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No, spreading the likes across two or more posts or videos is not possible. But, there's one solution. If you want likes on more than one of your posts or videos, you can take advantage of our low-cost packages such as 100 Facebook posts/video likes for $3.29 and place multiple smaller orders for your different posts/videos.

It is entirely legal to buy likes for your Facebook posts or videos is completely legal. It does not hinder your business's existence on Facebook in any aspect. It makes your chances of getting recognition even higher. Even a small investment in purchasing Facebook likes —either for your post or your video —can make you more popular. So, as far as legitimacy is concerned, know that buying Facebook likes is 100% legal.

Yes. It’s 100% safe to buy likes for your Facebook posts/videos. Our system is SSL-certified. So, you don’t need to worry about your login or transactional information.

The service for getting Facebook likes on your posts or videos outperforms Facebook ads. There are many reasons for it.

  • Buying Facebook likes is cost-effective as compared to Facebook ads.
  • Facebook ads have a greater reach, but there's no guarantee the audience will like your post or video. However, if you buy Facebook likes, they are delivered with a guarantee.

Getting recognized and trusted by people is the key to grabbing the attention of your target audience. If you have a post with a significant number of likes, your targeted audience is more likely to pay attention to your post because so many people have expressed interest in it. 

Below are some of the reasons why you should buy Facebook likes for your posts and videos:

  1. They compel visitors to STOP and read or watch content of your Facebook post.
  2. They increase your organic reach.
  3. They win your target audience’s attention and engagement. This engagement, in the long run, can turn into conversion. 
  4. Likes on posts and videos increase engagement and revenue.
  5. They boost your business’s credibility.
  6. They will help you crush your competition.

No way! Your privacy is our top priority. We don’t use any kind of spam bot to provide our services. Moreover, our system meets all the security requirements. We make sure all your information is securely sealed.

So, you can rely on Instant Famous to buy your Facebook post/video likes. No one will ever know that you bought Facebook Post Likes from us until you tell them.

Not at all. The Facebook post/video likes we provide come from real users. That is, they are consistent likes that won't drop over time. Still, if you have any issues or feel like your likes are dropping, we'll cover you with a refill.

There are two ways to copy Facebook's post link —based on your mode of using the social platform.

  • Copying the link from the browser: If you are using Facebook from the browser, go to the post you want to buy likes for. Right-click on its timestamp and select "Copy link address".
  • Copying the link from your Mobile app: Open your Facebook app, click on the ellipsis or three dots, and select “Copy link”.

And, there you have it, your post’s link is copied. You are ready to forward your post’s link to us and enjoy instant popularity.

We start delivering your order within 15 minutes of your order placement. Keeping the Facebook algorithm in mind, we do not deliver hundreds of likes in a second and do not distort your popularity to appear shady. Instead, we provide your likes in an orderly process that doesn't appear to be spam because we bring you likes from real Facebook users across the platform.

When you purchase Facebook likes, you will receive your desired number of likes instantaneously. We don’t just blast all the likes and wash our hands clean. We deliver all your likes in a gradual and non-spammy manner.

Facebook is a social media platform. And social media is all about GROWTH. The beauty of ALL social media platforms is that they do not limit your growth by restricting the number of likes you can get. Remember, for emerging artists and businesses, the sky is the limit. So, rest assured that Facebook doesn't halt your growth by requiring a certain number of likes.

No, Facebook doesn’t pay anyone for having more likes on their posts. But it’s a great platform to promote your business, no matter how big or small it is.

If you decide to buy Facebook likes from Instant Famous, you can buy a minimum of 100 Facebook likes for $3.29 and a maximum of 10,000 Facebook likes for $99,99.

If your Facebook videos are not getting enough likes, this is nothing to worry about. You can give us the responsibility of getting likes for you. At Instant Famous, we proudly help rising talents and emerging businesses grow.

Get Facebook likes for a good reputation and popularity of the business

Many people who come across your Facebook page would like to know whether the business is already popular or new into the business era. So, having the most Facebook likes provides a good impression and trustworthiness to clients as well as first-time visitors to the page.

