whether you want to invest in Instagram ads or not, you can still use Instagram to make sales if you have a good Instagram account. A good Instagram account is an account with a significant number of active and responsive followers.

Every smart marketer is already leveraging Instagram to boost sales. If you are not already using Instagram the right way, you are losing a lot of money. Many businesses have an Instagram account but more than half of these businesses are not using it the right way. Today, you will learn of various ways to boost your Instagram presence and boost your sales and performance in 2019.

Top Ways To Increase Your Instagram Presence Fast and Boost Sales

  1. Make Your Instagram Profile Standout

You must make your business Instagram profile aesthetic and eye-catching. Most business owners don't put a lot of thought into creating an account that will stand out. You need to make use of high-quality and creative images, emoji, videos, and smileys to make your Instagram account look professional and eye-catching.

It is easy to gain new followers every day on Instagram when your profile stands out from the rest. Take, for instance, if you have a fashion business Instagram account, you can make use of sleek and sexy images of models to make your account stand out. You need to get creative in this aspect.

  1. Interact With Your Followers Through Captions

To build a successful Instagram account, we recommend you have a social media manager that is always available to reply to every comments and message. Your aim shouldn't be to make a post and then disappear until the next post. Your followers feel appreciated when they are part of your story. Thus, talk to them through your captions.

You can always post things that make your followers feel special. You can also ask questions to inspire comments. More importantly, make sure you reply to every comment. This way, your followers will keep on coming back. They will also remain loyal to your brand.

  1. Leverage Instagram Retargeting Campaign

If you already have a popular website, you can leverage Instagram retargeting campaign to bring people who already visited your website to follow you on Instagram. This type of campaign is very powerful for targeting visitors who leave your website without making a purchase. You can target this set of visitors on Instagram and get them back on your website to complete a purchase. It is an effective way to build your Instagram account and also boost your sales.

  1. Work With Instagram Influencers

A simple recommendation from an Instagram influencer may be all you need to see a huge increase in the number of followers in your Instagram account. An influencer is a popular Instagram user with a huge number of followers. Most of these influencers have over a million followers and when they mention your brand in their post or recommend your product, it can affect your business positively.

If you decide to work with an influencer, ensure you work with an influencer in your industry. Take, for instance, if you sell medical supplements, you don't need to work with an influencer in the gaming niche. Find an influencer that is well-known in the niche you cater to.

  1. Invest in Instagram Ads

One of the best ways to increase the number of Instagram followers you have and make more sales is to invest in Instagram ads. Currently, Instagram has over 2 million active advertisers most of which spend over $1,000 monthly to boost their business. Instagram ads are very cost-effective. According to a new report, the average cost to advertise on Instagram in terms of CPC is $0.70. Depending on whom you are targeting, it could be less than this. With Instagram ads, you can easily increase the number of your followers and boost sales.

  1. Work With Instagram Professionals

If you are a business owner, you will soon discover that growing an Instagram account can be very challenging. You need to dedicate time to learn and implement things you learn. Most times, you may not have time for all these. Thus, you can work with Instagram professionals who can help you to increase the number of your Instagram followers fast.

A reliable social media company can be able to help you grow your Instagram by getting instant Instagram followers, instant Instagram likes, and even instant Instagram shares. All these will help you grow your Instagram account fast and boost your sales.