How to remove country, privacy, and age restrictions from a Facebook page


Nowadays, with the change in time, various types of restrictions have been designed for the Facebook users concerning their privacy. Albeit, it might be beneficial for children and other users, yet these restrictions have to be removed for businesses and for public pages. Right from age restrictions till country restrictions, Facebook users adjust their profile and allow a number of people to view their profile.

How to get started

Once the users have logged onto the Facebook home screen, then along the left portion of the home page, the site will display various pages which are associated with a Facebook account. This column includes the pages which are owned by the users as well as the pages which are recommended by the administrator. So, the users should make it a point to scroll through lots of web pages and need to specific adjustments.

After choosing the required page, then click on the edit page options and choose edit settings. Through this page, users can go through various restrictions as well as settings which are associated which are associated with that particular page. On the other hand, country and location restrictions can be chosen and deleted if not required. Under this category “Hide this option” will appear. By choosing this option, it will hide certain pages from the viewers of other countries. To allow a number of countries to view the web page, then make sure to delete all the country names which are kept on the restricted list. Henceforth, all will be able to view your web page.

Country and location restrictions on Facebook

Facebook has allowed its users to choose country restrictions since they can easily focus on required nation as well as demographics. Clients can choose the nations which they wish to see and reject the rest. As such, facebook users allow any of country to view your website. To accomplish the task, users are supposed to switch to “Alter Page”, and then choose” Alter settings”. A few minutes later “country restrictions “alternative will allow you to choose the countries which can and cannot view the website page.

For most business organization and people, allowing them to view from any country is surely a smart and brilliant business plan. On the other hand, e-commerce sites and the virtual products can expose their business all across the world without any sort of difficulties. When planning to expand the business to the virtual world, bear in mind that Facebook fan pages are priceless. If the facebook fan page frustrates someone from a different country, then one can opt for new restrictions which will be pretty much helpful. To accomplish this, users will have to make use of either” Invisible” option or “Hide option”. All that users are supposed to do is, just type the name of the nation and also nations which you want to exclude from seeing the web page. Once done with all the adjustment, users will have to ensure to save the necessary changes made; else those adjustments won’t come into effect.

Age restrictions 

Do you have a business brand which mainly targets adult individuals on Facebook? Now, you can set age restriction for your Facebook page “. By default, your facebook page is configured to allow any of the Facebook users to view its content. Anyways, if required you can specify the audience age who can view your facebook page. For instance, if you posting a Facebook page related to alcohol and gambling then ensure that it is displayed only to the adults. If required you can also set age restrictions for your Facebook irrespective of the content.

For the Facebook users below 18years, Facebook has lately revised its rules and regulations regarding age restrictions. Earlier, younger users below 18years were able to just view the website by the elderly people. But now, with the change in time age restrictions have been raised. In order to allow the users regardless of their age to make use of Facebook, the users are supposed to just move onto the edit page option. To left column of the page, users can find “Manage Permissions”. Users are just supposed to click on edit page option and make sure to scroll till you get age restrictions. It can be set in such a way that, only people of more than 13years can view the site. Users who regularly upload posts and images related to nakedness, alcohol, and gambling, should avoid from lifting their age because these types of posts are not at all suitable for younger users.

When you choose age restrictions, only certain individuals who are above the specified age can view your page. Furthermore, if there are any likes and comments saved on the post by the people who are below the minimum age will be immediately deleted. Later, even if you remove age restrictions, the deleted likes and comments are not at all replaced.

Profanity filter

Luckily, the page administrators don’t need to enter each and every well-known curse word or the profanity to the page moderation filter since the Facebook platform automatically provides profanity filter check. To accomplish the task, click on “Profanity Filter “alternative on the setting page and click on the drop down menu. Then choose “Strong” or “Medium” based on the strength of the profanity filter which you want to make use of. Click on “save changes “in order to save the settings.

Privacy restriction

If you feel not necessary, then you can remove privacy restrictions from the Facebook page. The users can limit their post to be seen only by certain viewers. The simple way to set privacy restrictions is to choose “privacy setting” to the top right corner of the page. There are plenty of privacy options available so that you can choose the one as per your requirement.

While removing restrictions from the web page ensure that the users consider what various icons mean. On one side, globe icon is mainly used to symbolize all. Choose this option, if you wish everyone to view your post. Additionally, the emblem having two heads indicates friendship relation. If you don’t want particular person or group to view your post, you can block them. All these aspects make it pretty much easier to decide who can see your post and who shouldn’t.