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Spotify followers are people interested in your music and want to stay in touch with your content. They’ll be interested in your future releases as well and will continue to support you.

Music artists need Spotify followers to tell the world that they exist, their music exists, some people value their music, and their music is worth getting the value.

Spotify artists employ different strategies to get more followers. Like:

  • They do some research about the platform to use it well.

  • They use playlists the right way (as per the preferences of their target audience).

  • Get featured on some music blog.

  • They focus on email marketing.

  • They use the ‘Spotify for Artist’ resources. 

If you are eager to get more streams and followers on Spotify, we are sharing some tips below:

  • Submit your music to playlist curators.

  • Make your own playlist.

  • Build your “Brand Image.”

  • Get in touch with music blogs.

  • Support other artists and get support in return.

  • Promote yourself to record labels.

  • Leave your Spotify link EVERYWHERE, and keep reminding your fans to follow you and keep listening to you.

  • Buy some Spotify followers.

No, buying Spotify followers is NOT bad in any way. This is just a way of marketing yourself on the platform.  This sort of marketing practice is ideal if you are a new musician struggling to get noticed.

 Yes, you get paid for Spotify followers by building a playlist. However, Spotify is not going to send you the money directly for the number of likes on our playlist.  You can get paid for publishing an artist's music on your playlist. Collect some awesome tracks, build a playlist, build a fan following, and charge a fixed rate to review and publish an artist's music.

Certain platforms curate Spotify Playlists and allow you to get paid through them. They have some conditions to meet. To get paid, you must have 400 real followers, generate 30 new listeners every month, and you must have 1% of your audience listening to your music.

Getting the Spotify followers you need is nothing arduous. You don’t have to keep waiting to get your desired exposure and try hard to keep calm in the process. You can buy Spotify followers to push your career in the right direction. 

The followers we transfer are real followers we gather from all over the world.

When you buy real followers that means you are getting followed by people who have free will. It depends on the content on your page. If the content doesn't interest them, some users might decide to unfollow you. 

However, we offer you a 30-day complimentary re-delivery in case you want to refill your followers.

Instant Famous is your go-to place to grow your social media profiles and get viral. We are equipped with the right tools and the knowledge to help you get famous and gain the engagement you want. Still indecisive?

Let’s take a look at some of the features of Instant Famous:

  • We deliver you 100%, genuine followers.

  • Our delivery speed is super fast.

  • We are a credible social media marketing company and have served many businesses, influencers, and artists.

  • We have affordable pricing.

  • We offer 24/7 live chat support. 

When you confirm your order, we don't take us so long to start transferring you the followers. We start the process within 15-minutes of the order confirmation, but to stay on the safe side, we give a time frame of 24 hours to complete your order.

 It's really simple. When you buy your followers with Instant Famous, you just have to choose a package that suits your needs, enter your username, and complete the checkout. When you are done, we get to work and start your delivery. 

Of course, it is. We have served hundreds and thousands of Spotify users all over the world. And we've never heard about any harm done to our users' accounts. That's because we keep the process safe. We don't ask for your password or confidential information and work with high-quality marketing techniques only.

Yes, they really do. We have worked with many influencers, celebrities, musicians, and corporations. They all start with a gentle push to get on their track. Who doesn’t like growth, after all?

Buy Spotify Followers from Instant Famous and Boost Your Music Career 

As a Spotify artist, you need followers to follow your work, listen to your songs, and keep track of the content you post. The more followers you have, the more successful you are as an artist. Just like likes on YouTube videos, Spotify followers play a crucial role in your music career. Read on to discover how buying Spotify followers can help you gain traction and increase your success on the platform.

Spotify is The World’s Largest Music Streaming Service Provider

Spotify brings digital rights management-protected content through record labels and media companies. Its basic features are free, but you have to bear them with ads. Its premium version comes with additional features like being ad-free, improved quality, and supporting downloads. You can search and browse music by artist or album’s name. Users can create, edit, or share playlists and tracks on any social platform.

Spotify Account Types

Spotify offers three types of accounts:

  1. Free – contains ads, limited mobile listening, normal quality, no offline listening.
  2. Premium – free of ads, unlimited mobile listening, enhanced sound quality, listening in offline mode.
  3. Family – Free of ads, unlimited mobile listening, enhanced sound quality, and offline listening.

Additionally, there is a special subscription for students with a discount. This account is premium, but they get it only at half price, as long as they are active students.

Supported Operating Systems for Spotify

One of the splendid features of Spotify is that its application is available for almost all platforms and operating systems supporting smartphones, laptops, or PCs – Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and more.

Understanding Royalties

Royalties are paid to artists depending on the number of streams for their music as a ratio of total songs on the whole service. Artists can make new releases on the premium service (which is the paid version of Spotify). These new music releases enhance an artist’s presence by increasing the number of followers, which in turn, will increase the artist’s royalties.

The Importance of Spotify Followers

Followers are the power source for all artists. A sturdy fan base makes your music future bright for sure. Followers do not just buy your music, but they also encourage others to buy it either directly by sharing on social media or indirectly by increasing likes, plays, or views. This is where Spotify comes into play. It brings the artist and the followers together on one platform by showing all activity on a sort of catalog. In the meantime, it gives the artist that first opportunity to say, "I am here." Music artists can make others aware of their presence by buying some plays or followers. When followers become your fans, they bring more and more followers behind them.

Buying Spotify Followers: Boost Your Success with Instant Famous

Instant Famous offers a special program for artists where they can buy plays and/or followers. This is offered as a first step for the artist to start attracting users to listen to their songs or music. It is a cycle whereby once an artist buys some plays or followers, then it is recorded that that particular song, artist, or album has that number of users listening. This increase in numbers encourages other users to try and see what it is all about, eventually increasing the listeners. It puts the artist on the track of making their own fan base, and so on. Of course, there are several offers for buying plays or followers, each with a different price and a different number of plays.

Packages for Buying Spotify Followers

At Instant Famous, we have the following packages available for buying Spotify followers online:

  1. Starter: This is by far the most attractive offer for new members. It starts from a mere $14.99 and brings you 1,000 followers, along with real and safe promotion, such as music blog promotion, music network promotion, and social media promotion.
  2. Basic: This is even more attractive. With a slight increase in the price to 

    $39.99, you get 5,000 followers along with real and safe promotion (music blog promotion, music network promotion, and social media promotion).

  3. Standard and Ultra packs: These packages offer even more value. The Standard pack is priced at $64.99 and provides 10,000 Spotify followers, while the Ultra pack costs $249.99 and delivers 50,000 followers. Both packages include the feature of posting your music to popular music blogs with 4 to 6 posts and give you the authority to report links.

These packages are great offers that provide real value for your investment. You won't regret spending your money to buy one of these.

Take the First Step Towards Your Dream Career with Instant Famous

At the onset of your music career, or when your dream seems like it's just out of reach, you need help (everyone needs it). And Instant Famous has everything to help you out. So, if you can get on your way to making your dream career come true for a meager amount of money (that would otherwise be spent, anyway), why not buy some goodness?