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Respuesta: Sí. Estamos dedicados a servir a nuestros clientes con servicios de alta calidad. Puede confiar en nuestros paquetes para comprar comentarios para YouTube. Siempre que realice un pedido para comprar estos comentarios en nuestra plataforma, nuestra gran red de usuarios de la vida real, comienza a generar esos comentarios para usted. No utilizamos software automático ni bots para enviar comentarios genéricos o spam.

Answer: When you purchase YouTube comments from us, there is no need to worry about a drop in their count with time. All the comments delivered by us stay, as it is, on your YouTube channel. We guarantee organic delivery on your platform. In case the comments drop due to any other reason, you can contact us immediately. We will provide free-of-charge delivery to cover the drop.

Answer: Our teams are highly skilled and trained in this field. They follow safe and trustworthy policies for delivering YouTube comments on the channel so that your platform doesn't suffer any ban. We use reliable white hat technologies to deliver all comments. Our safe comment-providing techniques help you build your brand's reputation fast. We have a huge list of users that stay active on the internet. All the comments on your platform will be generated from real humans, and you will never find them red-flagged.

Answer: We give paramount importance to customer privacy. We make use of up-to-date systems that follow strict HTTPS encryption rules. This security measure protects the personal information of clients from bots and hackers. We keep all your credentials, usernames, and email addresses safe for the long run. No details are shared with unauthorized people.

Answer: We believe in providing fast and reliable services to our customers. The moment you confirm your order to buy YouTube comments from us, you can see the results on your page just within 24 hours. If you find some trouble with the comments’ delivery, contact us immediately through the contact page.

Answer: Currently, we accept two types of payments. You can either transfer the desired amount by PayPal or use crypto coins to make payment via However, payment methods also keep on changing as per the geographic location of the client. You can contact us in advance to confirm the most suitable mode of payment.

Answer: Your purchased YouTube comments come from REAL people. These real people are actually social media users from all over the world. So the traffic comes from social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Some social media forums like Quora and Reddit also play a key role in bringing more traffic to your YouTube page.

Answer: Absolutely! It is completely safe to buy YouTube comments from Instant Famous. We serve you by combining some of the safest and sophisticated techniques to grow your YouTube comments. 

Answer: People buy YouTube comments to make their video content appealing and watch-worthy. When a user clicks on a video to watch and sees a boatload of comments on the video, he automatically assumes the video to be a must-see. Also, it has a positive impact on rankings.

Answer: Sadly, no! We don't offer any free trial at the moment. But if you want to test our service, our starter package can be your best bet. It is available at a fairly low price – 10 YouTube comments for $3.99.

Answer: A big YES!!! You can avail of random YouTube comments, as well as customized YouTube comments. In fact, most of the YouTube comments buyers prefer taking control over what's being said. This way, they highlight specific aspects of their content or let others know about their brand's personality.

Answer: No one will know about your purchase until you don’t tell them yourself. We value your privacy. Therefore, we use the safest internet servers that keep your data secure. No need to worry about your comments purchase – that's our promise.

Answer: No, you can keep calm and trust our YouTube comments service because we are aligned with YouTube's terms and conditions. Also, we don't bring spammy comments to your page, so the chances of your video being taken down are slim to none.

Why Should YouTubers Buy YouTube Comments?

Almost 5 billion YouTube videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Whoa! That’s a crazy number. A huge number of users are an epitome that you have a greater chance of growth. When you showcase your talent, you want to be seen. But do you have the time and energy to pour into getting more engagement? Buying YouTube comments saves you from waiting for a long time. Getting YouTube comments organically is more challenging than getting some views or likes. Why? Because comments take a tad bit of time, and viewers are too busy to spend a moment or two to stop and drop a comment.

In short, if you want to stay ahead of the game from your competitors, buying YouTube comments from a legit resource like Instant Famous won't hurt. A little investment will bring you long-term benefits.


What Are the Benefits of Buying YouTube Comments?


Build Your Brand Reputation

youtube comments

You might have observed that the big brands have a huge number of fans and followers online. Their higher engagement with the audience around the world determines their popularity and authority as well. You can also achieve this credibility in the market. The moment you buy comments for your YouTube videos, you can automatically strengthen your channel reputation and activity online.

When you upload videos with the relevant keywords in the title and description, they automatically find higher visibility online. Furthermore, buying comments from experts can increase likes, favorites, and numbers of subscribers to your videos.


 Boost Your SEO

A higher number of YouTube comments can bring your video to the top of the search engine results. Note that the Google algorithm gives more priority to audience engagement. When you get millions of comments on your YouTube videos, it automatically ranks your channel high. With time, you will start receiving more traffic online, and this increased engagement builds your brand reputation online. Make sure you get quality and quantity of comments at the same time.  With a perfect blend of quality and quantity, your videos can capture the audience's attention easily.


 Interact With Your Audience

People are not interested in following a brand without a face in the market. The comment section on your YouTube channel brings you an opportunity to show the human side of you. The idea is to make your brand reachable via online interaction. People should feel connected and respected on your platform; then only they would love to follow you. And naturally, you can ensure higher conversion rates. Make sure you buy YouTube comments to improve your credibility online. It can improve the productivity of your brand as well.


What Makes Instant Famous Different?

When there are dozens of YouTube comments providers, then why should you only go with Instant Famous? You might be wondering.

Well, choosing Instant Famous doesn't have to be a tough task. We have many good reasons to be our customers' top choice. With 1,589 certified reviews, we believe that Instant Famous has got a team of professionals who work super hard to make you a celebrity. Our team has a broad understanding of how these social media algorithms work, so we only follow the techniques that help you grow on the platform as per the latest growth requirements.

Below are some of our key attributes:


We Know the Importance of YouTube Comments

 YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform owned by Google. And if you are a new YouTuber who just started providing some valuable content to the users, you must be looking for some legit ways to gain more YouTube comments.

This might not be possible overnight. Your videos may get multiple views, but sometimes users can be too shy to be the first one to comment or maybe they are just too lazy.

Whatever the reason may be, no comments or fewer comments can affect your ranking. Good engagement doesn't only comprise tons of views, but it also requires likes and comments. We know that video comments are important. Therefore, we bridge this gap for you.


 We Believe in Quantity, Not in Quality

You are trying to gain popularity in the YouTube world. Obviously, you need comments, views, and likes, but that doesn't mean sacrificing the quality. We know EXACTLY what you want. Therefore, our focus is to provide you real and high-quality content that enhances your rankings in real-time.


 We Offer a Variety of Packages

We offer different packages for buying YouTube comments. Plus, we don't overcharge you. If you are trying to get viral on YouTube, you can check our YouTube Comments Package starting from 10 YouTube comments for only $3.99.


 We Offer Guarantee for Our Services

If you are on the lookout for guaranteed social media services, you are in the right place. At Instant Famous, we process your order ourselves. Rest assured, there's no third party involved. We guarantee you the quality of our service. Still, if you are not happy, we'll work till you are satisfied. If we are unable to complete your order, we shall refund your money.


We Support You 24/7

We are always there for you. 24/7. 365 days a year.

We have one of the best customer support services and are happy to help our clients anytime. We respond to customers' queries as soon as possible. However, it may sometimes take 24 hours to get back.

So, we are ready to make you a YouTube star. Are you?

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