How YouTube views can help promote your products

With the technological advancement, YouTube has become one of the most popular online revolutionary video sharing site, which allows a number of users to post and view videos irrespective of their time and location. Nowadays, the video has become a huge part of the online experience and they are slowly dominating the entire web arena including social media.

Businesses are slowly recognizing its importance and including video in their websites. YouTube views are pretty much important for business since it can lead to better sales as well as customers. On the other hand, having more number of views for a video is also useless, if they don’t do anything even after going through the video. Irrespective of any business, just having YouTube video views is not about gaining popularity, it’s all about marketing products and getting sales. In this regard, YouTube views help to get your video noticed and also to attract the potential customers.

youtube views

Apart from benefits, YouTube can also be used to generate revenue, directly as well as indirectly. Listed below are some ways you can earn more and earn benefit out of it-

Monetizing your video

At times, there are chances of your interesting YouTube video going viral within a short span of time. Then obviously, you will become eligible for revenue sharing opportunity from the YouTube, meaning when someone clicks on your video page you will earn income from that site. Then your earnings will be added to the Google AdSense account.

Promoting business

YouTube views also help to build business credibility. Likewise, there are a number of such videos which are quite helpful to gain viewer’s attention on a regular basis. So, getting YouTube view helps the business look more reputable, credible and also more worthy for the viewers. Thus, your product/services benefit greater visibility.

In either of the aforementioned cases, the major key to success is always the same, i.e. increasing the number of YouTube views. And one of the simplest ways to accomplish this task is through enhancing the YouTube video rankings such that your video appears on the top results in the search engine page when people start searching as per their relevant keyword.

Tips to maximize YouTube Marketing results

  • Create compelling video

First, you must develop the content which addresses your client’s requirements. Your main aim is to develop the video which is compelling, valuable and helpful for the clients and prospects. Based on those things, you can create a video about it and you can also blog about it. But you should make sure this, your video content must include slide shows, screen video captures, expert interviews, answers to frequently asked questions and more.


  • Make your video Findable

You must keep in mind that, your videos must be Findable, both outside and inside the YouTube. Ensure that, videos which are appearing on the front page of the search engines are generally proven method of leapfrogging the competition in order to make them top of the search results page. In order to make the video Findable, you must concentrate on the following 3 keys:-

  1. Title- You have to ensure that, the targeted keywords are in the first few words of the title. Another important trick is you should add a colon after the initial keywords and then rephrase the title.
  2. Description- You should keep 2 things in mind: - Don't be stingy with the description and another thing is to begin your description with a full URL.
  3. Tags- You should include all related keywords in the tags field
  • Brand your YouTube channel

Consider the YouTube as “home away from home”. N other words, you can turn your own channel into a destination. In order to brand the YouTube channel, you must follow the below suggestions:-

  1. Create a custom background and select the colors in order to match the branding
  2. Choose “player View” as your layout
  3. Create the playlists and feature the best content in the right column.
  • Use annotations to increase the number of subscribers

You can add annotations to the YouTube which includes clickable calls to the actions. Moreover, these annotations appear on the top of your video for a specific duration of time and you can also include a link of other videos as well or can include the subscribing option as well. This is pretty much helpful if you have created a video with out-of-date or irrelevant information. In such cases, instead of deleting the video, there is every possibility of creating a new video. Then, it's quite easy to go back to the original video and paste the link; this makes people updated with correct information.

  • Post bulletin and try to alert your friends

On the top of the YouTube channel, there is a post bulletin tab. It’s quite easy to create a bulletin and then link it to another video which appears on your friend’s home page. In fact, this is one of the best ways to attract the attention of the clients and drive traffic to your video.

  • Include social media platform as well

YouTube is also a well-known social media platform. There are a number of ways to extend the reach of your video in order to make it more shareable-

  • Post it on Facebook- Posting it in Facebook is one of the great way to get more views for your video and another major benefit is it can reach a wider audience within a short span of time.
  • Tweet it- If the content is good, you can tweet it.
  • Blog it- Each and every time, when you post your new video, at the same time you should also create a blog post for your video. This increases your chances of being easily found in the search engine.


It’s not quite difficult task to get more views on YouTube, if and only if you understand the target audience clearly and upload top notch quality video under appropriate category. By creating suitable content which attracts the audience and developing a branded channel will enhance return on investment by creating online videos.