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हम कैसे काम करते हैं या उपलब्ध मूल्य निर्धारण योजनाओं के बारे में कोई अलग प्रश्न है? हमारे किसी विशेषज्ञ से संपर्क करें।

Ans.  An Instagram viral video is a video that goes popular on Instagram through the viral process of internet sharing. Several factors are involved in getting your video the status of being viral:

  • Number of likes

  • Number of shares

  • How quickly the video received the engagement 

  • The number of unique users it has reached 

Ans. Several underlying factors make an Instagram video go viral. Like:

  • Creating a unique video content 

  • Using the right hashtags

  • Creating a consistent video posting schedule

  • Boosting your video’s reach with paid promotions

Ans. Impressions on Instagram mean the number of times the Instagram users were shown your video content.

Ans. An Instagram viral video package is the perfect combination of engagements that you might need to make your video go viral. An Instagram viral video package contains the following types of engagements:

  • Video views

  • Video impressions

  • Likes

  • Instagram saves

  • Comments 

Ans. If you want to make any of your IG videos go viral, here are the reasons why you should buy your viral video package from us:

  • We deliver faster.

  • Our packages are pocket-friendly. 

  • We provide authentic engagements.

  • We prioritize your privacy and security over anything else. 

  • We provide 24/7 customer support.

Ans.  The first thing you need to do while buying a viral video package is choosing an appropriate package from our three packs. Then you need to provide some basic information, like, your Instagram video’s link or any custom comments you want on your video. Lastly, you have to complete the transaction process to confirm your order and wait for the results.

Ans. Yes. Instagram viral video packages are an all-in-one type of marketing package for your Instagram videos. They are 100% safe to buy and have no risk of getting your video removed from the platform.

Ans. If you have decided to make your video go viral with Instant Famous assure yourself of one thing that you’ll get nothing but QUALITY. With that said every engagement we provide you in our viral video package come from authoritative and active Instagram accounts.

Ans. No, you don't have to provide the password of your IG profile at all. We only need the link to the video you wish to make viral. Also, make sure that your IG profile is set to Public mode when you order a package from us. Otherwise, we won't be able to deliver you your package.

Make Your Instagram Videos Go Viral with Instant Famous

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now. If you are a brand that wants to create an online presence or a blogger who wants to make a following, you ought to have an Instagram account to engage with the most relevant audience. The app gives the users a perfect platform to showcase their talent, service, or product by posting 60-second videos. 

There is more to it than that, however. Let’s say you are a beauty/makeup blogger who has just created their Instagram account and posted a few video makeup tutorials online showing off your makeup skills. You seek to get likes so you know people enjoyed them, would like to get comments to get some valuable feedback from the viewers, or simply get views. It can be not very pleasant when you don't get any or are not getting enough. You can start getting frustrated and wonder why the essential tips of engaging with the targeted audience are not helping you get the comments, likes, or views you want. This is where Instant Famous comes into the picture. 

We offer Instagram viral video packages to make sure your videos get the attention you want and deserve. And we are not talking about those likes and comments by bots, and these packages help grow your videos' engagement organically. Here are the three viral Instagram video packages we offer:

  •  Instagram Video Viral Starter Pack 

    You can buy the Instagram video viral starter pack for just $14.99. The package will include: 


    1000 video impressions


    200 Instagram saves 


  • Instagram Video Viral Starter Pack


    You can buy the Instagram video viral starter pack for just $39.99. The package will include:


    5,000 video impressions 


    1,000 Instagram saves


  • Instagram Video Viral VIP Pack 

    You can buy the Instagram video viral VIP pack for just $146.13. The package will include: 


    50,000 video impressions 


    3,000 Instagram saves 


    Benefits of Buying the Instagram Video Viral Packs


    There are several tips out there claiming how you can make your video go viral organically. But by the time it works, the content of your video might no longer be relevant as attention spans are short on social media. So here are a few benefits why you should buy an Instagram video viral pack instead:

    The discoverability of your video increases when the video gets likes, comments, impressions, and saves at the same speed. 

    Once your video's discoverability increases, it will start appearing in users' feeds more often itself and attract a more organically engaging audience. 

    The chances of your video going viral increase drastically as you put in tools to help. 

    Your videos will rise above the intense online competition.


     Buy Instagram Viral Video Packages from Instant Famous.

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