Social Media Marketing

Boost The Future Of Digital And Social Media Marketing Research

What is digital and social media marketing research?

Before we proceed into the major objective of this post, it is necessary to briefly highlight what is meant as digital and social media marketing research. Digital and market research in social media refers to the process by which qualitative and quantitative data is gathered from social media platforms. It allows us to have a good grasp of consumer, market as well as social trends.

We have a wide range of techniques, tools, methods, and tips that can be used to achieve this. In other words, there are lots of means for getting insights about social media. Of course, it needs to be emphasized that digital and social media marketing research is not the only form of market research through which we can understand the social, market, and consumer trends. Others include surveys, online polls, focus groups just to mention a few and they have all been proven to be equally effective. However, the reason digital and social media marketing research is preferable to them is that is less costly, more time-effective, and more conclusive.

Social Media Marketing

Social and digital media market research is a better business investment because it:

  • Gives immediate and historical data
  • Has a higher ROI
  • Returns results from independent environments

How to boost its future

Under the post, we will list out the ways to boost the future of digital and social media marketing research. Some of these include:

  • Employee Advocacy

The rise of influencer marketing has ushered in a surge in the number of fake influencers as well. A lot of these people enter into inexistent or fake partnerships with brands to inflate their worth, promote, and sell themselves as real influencers.

They also buy Instagram likes, views, and many more just to boost their social media profile. This is one of the things that can affect social and digital media marketing research. This means brands will be required to expend a lot of time and resources trying to identify the authenticity of influencers. Since it has now become hard to trust influencers, employee advocacy comes in to play an important role. This simply means that your employees can serve as influencers for your brand in their various circles and this will happen when they talk about your brand on their social media platforms to promote it among their groups.

  • Transparency

Another thing that is going to boost the future of social and digital media marketing research is transparency. In the past few years, we witnessed many privacy issues on big social media platforms like Facebook among others. According to a report by Sprout Social, only half of the customers thought that brands exhibited transparency to some degree on social media.

On the other hand, just 15% felt that they were extremely transparent. The importance of the statistics is that it shows that we have many brands that have to develop their transparency in social media. This is more necessitated by the fact that this demand for transparency continues to increase by the day. In essence, you will need to do better by learning to admit your errors or better still, give honest responses to people.

  • The Rise of Groups

On Facebook groups, you will see new features like story updates, live videos as well as participation as a business page. Due to all these recent updates and features, groups have become a desired destination where you can easily connect with your audience. Through these groups, you can get feedback about your brand and also get additional engagement. With this, things like buying instant Instagram likes among others will only serve as a plus.

  • Live Videos

A well-known trend that will boost the future of social and digital media marketing research is the use of live videos. They are now becoming more and more popular in the media space. Although the feature was first launched on Facebook, a lot of other social media platforms have eventually adopted the trend. Many things can be easily achieved through live videos like launching a new product among other things. To cut long story short, it helps the audience get used to your product or brand better and this spells good for the future of digital and social media marketing research.

  • Augmented Reality

Finally, augmented reality will help to boost the future of social and media marketing research. Through AR, it is now possible for us to achieve a lot of things. Facebook Messenger now lets you use AR in live video calls. Although AR is not yet being used to market products, a time will come soon when that will be the case which is going to be of great help to the future of social and digital media marketing research.

With the information provided above, you know understand the things required to boost the future of digital and social media marketing research.