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Fresh Ways To Increase Instagram Video Views In 2018

If you are on Instagram, then there is an element to fame that you like. It, however, could be because it is one of the easiest platforms to use to market products. Instagram mainly works using pictures. It does not really rely on text to sell rather it is about what people see. Other than pictures, Instagram also supports videos. The videos gather views just like the pictures do. How video views work might, however, be slightly different from how pictures work.

How Instagram video views work

Everyone is able to see that the viewing, as well as the owner, is set at the public. How this works is that each view is counted if it is viewed for a minimum duration of three seconds. On the other hand, the video views counted do not include the video loops. It is popular knowledge that Instagram likes to display posts that are already performing well which means that you can exploit the metric for view counts and widen your reach. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select the thumbnail that is most evocative or one that suits your photos that perform well.
  • Get your message, the key one you want people to get, across within the set three seconds. Despite the fact that your message summarizes the entire video and lets everyone know exactly what you want to say for the entire period, it also raises people’s curiosity. If it is catchy enough then people will want to keep on watching.
  • Always welcome and encourage interactions such as likes, shares and most importantly comments. If you follow the rules for the right practices, Instagram flags your video as something people like. As a result they increase its exposure and its traction.

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    This is the feedback loop in Instagram that is embedded deep in the core and you should use it to your advantage.

    As a user, the video views may become confusing since Instagram videos only show the number of times the video is seen which means it is near impossible to spam the views. To do that, you need to watch the video every time. If you want to view the people who liked your video, you can go to the ‘X Views’ counter and tap on it. It will show everyone who liked your post.

    Instagram now has a feature to display the video count which helps to count the number of viewers. You should, however, remember that the view counts only appear on the videos that are successfully uploaded after the feature was created which means that for videos uploaded before that time, it’s not possible to view the video count.

    How to get more Instagram view in 2018

    Instagram like most social media platforms keeps evolving. It is becoming more advanced in features, growing in the number of people who sign up and it is now more popular. In 2018, in order to get more Instagram views, you need to:


    • Use your Hash-tags well

    They are closely related to the niche your product is in and they, therefore, need to be active. Do thorough researches before you engage a hash-tag. You may also add a subject to the hash-tag. It, however, should be related to what you are posting. The subject, being visible to people who look for similar tags, helps you attract more views and subsequently more likes.

    • Like, follow the people who are part of your niche

    You should encourage you audience or tribe to be engaged. If they are involved in many ways with what you are doing, they are more likely to see what you post and even share it.

    You may use Bot for this purpose if you wish to automate your actions.

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    • Purchase some views and likes for your video.

    The sellers are easily available. It is a small price to pay to get what you want.

    • Post high-quality content

    People tend to like nice things and they are easily attracted to them. Quality content not only keeps your tribe attracted, it also motivates them to share. Content that is low in quality discourages the people from viewing your videos since there are other more interesting videos they can watch. Don’t forget that even though at times it doesn’t look like it, it is still just a competition.

    • Liven up your video

    In the case where your video features dull activities you should insert some breaks within where you can incorporate music to break the mini-routine and spruce it up

    • Experiment with the variety of videos.

    This will help you find out the kind of videos that viewers like. Once you determine the niche, carry out proper research on it so that you can find out what sort of videos to post for maximum impact. On determination of the video do not compromise on quality. It is one of the few key details to keep in mind.

    • Pre-edit your video

    Do this on a computer so that the video becomes more appealing. This is because computers have more editing features than phones. They also have better editing software that may not work on phones. Once done with the pre-editing, you can Bluetooth it to your phone or tablet.

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