How to Become a YouTube Partner?

Becoming a YouTube partner involves more than simply signing up for a YouTube account and uploading videos. That is certainly part of the process, but there is much more to it, as all YouTube partners must first be approved before getting started. With that being said, it is not advised that are interested in becoming a partner simply apply for the program without taking a serious of logical and essential steps.

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1. Create a YouTube Account?
While it may seem obvious, the very first step towards becoming a YouTube partner is to sign up for a basic YouTube account. Once you’ve created a YouTube account, it would be in your best interest to become an active YouTube user. Search for videos that catch your interest, and interact with other YouTube users. By interacting with them, you’ll be able to build your YouTube presence, thus making it easier for you to gain subscribers.

2. Create and Upload Original Videos Regularly?
After you’ve signed up for your YouTube basic account and started interacting with other users with similar interests, your next step should involve the creation and uploading of original videos to your YouTube page. It is absolutely imperative that you upload only original videos, and that you do not upload anything that may have copyright infringement implications. If your videos are not within YouTube’s terms of service, you will not be approved to be a YouTube partner.?

3. Utilize Social Media to Establish a Subscriber Base
One of the best ways to attract new visitors, and ultimately subscribers to your YouTube page is to establish a social media following. By remaining active and developing a loyal following on such social media engines as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, you’ll be able to steadily build your YouTube subscriber base. YouTube generally expects its partners to have at least one thousand subscribers before being approved, so it is strongly advised that you run at least one social media campaign to help build your numbers.

4. Build Your Video and Page Views
As you build your subscriber base, it is important to remain in contact with them, and keep them updated whenever you upload new original content to YouTube. Through social media networking and email reminders, you’ll be able to keep your subscribers informed about your most recent videos. As such, they’ll serve not only as return visitors, but also referrals to others who may enjoy your page.

5. Become an Active YouTube User
Although building a fan base through platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are definitely beneficial, one of the best ways to increase your overall views and subscriber base is to remain an active YouTube user. Once you’ve uploaded a variety of original videos, there is no better way to ensure return visitors than by interacting with those leaving comments. By responding to their comments, you can almost guarantee that they will be back to your page at least one more time, and likely will become a regular.

6. Sign Up for Google’s Adsense
As you build your Youtube views and subscriber base, it is necessary that you sign up for a Google Adsense account. It is through Adsense that you will be paid. Without an Adsense account, there is simply no benefit to being a YouTube partner.

7. Apply to Become a YouTube Partner
Once you’ve done everything before mentioned, you are ready to apply to become a YouTube partner. It is important to note that there is no guaranteed timeframe for when you will be approved after applying. However, you may only apply every two months, so it is important that you’ve done everything before mentioned to ensure your acceptance into the partnership program.