How to Grow Your Instagram Reels and Videos Likes and Views - Guide How to Get More Views on Instagram Reels

How to Grow Your Instagram Reels and Videos Likes and Views - Guide How to Get More Views on Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of the top-rated social media platforms in the world. It has tons of amazing features such as Reels that can draw attention to your brand. Instagram Reels boost your followers and engagement on the platform as it allows you to interact with your audiences for an extended period.

This feature was introduced to the social media site in August 2020, and at present, competition is heating up on it every day. A 2021 survey proves that over 250 million users enjoy Reels on Instagram daily. This stat should open your eyes to the opportunities presented by this functionality.

Here is a guide on how to get more views on Instagram Reels:

1. Create a meaningful content 

The importance of meaningful content on social media platforms cannot be overemphasized. Your content should be based on a specific theme that your audiences can relate to. It can be inspiring, entertaining, informative, or educational. Whatever option you choose, ensure it meets viewers' demands.

In addition, make sure you create suspense on your Reels. For instance, you can add captions like "Wait till the end" or "Wait for it.” Such captions keep your audience glued to your Reels until the end.

2. Use Hashtags 

Have you noticed that many Instagram Reels have hashtags? Hashtag makes it easier to locate a post among lots of content. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags for a single post, so you need to maximize this feature.


You should not use any hashtags for your content. Leverage hashtags relating to the kind of content you post, and the right hashtags will let your Reels reach the targeted audience. You may also consider trendy hashtags suitable for your content. For instance, if your post is related to fashion, simply use #fashion.

Similarly, the right hashtags allow the Instagram algorithm to classify your Reels to similar ones and it increases your chances of reaching the expected audience.

3. Buy Instagram Reels Views

One interesting thing is that you can buy views for your Reels. There are lots of well-known platforms where you can buy Instagram views for your brand. Instagram views add to your brand strength, attract users to your account, and serves as social proof for your brand.

You can also buy Instagram Reels views as they will speed up your content among tons of audience and attract a large number of users.

When buying views, make sure you buy from trusted companies. Such companies follow Instagram guidance to ensure the activity doesn’t cause any issues for your account.

4. Post at the Right Time

No matter how valuable content might be, timing determines its success or failure. You should not post at any time, you need to study your viewers’ availability before you do. Your Instagram Reels have to be targeted toward the time your audiences will be active.

How do you know the right time? If you are using a normal account for your brand, switch to a professional account, go to the Insights section, and you will see the time your followers are always active.

You may also experiment with the timing as you try to find the best time to upload your content on this social media platform. 

5. Run Giveaways

Giveaways provide you with a simple strategy to grow your Reels. Instagram giveaway is very effective as it is a way to promote your account and make more followers. Any Instagram account that consistently runs giveaways grows 70% faster than accounts that do not.

If you want to get lots of Instagram Reels and video likes and views, run giveaways several times.

6. Use trending audio tracks

Instagram is one of the platforms that promote popular songs as it shows people content associated with the songs. Any time you want to create Reels, you should add a trending song as the soundtrack of your video. Whenever a sound has a lot of users, the Instagram algorithm knows and classifies videos with that same sound into a single category. 

Follow the steps below to find the best trending audio track:

  • Explore, select the Reels section, and check the Reels with the highest views.
  • Choose one of the Reels, and click on the audio thumbnail of the reel.
  • Select the audio and it will take you to a page where you will see the number of views of the original video. Click on save the audio or use it immediately for your reel.

As you use trending audio tracks, more people will come across your content.

7. Optimize CTA

CTA simply means call to action and is another strategy to grow your Instagram reel views. CTA encourages Reels viewers to do a certain thing. When used correctly, this strategy can make viewers follow and like your account.

Your audience options are not limited to comments, shares, likes, and saves. When you make a video, instruct your viewers to complete an action. For example, you can tell them to mention the name of their friend or tag a friend that can relate to the post or need the post. The reason for this is that the Instagram algorithm will believe that your video has many comments.

8. Post consistently 

Consistency is key to getting likes and views on every social media platform. You should post Reels frequently for your followers and viewers to get connected to your account. Ensure it does not lose value and add suspense to each post so that they can come back for the next Instagram reel you will create.

Moderation should not be neglected to avoid getting tired. Have a detailed plan of the frequency of posting Reels and stick to it.


Growing Instagram Reels and video likes and followers can be tasking, but you can achieve it with the guidelines above. So, digest the information and apply them to grow your relevance on this popular social media channel.