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Ans. Yes. In fact, you can buy lots of services for your Instagram’s growth, including IGTV likes, views, and comments. You can purchase specific IGTV packages that contain a particular amount of likes, views, and comments to fulfill your needs.

Ans. It would help if you bought IGTV likes, comments, and views packages for the following reasons.

  • To promote your products, sales, and services

  • Increasing your traffic 

  • Establishing your Instagram profile 

  • Increase your sales through social media

  • To get massive exposure for your business

  • Grab the trust of your target audience

Ans. Not at all! The IGTV packages we provide come under the umbrella of social media marketing. Moreover, the services we provide are delivered to you naturally and without violating any terms and conditions of the platform. So, there is no chance of committing an illegal act when you buy IGTV packages.

Ans.  No! No one will tell you that you bought an IGTV promotional package as our system is safe and secure. Moreover, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your IGTV packages are delivered organically. 

Ans. When you buy your IGTV package with us, we only deliver you what we promise in our package. However, there is a high possibility that if your content gets traction and manages to hook an audience, they might view your content and leave a comment as well.

Ans. It depends on the kind of package you purchase. When you buy the IGTV likes and comments package, you can see the profiles of people who left a heart or comment on your video. Contrarily, when you buy the IGTV views package, you won't be able to see the profiles of your viewers. Instead, you'll only see how many people have watched your video. 

Ans. Your IGTV video won't get removed for buying any of our IGTV packages. We provide you with the desired engagement imitating the organic engagement pattern and remove every risk of getting penalized from the platform.

Ans. Hashtags work for all types of IG content, including IGTV. You can use up to 30 hashtags to make your video visible and boost its engagement.

Ans. Buying IGTV packages from Instant Famous is absolutely safe. We take every possible safety measure to ensure the highest level of security while we deliver your order, and there are no hidden risks associated with our services.

Ans. Sadly, testing our service is not possible but as we offer our packages at a meager price you may choose the cheapest package in our services. We promise it would be worth investing your dollars, and you'll be willing to buy more.

Ans. We only need your IGTV video link to start delivering your package. We don't need your password or any other personal information from you.

Ans. If you wonder why I should put my trust in Instant Famous, we have some valid reasons to stand out from our competitors. Have a look at our key characteristics below:

Speedy Delivery: We start setting up your IGTV package’s campaign right after you confirm your order.

Quality Service: We don’t compromise on the quality of our services. Whether you buy likes, comments, or views packages for your IGTV promotion, we'll only deliver quality services.

Long-Term Results: When you buy your IGTV services from Instant Famous, know that you have invested in long-term results. As the services come from real IG accounts, you won't face any drop.

Affordable Prices:  We have a diverse range of packages with many likes, views, and comments included. All the packages come at very reasonable prices and are often the perfect fit for your IG TV's promotional needs. 24/7 Customer Support: We have a crew of social media marketing experts who are 24/7 ready to help you out with your queries and concerns.

Ans. When it comes to seeing results instantly, rest assured, we are known to have ultra-fast delivery time. We deliver every package in the time frame we have mentioned with it. So process your payment and relax. You'll get your order delivered soon.

Ans. Well, that won’t happen in the first place. But if it does, you can contact our customer support anytime. They’ll contact you as soon as possible and resolve the issue.

Ans. There is no perfect package, but deciding which IGTV package you should buy will depend on your business's marketing goals or what you want to achieve from a specific promotional strategy.

Ans. Yes, you need to set your Instagram profile on public mode to get your order delivered. Otherwise, we won't be able to provide you with our services.

Buy Instagram TV Likes, Views, and Comments


With Instant Famous, it's possible to get the views, comments and likes you need on Instagram TV. Not only this, but the service is fast and affordable too - you can even get emoji and random comments.

Why buy IGTV views? With buying IGTV views, your channel traffic will increase, which means your future uploads have more chance of finding success. Also, since people judge video statistics on IGTV, likes and views will bring credibility and trust to your brand. Suddenly, your channel will have higher and quality views (and this will attract more and more new viewers!).

We love helping individuals and brands on IGTV, and we do it for an affordable fee. Our passion is to help you to grow, and another area in which we help is comments. With a combination of likes, views, and comments, your channel has the social proof it needs to attract new viewers continually.

