How to Get More Instagram Followers Quickly and Easily (2022)

Having more than 1.2 billion active users worldwide, Instagram is definitely one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms. Notably, Instagram is all about uploading videos and photos for your audience to view. So, whether you are looking to showcase your brand, get lots of followers to take your business to the next level or get more people to take part in your cause, this social media channel is the place to be.

Whatever you want to do on Instagram, it is important to connect with various individuals who have similar interests. And this is why you need to get more Instagram followers so that people can hear your voice.

In this post, we will explain some ways that can help you to get more Instagram followers quickly and easily in 2022.

  1. Take advantage of Instagram reels

An Instagram Reel is a short video that displays your creativity to your existing and prospective followers. This feature allows you to display a quick commercial of yourself or your brand. Although this video cannot be longer than 30 seconds, it is enough to help your brand go viral.

If you want to use Instagram reels, the process will go like this:

  • Make a short video about an interesting subject. Hide some information that will make the audience curious to learn more about the subject. Inform the audience to go to your Instagram profile to watch the rest of the video
  • Upload the short video as a reel
  • Current and prospective followers will watch the reel
  • Some non-followers will check and follow your Instagram profile
  • Make IGTV series to retain the followers

How can you make your IGTV series?

An Instagram TV series is a series of videos about a particular subject. When you draw people to your channel with Instagram reels, the IGTV series will give them reasons to follow you. In addition, the IGTV series can bring more engagement to your profile and can assist you to go viral on the platform.

It is noteworthy that there is no limit to the ideas to use for making IGTV series. You can make an educational series to teach your followers about something that pertains to your niche. It can also be created to inform and entertain your audience.

  1. Go Live

Live is another astounding feature of Instagram that can help you to get more followers. Basically, by going Live on Instagram, you are sharing a live, unedited video stream with other Instagram users. The video stream comes with voice, live comments, and other forms of interaction that can make it engaging for the host and participants.

What can you use the live feature for? It can be used for numerous purposes such as:

  • Showcasing a skill
  • Giving a product demo
  • Announcing a product, service, event, contest, etc.
  • Speaking about something you are passionate about
  • Having a Q&A session with your existing and prospective followers

Despite the various benefits of going live, it doesn’t require any experience or technical know-how to do. You only need a smartphone with a good camera and internet connection to start a live video.

  1. Use keywords to be more searchable

Most social media platforms work like search engines as people can use different terms to find various profiles and content. Therefore, if you want to get more followers on Instagram, you must add relevant keywords to your content. By using the relevant keywords, it will be easy for people to search and find your profile and probably follow you.

  • Use your Instagram account like a website

When you are uploading content on a website, you want to go the extra length to add relevant terms and keywords to it. For instance, if you are into digital marketing, you want to add keywords such as “digital marketing”, “digital marketer”, “SEO”, and other searchable terms to your profile description and captions. You may even consider adding one of these terms to your Instagram username. This will optimize your profile and make it findable.

  1. Add detailed, engaging captions

Without mincing words, videos and images are vital content for getting more followers on Instagram. However, your written captions can also do some magic. Recently, Instagram has increased the word count for its caption. Therefore, your caption can look like a mini-blog.

Your captions should:

  • Have some information about your video/image
  • Be meaningful
  • Share some interesting information that encourages response from your followers
  • Have keywords that can make it easy for people to find your content

It should be noted that your caption can come in different ways. It could be written to share opinions about political and social causes you are passionate about.

  1. Be diverse and inclusive

Since Instagram is used by different people in various countries around the globe, you have to deal with some barriers. Therefore, if you want to get more followers, you have to be inclusive and diverse.

How can you be inclusive? You need to caption your videos in different languages. IGTV enables you to caption a video in more than 15 languages. With the right caption, your video can reach more individuals regardless of their languages. Also, people with visual and hearing problems can access your content. Besides, it will allow other people to enjoy your videos when they don’t want to play any sound.

Similarly, you need to include diversity in your content. Share your opinions about social causes. This ensures that you can easily connect with people with similar opinions. However, you need to be open to opposing opinions on your page.

  1. Make original shareable content

With the aid of authentic content, you can easily get to more Instagram users. Although your original shareable content can borrow an idea from other Instagram users, you must be the content creator. In other words, it shouldn’t be something copied directly from other users. Authentic content can come in the form of:

  • Sharing your real feelings or emotions.
  • Sharing your options about a particular subject that concerns your niche.

The shareable content will allow users to see the human part of your brand. Apart from acknowledging your transparency, this will also make it easy for your followers to understand your situation.

