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SoundCloud-Kommentare sind die Meinung der Zuhörer zu Ihrem Song.

Ja, Sie können SoundCloud-Kommentare kaufen und die Aufmerksamkeit Ihrer Zielgruppe auf sich ziehen . Ein seriöser Ort, um echte SoundCloud-Kommentare zu einem vernünftigen Preis zu kaufen, ist Instant Famous, wo Sie Ihre Musik viral machen können. 

Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, mehr Kommentare auf SoundCloud zu erhalten. Nachfolgend haben wir einige der besten Möglichkeiten aufgeführt:

  1. Kaufen Sie SoundCloud-Kommentare.

  2. Interagiere mit anderen Musikkünstlern deines Genres und kommentiere regelmäßig.

  3. Verbinde gute Beziehungen mit renommierter Musik Blogs und stellen Sie Ihre Arbeit dort vor.

  4. Sprechen Sie über Ihre neue Musik, die auf Social-Media-Plattformen veröffentlicht wird.

  5. Verschenken Sie einige Ihrer Tracks als kostenlose Downloads.

Ja! Der Kauf von SoundCloud-Kommentaren ist zu 100 % legal, da er unter die Marketingschirm, aber solange y Sie spammen SoundCloud nicht mit Bot-generierten Kommentaren zu.

Ja, bei Instant Famous bieten wir stabile und permanente SoundCloud Kommentare, die in Zukunft nicht mehr gelöscht werden.

Absolut nicht! Wir priorisieren Ihre Privatsphäre mehr als alles andere. Daher speichern wir keine Ihrer persönlichen Daten und machen uns keinen Stress, denn niemand wird wissen, dass Sie Ihre SoundCloud-Kommentare bei uns gekauft haben.

Are you tired of requesting your friends and family to comment on your SoundCloud tracks? 

We can feel you!

When emerging musicians test out their music in communities like SoundCloud, they ask their near and dear ones to drop a comment there. And, asking for this favor is perfectly fine.

But what happens is…

Most of the people from your friends and family don’t have an active SoundCloud account. Or sometimes they are too busy to take a moment and leave a comment on your track.  Resultantly, you get inconsistent and a really small number of comments. This can be a trouble for your music career on SoundCloud.

How can you show that your music is high in demand with so little engagement on it, after all?

Luckily, there’s a solution. 

You can get loads of comments on your tracks without the hassle. You can buy your desired number of comments instead of requesting everyone around. Thanks to digital marketing!

Excited to know more about buying SoundCloud Comments? Scroll below.


Buy SoundCloud Comments to Market Your Music the Right Way

When it comes to SoundCloud marketing, using it right is the most crucial part.

You should market your music with a blend of promotion techniques. Yes, you can buy plays, likes, reposts, and so on.

But wait…can you have 10,000 song plays or likes with no comments? Does that seem legit?

Not at all!

In this way, the SoundCloud algorithm takes your content as less engaging, and it won't promote your song as 'Popular' to SoundCloud listeners. Why? Because it attracted a broad audience but couldn't compel them to interact. Therefore, it's important to market your music with a balanced strategy, and SoundCloud comments are something you can’t ignore.

Why should you buy SoundCloud comments?

SoundCloud comments are not just comments; they are the appreciation for the artist for creating wonderful music. But if they are based on listeners' opinions, then why should you buy them?

That’s a good point to raise. We, too, have some good reasons to offer you a service like buying SoundCloud comments.

SoundCloud comments show that listeners love your tracks and spare some time to leave you a comment.

As comments, on any platform, are a way to exchange feedback about a particular thing. The same goes for SoundCloud tracks. When you have more comments on your songs, it shows that people talk about your content, and it's worth spending some time upon them to give your opinion.

More comments help you build your community and boost your online reputation.

See how effective it is to buy SoundCloud comments for music artists.

Buy SoundCloud Comments from Instant Famous

Many online services provide SoundCloud comments, but we are different from them.


We work so hard to promote you on the Platform and bring you comments from genuine SoundCloud users. We believe you don't have to pour your hard-earned money to buy some interaction for your SoundCloud music. That's why we offer you maximum engagement at a very affordable price.

Our initial bundle of 50 SoundCloud comments is for $4.71 only.

Our provided SoundCloud comments are legit and stable. They won’t drop over time. 

Moreover, we stay with you throughout the process of comment delivery. We cooperate with you, answer your queries, and resolve your concerns.

Isn’t that all you expect from a social media marketing service?

How do the purchased SoundCloud Comments work?


Purchased SoundCloud comments work naturally to enhance the engagement on your track. They endorse your music with an organic interaction effect.

You can buy SoundCloud comments through Instant Famous in a few quick and simple steps.

You choose the best package according to the number of comments you want to purchase and your budget first.

Then, you provide your relevant info, such as the URL of your SoundCloud song (you want to buy comments for), and process the payment.

Sit back and watch your comments coming.


And guess what?

We don’t ask you to do anything in return, like, following other SoundCloud accounts or leaving a comment in return. Nothing!

Your bought SoundCloud comments further behave as a marketing tool. They increase your popularity and make you credible in the eyes of other SoundCloud users. When you are popular, attracting more listeners to your unparalleled voice isn't hard.
Up to expand the engagement on your SoundCloud music? Instant Famous is your go-to place to buy you some positive SoundCloud Comments.