IGTV Views 

Safe and secure 

Real IGTV views 

Quick delivery 

24/7 customer support 

No login (woo!) 

IGTV Likes

Safe and secure 

Real IGTV likes 

Quick delivery 

24/7 customer support 

No login or confusing systems 

IGTV Comments 

Safe and secure 

Real IGTV comments 

Quick delivery 

24/7 customer support 

No login details required

What is IGTV?

Before discussing our likes, views, and comments service, we should first introduce the Instagram TV (often shortened to IGTV) platform. Users can watch videos from their favorite creators either on full screen or vertically as a mobile platform. The design is sleek (like the rest of Instagram!), and videos play automatically when the app is open. Although IGTV has undoubtedly found a home with influencers, the Instagram CEO initially said that the idea for IGTV was to provide a platform for ANYBODY to be a creator. So even if you don't have a following, there's a chance for you to shine. 

If you haven’t used IGTV before, it’s possible to publish videos anywhere between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. When you get verified by Instagram, this increases to one hour (only available through a web browser). This is an excellent way for influencers to upload long videos and boost engagement without clogging a feed or story. Now, followers can enjoy longer content from their favorite creators without heading across to YouTube or another website.

Benefits of Instagram TV for Influencers and Brands


For us, there are two main reasons why brands and influencers would want to take advantage of the IGTV platform.

Improved Reach 

Firstly, in 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users. As a brand, why wouldn’t you want a portion of this success? Rather than just sending content to people who already follow the brand, there's an opportunity to reach out to new audiences. If they're interested, they'll then explore and potentially become a new customer/follower.

Better Connections 

With the standard limits for content removed, brands and individuals can create compelling, engaging content. With longer videos, we've seen brands tell stories and build stronger connections using IGTV. You aren't limited by format, content, or duration, which is freedom for a business. 

IGTV is a new opportunity for brands and influencers to create better connections with followers while expanding an existing audience. What's more, the design is clean, and we can access targeted audiences in a faster way. In other words, it’s a marketing dream for all sorts of marketing goals too.

Buying Instagram TV Views (IGTV Views) 

Now you know all about the platform, what’s the importance of IGTV views? As the name suggests, the view count measures the number of times your audience has played a video. For a view to count, they need to watch that video for at least three seconds. If you’re currently struggling for views on content, buying them will enable you to boost your view count. Having videos with high view counts can bring your brand into prominence. Thanks to social proof!

When people come across two kinds of videos (one with lots of views and the other with few views), most people will choose the option with more views. Therefore, buying affordable IGTV views from Instant Famous will make your videos easier to discover. 

Don't worry. You won't be alone; many creators went viral for the first time off the back of purchased IGTV views.

Why Buy Views? 

While influencers who already have a following find getting views easy on IGTV, the same isn’t true for those with a small follower base. Often, it’s hard to get off the ground as a content creator. With low view counts, Instagram won't promote your content, and new audiences won't discover it. In fact, you might even struggle to get views from the few followers you do have.

When you buy IGTV views, there's a snowball effect where more views come, people follow you or like the video, which leads to even more viewers and engagement, etc. The more views you have, the more you'll get noticed when uploading a video. Of course, the content still needs to be exciting or entertaining. However, buying the initial views will help to improve your reach and follower count.

Buying Instagram TV Likes (IGTV Likes)

Likes are slightly different, and this is because it requires viewers to actually touch the 'Like' button. When on the main screen, you will only see the like count after tapping on the views. What's more, it even shows the name of the people who liked the video. When trying to make content discoverable, likes are just as important as views.

As with the views, why wait for people to hit the like button when you can take a proactive approach and get the likes yourself? At Instant Famous, we offer IGTV likes for a highly affordable price. When you pair wants with comments and views, this is when the real success comes. Your videos become more noticeable, and there's a potential to reach out to your niche in no time. Instant Famous is a credible service with a brilliant reputation, and everything you buy is safe and secure. 

Why Buy Likes?


When deciding which videos to show to people, Instagram utilizes a clever algorithm. This algorithm uses critical statistics as a gauge, including likes, views, and comments (for engagement). The more likes on your video, the more likely you are to get noticed by the algorithm. You could wait for the likes to come, but what if this never happens? With Instant Famous, you can take control of your own success.

