How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Photos

We always love when people like our stuff on Facebook. Nowadays there are even special reactions that people may use to communicate their feelings about something we post.

When it comes to photos, the "Like War" is always going on. It is always about getting more likes on this or that photo. Always posting new and interesting photos for people to like and even share.

But why do we do that? I mean, some people really like attention, others are professional models that depend on the likes on their photos to promote their jobs. For instance, cosplayers are often taking photo shoots, posting it online and sharing it so people can see them. This is how some of them earn money.

If you are reading this, you probably found this page after searching for it on the internet and because you want to know how to do it. I will tell you in a second, but first, lemme take a selfie. No, just kidding. First, let me show you how it is not done.

Buying likes

You see, the like market is a real thing. People buy 50k, 100k, sometimes even more than that for real money. Why do they do this? Well, that is simple.

The algorithm used by Facebook to show you the most relevant things to your user profile is through likes. The more likes a certain page has, the more it will show up in the people's feeds, unless you selected it to be shown first, that is.

buying facebook likes

This is true to both friends and pages. With pages, they generate more views and thus make more money (how they do it is beyond the scope of this article). With friends, they gain more attention and will pop in friends of friends' feeds from time to time, thus increasing their chance of creating a "social network of success." What do I mean by that? Simple, the more people you know, the better are the chances of you being successful in your life. You will have more people to sell your stuff. You will have more professionals from different areas that can work for you and offer you a discount because of they are your friend. Etc.

So, why not buy the likes, then? Well, these "companies," let’s put this way, that sell likes have a serious problem. All of the likes that they provide come from fake or hacked profiles.

This is a problem because these profiles do not interact with your pages other than the like. Facebook knows that and enforces a strong policy on the subject.

They frequently ban fake accounts, which will remove their likes from your page, which will make you buy Facebook likes. Rinse and repeat. Facebook will also not take into account likes that do not interact with your page in meaningful ways, like sharing your content.

With them out of the equation, your page will not show up as much and will get less and less genuine likes in time.


How to get more Facebook Likes

A-Ha! This is why you are here, right?

Disclaimer. I know you did not read the last section. Go back and read it.

Already back? Good. Let's proceed.


Tips for Pages

Tip No. 1 - Post relevant things

It does not matter if your page is about cats, dunk memes or the patchwork you sell. The secret to getting more likes is to post meaningful things. If your page is about your patchwork, then post photos of your work, how you do it, show your workplace. Be creative.

Tip No. 2 - Be active

If you only log once a day or worse, less than that, your page will not be visible. Therefore your photos will not be liked as much. Post new content, share old ones, share the recent ones, answer to comments on your photos. Be active.

Tip No. 3 - Watch for the right hour to post

If you want to get the most likes on your photos, consider the time you are posting it. How many people are online around this time? If you post things at 4 AM, only a handful of people will see it. Consequently, it will have fewer likes.

I could go on with the list, but I think I have made my point.


Tips for People

So, you want to show everyone and their grandmothers the new selfies you look at that awesome party last night, right?

To make people like your photos more, consider taking better pictures. I am not kidding.

Besides the tips mentioned above that are also true to your photos, taking better pictures will lead to more likes.

more facebook likes

Tip No. 1 - Check the lightning

This feels like amateur photographer 101, but let's proceed.

Before taking the picture, make sure that the flash on your phone is turned on, preferably on the automatic setting. This way the software embedded in your phone camera will decide if it needs more lightning or not. This will reduce red eyes and will completely avoid dark, impossible to distinguish photos.

Tip No. 2 - Hot Spot Technique

In web design, the hot stop is the technique used to map the most clicked areas, to have a better understanding of the habits of the visitors and improve the navigability of the page.

You can use this tool with a little modification. When you post a photo, pay attention to what the photo is. Look at the pose that you are portraited into. Keep paying attention until you notice a pattern amongst your followers/friends. Once you discovered which kind of photo they like more, you should start delivering that kind of photo more often. With more genuine likes and interactions, you will be better ranked among the pages on the algorithm of Facebook and will appear more. Rinse and repeat, and you will be reaching instant 1000+ likes on your photos in no time.