It's common nature and the tendency of people to purchase products from a company that has a good online reputation. Another important thing to consider is the number of likes a business page can attract. The more like a business page has, the more it attracts more Facebook Post Likes. In fact, it becomes quite easy to promote products or services to a huge customer base once they have got a number of likes. When people get to know that others also like your business page, they gradually start to like your page.


facebook post likes

Significant benefits of buying  Facebook post likes

By including a like button on your site, it’s quite easy to get traffic for your posts and business. When a visitor clicks on the like button on the business page, that particular information is shared with other friends through the News Feed section, which in turn drives more traffic to the site. Albeit, there are a number of buttons on Facebook, like buttons are quite easy to use. It just needs a small piece of code embedded in the site. Even people with a lack of technical skills can easily incorporate the like button.

  • Effective advertising techniques

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising strategies utilized to keep track of all the activities. This is very beneficial to the business owner. Facebook helps business owners in order to achieve a higher degree of profit, along with likes and advertising.

  • More users to your website

According to the Facebook prediction, people who like a particular business page are indeed more active than others who engage on Facebook on an average basis.

  • E-mail marketing capacity

If you like a particular business page, then immediately you will be added to the customer fan base of the company. Here, it’s possible to target the customers based on their age and location. Another important thing to consider is that this particular technique should not be used regularly. In fact, this is one of the best ways to send an e-mail to potential customers

  • Paths to insight

Another important thing to consider is that Facebook provides detailed data on the fan’s activity based on their age, gender, and geographic location. All these are essential aspects to consider for effective research and marketing of a product.

  • Buy Facebook post likes to make affinity expression

As we all know, the Facebook expression is nothing but the expression of affinity, i.e., if a visitor is more interested in your business, then obviously they would like to hear more about it. In fact, they will opt to receive more e-mails from you. In turn, it can also lead to developing more personal relationships with the customers and engaging with them in their business.

When you start thanking people who have "liked" your Facebook post, you can see the business promotions going viral. In fact, it is very easy to promote your business as you start focusing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

While you create a Facebook business page, you must have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. A visitor to your site can either like your business page or make a purchase from it. Almost all businesses will benefit in both ways. In most cases, a combination of both is also best. Prior to starting any work, ensure you check the reasons for being on Facebook.

buy facebook likes

It is possible for a business to see much better results while advertising products and services. Here, visitors should like the page first to see the available offers. Once they are done with that, they can easily click on the web page to place a purchase.

 it's not so easy to get Facebook post likes, yet there are ways to work to overcome the issue. Social media marketing gets your business a much bigger return than your money, time, and effort. So, ensure you adhere to strict guidelines when people" like" your page.

Conclusively, Facebook is a powerful way to promote a business. 


Where to buy Facebook Posts or Video Likes? A Trustable Place to Grow an Account:

With the advent of technology, Facebook has become one of the most popular and important social networking sites across the globe. Nowadays business people make use of Facebook to market and promote their business since more and more people spend their time on Facebook.

Social marketing is not as simple as we thought. Social media marketing is all about engaging with the customers as well as interacting with them. Using the trial and error method, this process takes months to complete the task. The term “social media marketing” does not imply spending all day on Facebook. It all comes down to giving the right source of information. This should be done on a regular basis, and it is best suited for people with excellent organisational and time-management skills.

Amongst all the social networking sites, Facebook is the biggest and has the greatest number of users. It has the potential to boost business sales effectively. In this regard, the Facebook like button can help to speed up the entire process.

In today’s world, it's a well-known fact that an online business can only thrive if it makes efficient use of social media. Social networking platforms like Facebook are also gaining popularity among the general public. In this regard, getting Facebook likes should be considered a vital part of the marketing strategy.

There are other websites where you can purchase Facebook posts likes, but Instant Famous is the only company that provides exceptional customer service as well as genuine and Authentic Facebook Posts Likes. For you to increase attention to posts and engagement on the platform, there are two ways: you can either choose a paid means to grow the account or go for the organic ways of growing the Facebook account. However, the organic method of increasing Facebook posts likes is time-consuming and also results take time to be seen. Nevertheless, paid means save you a lot of time. They are easy to use and show results in no time. Most importantly, paid methods are used to attract the real ones that positively impact the Facebook account. See below for more information on our services to discover more about Instant Famous.


