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10 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Instagram Likes and Engagement

If you're struggling to increase your Instagram likes and engagement, there are plenty of proven strategies to help. From boosting your content to finding the right time, these tips will get your follower numbers moving in the right direction.

Another important strategy is to ensure your captions are compelling enough to encourage people to interact with your posts. Posts that include a call-to-action like "Save Now" and "Tag a Friend", often get more engagement than those without them.

Get inspired by other brands and industries

One of the best ways to boost your Instagram likes and engagement is by getting inspired by other brands and industries. Whether it's the latest fashion trends, building materials industry trade shows or a company's marketing video campaign, there is a lot to be gained from looking at how others are doing things.

This is easiest if you follow people in your niche or industry. This can be as simple as following their feeds or tagging them with your own photos.

Another way to inspire yourself is by incorporating some of your favorite designers' work into your own design process. You can even create a digital mood board that will help you stay on track with your design goals and make it easier to communicate with your team.

Lastly, you can even try out new trends by putting some of your own spin on them. If you're a car fanatic, for example, consider creating a cleverly designed car wrap to showcase your brand.

Ultimately, the most important part of any marketing campaign is the message you're trying to get across. Your followers will be more engaged if you use the right tone and convey a compelling message. They will also be more likely to share your content with others. To do this, make sure to post a variety of different types of content. This includes text, graphics, and videos, among others.

Run a Like-based contest

Instagram contests are a great way to increase engagement and generate leads, no matter if you're just starting out or looking to grow your business. In fact, Instagram contests are responsible for 34% of all new customers.

The first step to making your contests a success is to identify the goals you are trying to achieve. This could be anything from increasing engagement, growing your audience, or creating creative user-generated content.

Asking your followers to Like a photo is one of the most popular ways to host an Instagram contest. This contest is simple to set up and can help increase your engagement.

Another popular entry method is hosting a hashtag contest. This asks users to submit photos using a particular hashtag and then vote on the best. This can help you collect a large number of user-generated content that you can use for future promotions and marketing purposes.

It's important to establish clear rules for contests like any other. This will keep your contest legal and ensure you don't end up wasting your time or money by violating any Instagram guidelines.

Finally, you should consider how you will let your winners know they won. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as sending them a private message or mentioning them in an exciting post.

Work on a hashtag strategy

Hashtags can be used to organize your content and increase your Instagram engagement. They can help you reach niche audiences, create viral campaigns and increase brand awareness.

You can start by using the hashtag research tools within your Instagram app or a third party tool like Later to find the most relevant hashtags to your business. You should aim to try at least two or three hashtag groups over a time period.

Once you have a group that consistently performs well, you can build your entire hashtag strategy around it. These hashtags can be used to test different combinations and to switch between them if they don't work.

You should also focus on branded hashtags that reflect the personality of your business or campaign, as these are easily recognisable by consumers. Some creative puns or a play on words, relating back to your core message or motto, are also helpful for boosting engagement.

The last step in building your hashtag strategy is to track your hashtag performance regularly so that you can tweak it as needed. This will help you maximize your hashtag strategy and make sure it is as effective as possible.

You should always follow the hashtags of other people and brands in your niche, as this will help you discover the most relevant tags to use. You should also keep up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry to ensure you are ready for any social media changes that could impact your hashtag strategy.

Register the correct accounts

Tagging the right accounts is one of the most effective ways to boost your Instagram likes and engagement. This can help you gain new followers as well as tap into their network of followers.

You can tag people by clicking the Tag People option in a post or video or by @mentioning them within your caption. For example, if you're posting a photo of a product and you want to mention another account that sells the same item (like a clothing store or beauty brand), you can do so by tagging that person or business in the caption.

Start by searching hashtags that are relevant for your brand to find the right tags. These are the best hashtags to use because they don't get oversaturated with posts. They also have between 5,000-500,000 associated posts, which is the perfect amount of volume to attract interest without overwhelming users' feeds.

When it comes to tagging your business, you can also choose to use hashtags related to your location. This helps your content stand out in local search results, as well as exposing it to more people who might be interested in the location.

If you're a business that sells products, you can use product tags to make your posts shoppable and promote sales. These tags can be clicked and include a shopping bag icon so that people can tap on them to see all details.

Ask to tag a friend

Tags are an easy way to connect with people and businesses on Instagram. They are especially useful if you visit a business location and want your followers to share your experience.

You can tag someone by sending them a notification. This will increase their engagement with your account, and may even get them to follow you.

You can tag people on Instagram in two ways: as you're uploading a photo, or in the comments of a post. When you want to tag someone while you upload a photo, just type their Instagram username into the field and tap the appropriate person.

If you tag someone in a comment the username should appear when you reply to their post. This is great for alerting other users that you've commented on a post, or if you need to ask a question to the person who posted the photo.

Tagging people in posts also makes it easy for them to share your content with their followers, boosting engagement and generating more likes. You can tag customers in posts if they share a positive review on Instagram.

Hosting a contest where users tag their friends in the comments section is another way to increase your Instagram engagement and likes. This creates a feedback loop that will boost your profile's organic reach and can lead to more people entering your contest.


Instagram is an excellent platform for boosting your brand's social presence. Instagram's user-friendly interface and large range of demographics make it easy to connect with your followers authentically.

Engaging content is key to increasing your Instagram engagement and likes. High engagement rates mean you are reaching the right people at just the right time. This will increase your credibility with influencers and brands, as well as helping potential customers find you when it's time to buy from you.

Incorporating hashtags in your comments and captions is a great way to increase engagement. This will allow your followers to connect with other users, amplify your brand's message, and spread the word about your latest offerings.

Another great idea is to use a variety in the colors and fonts you use in your photos. This will give your followers a better picture of you, which can be a great source of inspiration for your own posts.

The final tip to increase your Instagram likes is by taking advantage of a branded hashtag. This smart strategy is used by world-famous brands in their campaigns.

It's easy to implement, which is the best part! Once you've got it down, it will make all the difference to your Instagram engagement. It's definitely worth it. The results will blow you away! So, get started now! 

Boost Your Instagram Likes and Engagement: Questions and Answers on Proven Strategies

What types of content should I post to boost my Instagram likes and engagement?

Answer: High-quality visual content tends to perform well on Instagram, including photos, videos, and graphics. Focus on creating content that is visually appealing, relevant, and valuable to your audience.


How often should I post on Instagram to increase engagement and likes?

Answer: It's important to maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep your followers engaged. Posting at least once a day, or a few times a week, can help increase your visibility and engagement.


Is it important to use hashtags on Instagram to increase likes and engagement?

Answer: Yes, using relevant hashtags can help your content reach a larger audience and increase engagement. Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche, industry, or target audience, and consider creating your own branded hashtags.


How can I increase engagement on my Instagram posts?

Answer: One effective strategy is to engage with your audience by responding to comments and direct messages, asking for feedback or opinions, and running contests or giveaways. You can also collaborate with other Instagram users and participate in relevant hashtags or challenges.


How can I analyze and improve my Instagram engagement and likes?

Answer: Use Instagram Insights to track your engagement and audience growth over time. Analyze which types of content perform best, what times of day your audience is most active, and which hashtags are generating the most engagement. Use this data to refine your Instagram strategy and optimize your content for maximum engagement.