How do Instagram influencers inspire people? A list of the most followed Instagram influencers

Instagram is a massive platform with more than 2 billion active users. Due to its immense popularity, everyone is looking for an opportunity. Influence marketing has become an essential part of modern times and provides a strong base for the brand’s marketing. If we look at the platform, we can see that content creators have grown so fast in the past few years. However, due to the immense growth, the federal trade corporation (FTC) issues guidelines that will keep influencers and partnerships fraud free. Besides, there are so many other things that you should learn before adopting this as a full-time career.

How do Instagram influencers inspire people? A complete guide:

Instagram is about authentic content, visual effects, creativity, videos, reels, and stories. However, if you plan to start a career as an influencer, then first understand how the platform has evolved over the years. Most advertisers prefer Instagram because the stats are promising, and Insta is second among the most popular online platforms for teens. Furthermore, marketers prefer Instagram marketing due to the following reasons:

The potential reach of Instagram is around.

849.3 million people

Instagram reaches a youth audience that is around

52.9 million

Instagram earned from ad revenue in 2020

$12.32 million

Teens that think Instagram is best when it comes to reaching brands



The above numbers are enough to prove how Instagram has become a center of attention. More than 89% of marketers think Instagram is the best platform for influence marketing. In addition, if we talk about income and revenues, they are 23% more than the world’s biggest platform, Facebook. Besides, there are the following ways in which Instagram influencers inspire and influence people.

Influencers boosted Livestream shopping:

Livestream shopping is a new trend in which Instagram influencers go live and sell products and services to their followers. Initially, the movement of Livestream shopping was a hit in China, but now it’s rapidly growing, and other markets are picking it up. In these sessions, viewers can ask questions about any product or service. Livestream shopping sessions are beneficial because they give the audience an unedited view of the product. Apart from this, in these live sessions, the influencers compare and try products to tell an accurate picture. Instagram has a global reach, and this trend will undoubtedly inspire more people.

Raised video-based content:

We all are aware of the rise of TikTok and Instagram videos and how these are influencing people in positive and negative ways. Now many brands reach influencers for sponsored content because they have followers. The influencers make reels and videos to express themselves and share bits of their lives. However, brands consider it an ample opportunity and support their campaigns by creating challenges and dances. Now the audience is in the footprints of influencers and showing interest in creating video-based content.

The rise of cross channels campaigns:

If we look at the stats, an average Instagram post reaches 6-7 different social media platforms. However, an average user uses many social media platforms for content consumption. In this way, brands can efficiently run cross-channel campaigns using one video. There are the following advantages of doing cross-channel movements:

  • It helps to reach a considerable audience
  • Brands can share the content in a fun and creative way

For instance, if Instagram is a platform for socializing and TikTok is for entertainment, we can combine both purposes to grab the audience’s attention. So, now influencers are inspiring others to advertise products and services in a fun and creative way.

Measuring ROI: 

Instagram influencers teach brands to judge their performance by measuring return on investment and focusing on data. Nowadays, a real problem is the need for accurate data because it's easier to understand results. However, due to this reason, influence marketing is becoming popular each year. In addition, it provides real-time data with audience demographics that come directly from social media. Furthermore, we can see results by measuring every post and content's saves, likes, and comments.

New revenue stream:

The world is making progress, and we need to catch pace. Initially, people used social media for the sake of entertainment. But now, it has become a new source of income. Now influencers are becoming entrepreneurs and not limiting themselves to only sponsored posts. So, it’s a good trend for influencers to start their businesses, and this activity inspires youth. Besides this, many influencers are selling their products and services while focusing on personal development, financial advice, nutrition, and spiritual awakening. Here are the following real-life examples of influencers who are running a business:

  • Sindija Bokane is an inspiring creator running a digital marketing agency and brand collaborations. The digital marketing agency coaches influencers, bloggers, and brands. In addition, she is organizing social media courses & challenges, selling presets, and doing other things that are pure inspiration for people.

Now Instagram is planning some changes that we are hoping to launch in the next few years. For instance, in the coming years, Instagram will initiate a bonus program that will allow creators to get paid for creating great content. So, these changes are paving the way for youth and striving people.

