Ways to increase the amount of Facebook likes on your page or website

Today social media is the most common thing to let people know about your newly launched business. Either advertise your new website on the social network like Facebook or create a Facebook page for the business, people will come to know about it at much faster rate. Even today the SEO people are also taking the social network option much seriously and it is actually working.

If you are creating a page on Facebook or if you are adding a Facebook ‘like’ tag in your website, it is important for you to get as many likes as possible. This will let you know about how many people have visited your site and will also make your site famous so that it can reach out to much more people.

But getting these likes is not that easy. You may get a few likes as many as a hundred at the initial stage but there can be a time soon when the showering of these likes to come to a stagnant. This is the time when you should start using tricks to welcome more number of likes.

Tag and update

Tag as many people as you can. These can be your friends, friends of friends and many more. If you tag one person, people on his or her list can also view your page. So, tagging 10 people can provide exposure to a minimum of 1000 people on your page. Keep on updating your page or website from time to time so that these people may have something or the other anytime that they can connect to and thus can like your page someday or the other.

Try adding interesting images and attractive videos that can attract number people to your page.

attractive videos

Convince them to share

Only tagging people may not help. Another way that you can try out is to ask and convince your friends and family members to share your page as much as they can. Sharing will also expose your page or website to a bigger audience and hence there are chances to get some likes or the other from time to time.

Make your website of page conversational

It is very important to make your page of website such that they can look interesting to people. You can include feedback's, tolls, surveys and many such activities that can increase the traffic of your website of page and hence you can get likes on it.

Buy likes online

If you fail to get adequate Facebook likes on your page after following all the above tricks, then it is the time to play the master shot. You can visit sites that sell Facebook likes and can buy any amount of likes that you wish to.

Go for a site after reading proper reviews over it so that you do not have to regret later. Also check for the payment modes, so that you can pay for likes, through safe modes such as PayPal or similar. This method is seriously getting famous these days and has helped a lot to gain likes on their page and to gain success in the online world.