The Instant Famous: Grow Social Presence:

Instant Famous is the place to go if you are in need of getting Instant Facebook Post Likes. We offer a complete package that includes everything from exceptional customer service to genuine and authentic Facebook Post Likes. Apart from that, we guarantee fast delivery, and you can get hundreds of likes in a matter of minutes. Therefore, if you want to grow your Facebook account by increasing the number of Facebook Post Likes or even increasing engagement, you should visit Instant Famous, where you can also enjoy a range of other services such as Facebook likes, Instagram Likes, YouTube views, Spotify services, Tiktok services and Twitter services.


Top Reasons To Choose Instant Famous Over Others:

At Instant Famous, we are conscious of the fact that today, social media marketing has become a lucrative hub for companies doing business online. As we look around, we realise that many small and large businesses are putting in a lot of effort to establish their social media presence. WHY?

For online businesses, it is critical to establish an online presence. In this day and age, most people are interacting using online platforms during their free time, which is the opposite of how people used to interact in the past. Social media platforms are designed in such a way that people may interact online depending on their interests, such as photography and fashion, where people with similar interests can view other people’s content and purchase it if interested. Therefore, maintaining a solid Facebook engagement and connecting with various people online is a viable option. This is an opportunity for your business to draw in more potential customers, establish long-term relations, and make more money.

In that case, the following are reasons why you should go for Instant Famous:


Fastest service to get Facebook Post Likes:

The Facebook platform offers likes on posts. However, its services are quite slow. We, on the other hand, do not keep you waiting. At Instant Famous, you get fast-delivered Facebook Post Likes within 15 minutes, regardless of whether the package is small or large. Instant Famous is unlike other services that deliver Facebook Post Likes, which usually take up to 2 days with no delivery. Our clients are confident in our ability to deliver Facebook Post Likes fast. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable place to purchase Facebook Post Likes, Instant Famous could be just what you are looking for.

instant facebook likes

Offer services across all platforms:

Instant Famous is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive services accessible today. Simply put, there are limitless prospects for social media expansion. For instance, you can get Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Spotify services here. It is reasonable to assume that the possibilities are vast, and the primary purpose is to give customers exposure.


Genuine and Authentic Facebook Post Likes:

At Instant Famous, we offer trustworthy services like as real Facebook Post Likes that meet your specifications and needs. We understand your concern about bots and fake Facebook Post Likes. Therefore, we work towards customer satisfaction.


Full Marketing Approach:

Instant Famous allows you to buy Facebook photo likes, but that’s not all. Our service was created to assist businesses with their marketing strategy. We can help you increase your entire social presence because we provide services on Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Twitch, and Spotify. Instant Famous even allows you to buy website traffic.


Ensure That Your Profile Stands Out:

It is one of the most crucial and valuable characteristics that other services lack. Furthermore, help is offered from start to finish. For example, if you are unsure about the package to select, an expert team can assist you. You can also contact the customer support team at any moment if you encounter any technical difficulties. As a result, Instant Famous can help you optimize your Facebook account from the front and back end


Great Customer Support:

We ensure that you receive the best service possible from the minute you contact us. We have a customer support team available 24/7 to address any questions you may have.


It’s Easy to Buy Instant Facebook Post Likes:

Above all, instant famous distinguishes itself from other business services primarily because of the simplicity with which it may be utilised. You simply need to proceed through a few very straightforward procedures for the likes to be applied in your Facebook account. Instant Famous also provides Cheap Facebook Post Likes, which result in more likes and ultimately lead to a boost in the amount of activity inside your account.

facebook likes provider

Other Highlighted qualities of Instant Famous:

Instant Famous aims to increase account views, interactions, and popularity. It’s a quality-over-quantity service. Here are a few other qualities for which we deserve a chance.

  • Service that is affordable and cost-effective.
  • You can ask for a customized package
  • It increases engagement by introducing more followers and likes.
  • Boost the activity on social media platforms and website.
  • Increase your exposure to gain more attention.
  • A fantastic support team that is available to customers 24/7.
  • You can even enjoy a 10% WELCOME discount on your first purchase.
  • The fastest and easiest way saves time and extra effort.
  • You get results faster.
  • The most secure method of increasing post reach and social media presence.

Note: Most importantly, because Instant Famous abides by the terms and regulations of Facebook, you won’t have to worry about your posts being removed or about your account being penalised in any way. Explore the different packages, and get Instant Famous to start boosting the number of likes on your Facebook posts right away.

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