Brands & creators are co-creating:

Recently, you have seen the trend of creators' collaboration with brands. We can see many brands launching products and collections together as brand ambassadors. However, these collaborations are great for influencing people and building a connection between brand and product. Moreover, it’s a great way to boost sales as the audience of creators becomes customers. So, if you want to buy Instagram followers to increase account reach, it’s decisive as it grabs the audience’s attention.

A list of most followed Instagram influencers:

It’s not easy to determine the top followed Instagram influencers as it seems impossible to describe who are the top ones. But if we talk about the highest paid, Cristiano Ronaldo is on top of the list and charges $466,100-$776,833 per post on average. Moreover, Cristiano Ronaldo has partnerships with big brands like Nike, Tag Heuer, Toyota, and Clear. Still, for more clarity, we maintained a list of top influencers by dividing them into different categories. So, here is a list with a quick introduction and background check:

If most followed influencers are in the position because they buy Instagram likes, then it’s true to some extent. But all the likes need to be paid as they buy likes initially to jumpstart their account. It would be best to apply a combination of paid and organic means to gain followers, likes, and comments.

If most followed influencers are in the position because they buy Instagram likes, then it’s true to some extent. But all the likes need to be paid as they buy likes initially to jumpstart their account. It would be best to apply a combination of paid and organic means to gain followers, likes, and comments.

Huda Kattan:

Huda Kattan

Huda Kitten is one of the most followed influencers in the beauty niche and is ruling the place with 51.7 million followers. Huda didn’t start as a beauty influencer; instead, she is a makeup artist and blogger. Apart from this, she is famous for her iconic beauty derived from her Iraqi heritage. Huda started a beauty blog after finishing college and worked as a celebrity makeup artist for Revlon.

Addison Rae:

Addison Rae

She is an American who is famous as a social media personality and also a good dancer. Addison was among the first to post dance videos on TikTok, another largest platform. However, her unique content makes her one of the most followed influencers. Now she has total followers of around 41 million, and we can see on her profile that most of her content is beauty focused.

Khaby Lame:

Khaby Lame

I hope you already know about Khaby Lame, who began his journey from TikTok. Now Khaby has around 80 million followers by making short comedy videos on TikTok and Instagram. In videos, Khaby sarcastically points out people who complicate simple tasks. Besides this, Khaby is the most followed Italian influencer on Instagram and TikTok.

James Charles:

James Charles

We know that beauty standard is different for everyone, so we have much room for differences. However, due to this diversity, James Charles is the most followed influencer on Instagram, with 22.8 million followers. He is sometimes controversial, and on his Instagram profile, we can see lots of makeup with vibrant colors, and he does eye shadows in different colors.

Chiara Ferragni:

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni has the honor of starting an award-winning fashion blog. However, due to the unique content, this queen is ruling the fashion niche with 28.5 million followers. Like other fashion influencers, she shows her fashion house, shoes, etc. apart from this, she discusses her family and even shows ultrasound pictures. The Chiara aims to show that women can perform both roles like they are beautiful and could be working ladies.

Gigi & Bella Hadid:

Gigi & Bella Hadid

Like other fashion influencers, the Hadid sisters are also at the top of the list. Gigi Hadid has 75 million, and Bella Hadid has 51 million followers on Instagram. Both sisters have careers in fashion modeling, and till now, they have worked for high brands.

Jamie Oliver:

Jamie Oliver

Jamie is a food influencer, famous chef, and TV personality. Jamie usually shares pictures of recipes and promote healthy cooked meal. Apart from this, Jamie teaches kids how to cook, and back in date, he used to own a restaurant chain. Oliver has around 10 million followers on Instagram, which makes him among the top ones in the food industry.

Salt Bae:

Salt Bae

Many of us have heard about the Salt Bae, a famous Turkish butcher who owns a restaurant. Moreover, he holds a luxury steakhouse favorite for its seasoning techniques. Salt bae has around 44 million followers by showing off cooking techniques and lifestyle photos.

Final words:

The list of the most followed Instagram influencers is long, and we can’t cover it in one writing. So, the table shows a few more personalities with their number of followers.

Influencer’s name

Number of followers

Miley Cyrus

187 million

Kylie Jenner

372 million

Nickie Minaj

205 million

Kendall Jenner

262 million

Khloe Kardashian

279 million

Zach King

25 million

Kayla Itsines

15 million

Sommer Ray

27 million


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