How To Get More Plays on SoundCloud: Instant Famous SoundCloud Plays Providers Tips for Success


After investing money and time in your music, you look forward to enjoying lots of play on different platforms. Unfortunately, things don’t usually go as planned. Getting paltry plays on SoundCloud can be quite frustrating. You feel your effort isn’t yielding the desired results and may want to quit.

Don’t give up yet, as there are tricks to get more SoundCloud plays. Read on to learn everything you need to know to achieve your target.


Make amazing music

The first step to promoting your music on SoundCloud is creating great songs. Your PR will fail if your music is crappy. You’ll only waste money on the promotion if the music itself isn’t good enough to encourage people to listen to it. You’ll struggle to retain listeners.

Write nice lyrics and work with experienced producers to make great songs. Let professionals listen to your music and provide honest assessments of it. Continue improving your craft with their advice.


Optimize your SoundCloud profile

Your SoundCloud profile speaks volumes about your personality, brand, and music. Take advantage of it to create an exceptional impression about yourself. Use the following tips:

  • Use a profile name that suits your craft
  • Use a clear, eye-catching profile picture
  • Write an engaging and understandable bio, including your story and accomplishments
  • Highlight your tracks

When your profile is organized and interesting, many music lovers will be willing to listen to your songs.


Release songs regularly

Attracting audiences and getting more plays on SoundCloud requires consistency. Dedicate time to creating and releasing songs regularly. This effort ensures that your audiences always have something new to hear from you. It’s recommended to upload at least one new track each month.


Use a high-quality album art

Your album art is one of the first elements that attract people to your songs. It appears everywhere you share your songs. If you get it right, you can easily get the attention of numerous individuals.

Make sure the art is in a PNG or JPG format. Ensure it’s a high-quality image that increases the interest of potential listeners. Unless you’re an experienced graphic designer, hire the services of a professional designer for this job.


Take advantage of tags

Tags increase the reach of your content, as they boost its discoverability. Therefore, it’s crucial to use tags when uploading your music on SoundCloud. Focus on the tags that represent your genre of music. Keep them short and meaningful.


Buy more plays on SoundCloud

Although getting organic plays on SoundCloud is amazing, it can be quite challenging for new artists. Don’t waste time looking for organic plays, buy SoundCloud plays. When you purchase SoundCloud plays, users will be convinced that many individuals have listened to your songs. Therefore, they may also want to play your music.

If you’re on a budget, look for where to buy SoundCloud plays cheap. The good news is that most platforms offer low pricing for this service. Regardless of your genre, Instant Famous provides affordable quality plays to various musicians.  You can start with only a handful of plays and increase them when you see the results. Make sure the plays come over a long period to make it look natural.


Create buzz around your releases

Creating a buzz around your music releases is one of the best ways to encourage people to anticipate your songs. The trick makes listeners keep track of your releases and play them once they’re finally out.

How can you build momentum for your releases? Work with different blogs to write about them. Collaborate with playlist curators and labels to talk about incoming releases. YouTube channels, friends, and family can also help you to create buzz for your music.


Collaborate with music professionals and lovers

Sub-Reddit, Discord groups, Facebook groups, and other online communities allow music producers and artists to work together. So, it’s important to form partnerships with such individuals to improve the reach of your music. When such people listen to your music, they can promote it to other individuals in their communities.


Take advantage of social media

Nowadays, everyone is on social media. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, most individuals use different platforms. By promoting your songs on these channels, you allow more people to know about what you are capable of offering. So, it’s important to promote your music on social media.

Apart from using your page for promotion, don’t hesitate to collaborate with social media influencers. These influencers are people or brands with large followers on social media channels. They can sway the opinions of social media users and expose your music to more audiences. Keep in mind that you’ll likely have to pay to work with an influencer.


In a nutshell, getting more plays on SoundCloud requires you to work with different individuals and promote your music consistently. While the process isn’t easy, it’s achievable if you follow the tips above.