अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले


हम कैसे काम करते हैं या उपलब्ध मूल्य निर्धारण योजनाओं के बारे में कोई अलग प्रश्न है? हमारे किसी विशेषज्ञ से संपर्क करें।

Answer: You must follow your own Facebook strategic plan to enhance your likes and shares on Facebook. Also, try these tips to amplify the results.

  1. Post relevant and high-quality content using visuals, videos, and catchy headlines.
  2. Include call-to-action phrases in your content.
  3. Engage with other brands and businesses on Facebook.
  4. Build rapport with your audience.

Answer: When you want to promote your brand or your services through Facebook, you must have a monthly stream of likes and shares to gain visibility. Otherwise, Facebook may not give your post the visibility it deserves. In this situation, buying a promotional Facebook package can help. Still not convinced? Here are the reasons to opt for a promotional package. The Facebook algorithm determines organic reach as per the previous engagement. When you buy a monthly package with Instant Famous, you enjoy non-stop interaction. Plus, we deliver you a perfect combination of likes and shares that immensely boost your post. All in all, a promotional Facebook package takes care of your popularity problems and helps you grow faster.

Answer: As with any other social platform, the Facebook algorithm also takes more engagement as a sign of your success. If you want more people to see your content, you need more likes for that. Likes can bring you:

  • Social Proof
  • High Content Reach
  • More Brand Authority 
  • Shares
  • Collaboration Opportunities

Answer: The criteria to know that you are investing in the right Facebook package is as follows:

  • Quality of Likes and Shares Included
  • Delivery time frame
  • Pricing 
  • Safety and Security 
  • Clients’ Reviews
  • Information available on the website 

Answer: There are many reasons to buy your promotional package from Instant Famous. Have a look at them below.

  • We offer quality service at an affordable price.
  • The likes and shares we deliver come from real accounts and are not bot-generated.
  • We offer you a perfect blend of promotional services with the right ratio of likes, shares, and followers as per your choice.
  • We guarantee our services and make sure you get a no-drop engagement.
  • When you buy a promotional package with us, you have to process only a one-time payment and then you can keep watching your engagement grow. No hassle of processing the payment again and again!

Answer: No. The promotions we deliver, including likes and shares, come from real Facebook users. So there is no drop risk, and you can make sure that your likes and shares will remain stable.

Answer: The engagements come from thousands of real Facebook users from all over the globe. When you place an order, we set up a promotional campaign for you and utilize our broad network to boost your content until it reaches the desired amount of likes, followers, or shares.

Answer: Of course, yes. When you buy any of our promotional packages, you will give us the link to the post that needs to be promoted. In this way, you already provide us specified information.

Answer: We do not like to keep you waiting. We will start setting up your order right after it is placed. The setup period does not take long. You will start receiving your promotions within half an hour.

Answer: The delivery time is different for each package we have. You can expect complete delivery of your package according to your order.

Delivery time of our different packages is as follows:

Facebook Starter Package takes 1-5 days to deliver.

Facebook Popular Package takes 1-5 days to deliver.

Facebook Premium Package takes 1-20 days to deliver.

Answer: Absolutely! Instant Famous provides you its services through a process that is not only legal but is also compliant with the terms and conditions of any social media platform.

Answer: Yes. Buying Facebook Package is completely safe as long as you buy it from the right company. Please make sure that the company protects your personal information and does not allow any malicious code to damage your device.

Answer: Yes! In fact, we are here to support you round the clock. For pre-purchase to post-purchase questions and any other related queries, we will assist you in everything. 

Answer: Social media is a never-ending world of competition where everyone is trying to stand out from the crowd. When you buy a promotional package, you get a solid amount of interaction on your content. Hence, you give users a chance to stop and pay attention to your content. When they take you seriously, they will react. As a result, you get more likes, shares, and followers organically.

Answer: Yes. Your payments with Instant Famous are end-to-end encrypted and are protected by the SSL system. We never store your personal information as we keep your privacy a priority before anything else.

Answer: Facebook packages work in three simple steps. 

Step 1: You decide what package you want and provide us your Facebook post’s link.

Step 2: You perform your payment safely on our SSL-protected platform.

Step 3: We create your campaign and start delivering your order.

Answer: When you are buying your promotional package with Instant Famous, you do not need to provide any sensitive information. No password, no other personal information! We only need your Facebook post’s link to deliver your order. 

Buy Facebook Packages from Instant Famous

A few years ago, marketing was all about print media. Business professionals were always busy attracting audiences via street banners and newspaper-based advertisements. But the business industry took a revolution with the advent of the internet and digital media. Marketing professionals these days are more dedicated to impressing an audience online. They keep making efforts to boost engagement on social media platforms to direct more traffic to the website. Well, this trick is working fine. When millions of people are connected on social media, it becomes easier for the growing business owners to target more audiences. Even small businesses can take their brand to any far end of the world.

facebook likes package

There are a number of social media sites that can help you with your marketing goals. But here, we are going to talk about Facebook – one of the most trusted platforms for staying connected with your audience. Millions of people are actively connected to Facebook, and statistics reveal that the current generation prefers to make their buying decisions online. The positive stream of interaction on social media about any brand can capture the audience's attention with ease. And then, it becomes easier to direct those curious people to your business website to make some purchases.

Now, some of you might be interested to know how Facebook can help you in marketing. Well, the process is quite simple, and even any beginner can execute it with ease. The fact is that Facebook determines organic reach on any page by calculating past interactions. A page that once gained wide popularity online due to paid promotion packages can achieve huge organic reach in the future as well. On the other side, ordinary pages that do not make additional efforts to boost engagement online are likely to receive a lesser number of visitors. Hence, when you are more interested in promoting your brand online, it is better to ask for paid Facebook likes packages online. The experts can help you gain huge popularity in a short amount of time by delivering real likes immediately.

As per the common rule of society and the key fact of the business industry, popularity leads to success. When a huge amount of people follow you on social media, and you have millions of likes on your Facebook page, you are likely to stay ahead of the competitors as well. Your followers will be more likely to look at and interact with your posts if they have strong social proof backing them already. Facebook likes help your business build credibility online, and it works like social proof that many people are following you worldwide.

You will be happy to hear that Facebook promotion packages generally come with a mixture of all types of engagement. You can buy a well-packed mixture of post shares, page likes, and post likes as well. Our professional teams can help you buy anything more important to ensure complete success for your brand promotion campaign. With this organic reach, you can soon become popular online, and your brand will achieve the desired credibility in the market.


Why Choose to Buy Facebook Packages?

Some of you might be worried about how to buy Facebook packages online. Well, we advise you to get started with a Facebook monthly package. It is one of the most suitable offers for any growing brand. There are so many benefits of investing in the Facebook monthly package. A few of these are listed below.

facebook likes

It is an inexpensive choice. Our packages are designed to ensure the most reliable services at the least possible price. This is a natural and organic solution as all the likes and shares are delivered from real accounts. It means you receive genuine engagement on your Facebook page and posts. Those real visitors can be soon converted into potential buyers, and they will ensure you lifelong returns.

It is the right mix of shares, followers, and likes. All monthly promotional packages are designed to bring your entire page to the top of the search engine results. It will help you to build credibility in the market. Our teams work hard to ensure guaranteed satisfaction of all of our clients around the world.

The procedure to buy Facebook likes packages is quite simple. Anyone can follow it with ease on the simple and user-friendly interface of Instant Famous online. 

We can also help you to get quick delivery of millions of likes, shares, and followers. It does not matter whether you are looking for smaller packages or larger ones; our experienced teams can handle all your needs well.