Another problem that IGTV users encounter is that not every viewer will leave a like (even if they actually enjoyed the content). If you have lots of viewers and not many likes, this doesn't precisely look encouraging for new viewers. By buying views and likes together, you should improve your reach to then experience organic growth. Essentially, you're giving your channel an artificial jumpstart to getting the engine running so that you can then experience organic growth.

Buying Instagram TV Comments (IGTV Comments)

We’ve spoken about the Instagram algorithm, and likes and views are the most common feature. However, this doesn't mean that the third should go forgotten. That's right. Comments are just as critical when deciding whether or not to promote a video. Some say that words are even more important than likes and views because they suggest engagement and enjoyment. For Instagram, the goal is to promote the most engaging content. 

The problem? You’ve guessed it; viewers don't leave comments too often without a discussion already taking place. If a viewer sees no words, it's scary for them to comment first. If you buy Instagram TV comments, they’ll be more inclined to leave a comment of their own. Again, this is the nature of social proof in action. When you team up with Instant Famous, there are three main types of IGTV comments from which you can choose:

Random Comments 

Firstly, random comments are exactly as they are described; they may lack detail and have little relevance to the video in question. As a buyer, you cannot contribute words or phrases. They will be primarily favorable comments and a couple of negatives to retain a natural look and feel for genuine visitors. Although the comments are random, we've only ever received positive reviews for this service, and it continues to be a popular option for users.

Custom Comments 

While random comments are popular, nothing can beat custom comments. Why? Because you have complete control over what comments are made on your videos. You can send us some keywords and phrases or even write the comments yourself, depending on your approach. The latter requires some investment in your time, but the results can be astounding. Unlike random comments, these comments will be relevant to the video, and you can even ask questions (to which you will later reply!). There's an opportunity to influence new visitors and make them feel welcome in your community.

Emoji Comments 

We’re in a modern world, and you might want to respond to this with some emoji comments. Rather than long sentences and paragraphs, why not a few emojis to tell the story? Since real users leave comments like this, it’s another way to keep the comments section looking natural. When you choose this option, we'll randomly select emojis before being posted in the comments section. Often, this service is intense competition for the random comments option. However, rather than random comments, many influencers and brands prefer emojis because it’s a modern approach and one that often makes more sense for the video itself. 

Why Buy Comments? 

When Instagram is assessing the quality of a video, one of the most important determinants is engagement, and this comes through comments. If your video has no comments (or very few), this tells Instagram that it isn’t engaging. In truth, Instagram will overlook average views and likes if the comments section is well populated. The platform will see that the video is interesting, and it will make it more discoverable.

Another reason to buy comments is the control you have; as we’ve seen, there are three different types of comments at Instant Famous. Whether you choose random, emoji, or custom comments, there's a solution to fit your goals. Considering the boost you should get in performance, and it isn't really a payment you’re making – it’s an investment. You reach out to more people, increase your following, and experience organic growth in time for new videos.

Working with Instant Famous

You’ll see other services in this area, and we don’t shy away from the competition. Instead, we work hard to make sure we’re the best service around. When working with Instant Famous, you’ll benefit from the following: 

High-Quality Service 

If you only need IGTV views, comments, or likes once, this is absolutely fine. Otherwise, we want to build relationships with our regular customers. With this, you get the highest standards and attention at all times. 

24/7 Customer Support

We love our team, it's like a big family, and we want to welcome you into the family too. So don't worry about the time; there is always a support system in place to help should you need it. 

Great Prices

At Instant Famous, we want people and businesses of all sizes to grow, and this is why we offer affordable prices. With our extensive packages, it all starts at less than $2!

Fast Delivery 

As soon as you place the order, we'll get moving. We pride ourselves on fast delivery and can typically get you set up within a few hours, even with large orders. 

Sustainable Results 

Rather than a one-off, we want you to enjoy long-term success, and this is possible when you buy IGTV views, likes, and comments. So our engagement only comes from real users.

Money-Back Guarantee 

If we don't deliver in the promised time, just reach out to us, and we'll give you a 100% refund. Just reach out to our 24/7 support - we want you to be happy and constantly improve our service!