  1. Interact with your followers

It is not enough to be transparent with your audience. You also need to interact with them. This can be:

  • Responding to their replies to your content
  • Answering direct messages
  • Liking their replies to your post

When you do these things, your followers will understand that you care about them. If non-followers see your interaction with your existing followers, they may be interested in following your profile.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to talk about your struggles that other individuals can relate to. Do you have challenges with balancing work and family? Are you concerned about the prospect of your business in the future? You can share your thoughts about these relatable things.

  1. Cross-promote your content

While your focus is on getting more Instagram followers, you should extend the promotion of your Instagram content to other social media channels. Basically, most Instagram users also use other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. Therefore, you may be able to draw some people to your Instagram profile from other channels, especially Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok.

Foremost, you need to have social media accounts on different channels. Afterward, you can link your Instagram account to your profiles on other social media platforms. You need to use your website, email, and other tools to share your Instagram content on these other channels.

Are you tired of cross-promoting and exploring other time-consuming methods? You may also want to buy Instagram followers if you want fast solutions.

  1. Create your own hashtag

Today, businesses and Instagram influencers create their own hashtags whenever they want to share special content. Creating your own hashtags ensures that the content is memorable, easy to remember and search on the platform. You can also create your own hashtag when you want to introduce a challenge for people to participate in.

Since the hashtag is unique to your brand, Instagram users can easily find your post whenever they use the hashtag to find related posts. People don’t have to browse through thousands of content before finding yours.

One of the most popular hashtags ever used on Instagram is #ShareACoke. The hashtag was created by Coca-Cola and became so famous that many influencers hopped on it. Even if your hashtag doesn’t get as much attention as #ShareACoke, it can increase your followers.

  1. Collaborate with micro-influencers

An Instagram micro-influencer is an individual that has about 10,000 to 100,000 followers on the channel. Since most of them post regularly and have a limited number of followers, micro-influencers tend to provide better engagement to brands than bigger influencers with larger followers.

Because they offer more engagement, you should consider partnering with micro-influencers whenever you want to increase your followers. Nonetheless, you should note that a typical micro-influencer will want to be paid to promote your brand. Therefore, you should consider this before contacting any micro-influencer.

  1. Work with other brands

Don’t limit the promotion of your brand to only micro-influencers. You can also gain massively from collaborating with other brands. By working with other brands, you can expose your brands to the existing followers of the other brands. Over time, some of the followers of the brands may show interest in following your profile.

However, you must be careful when choosing a brand to work with. Firstly, you should prioritize established brands that get lots of engagement on Instagram. Secondly, it is essential to go for brands with similar beliefs, ideas, and thoughts as your brand. This ensures that most of their followers are similar to yours.

Although connecting with Instagram brands can help your brand, you can also extend it to brands outside of Instagram. As long as the demographic interests of their customers are similar to yours, you can attract more followers to your Instagram profile.

  1. Create an interesting and interactive challenge or game

If you want your post to go viral and attract lots of followers, you should think about creating an interesting and interactive challenge or game. Numerous brands have used this technique to draw tons of people to their businesses.

To encourage more people to join your brand’s game or challenge, you may want to offer a prize to the winner. For instance, you can create a challenge with a specific hashtag and ask your followers to create videos that fit the challenge. You can give a prize to the video with the highest number of likes. As many people try to get the prize, they will increase the reach of your Instagram profile. Hence, you may get more followers.

  1. Create and use understandable and relatable memes

Nowadays, everyone uses memes to communicate with their audience. Many young people cannot craft a single social media post without attaching some memes to it. Don’t be left out of the fun. Master the art of creating and adding memes to your Instagram content.

Nonetheless, don’t just create and use any memes. Ask yourself some vital questions. Does this meme fit the trends? Can my audience understand and relate to this meme? If your answer is no, you should rethink.

  1. Create custom filters

By default, Instagram provides some basic filters that you can add to your photos and videos. Unfortunately, you cannot stand out from the crowd when using such default filters. The good news is that Instagram now allows users to create their own filters. So, if you want your content to be unique, you should think about creating and adding custom filters to your post.

Creating custom filters will showcase your creativity. Besides, other users can also utilize your custom filters with your brand name showing in them. This can boost the reach of your brand; thus, encouraging more people to follow you on Instagram.

Final words

Conclusively, Instagram has provided numerous tools that can assist you to get more followers. These tools are easy to use, and their benefits have been explained above. So, if you are serious about getting more Instagram followers, you should connect with others as your offer informative, entertaining and educating content that can draw followers to your profile.