Top Ten Tips for Great YouTube Videos

Have you wondered what the top ten tips for great YouTube videos are? YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the internet, behind its owner, Google, and you can cash in on this free video medium.

Tip #1
The first tip for creating great YouTube videos is to concentrate on sound production. The video doesn’t have to be stellar, but the sound needs to be good enough that people can understand you. There are many microphones out there that are targeted to specific uses, such as large, echo-prone rooms or small cramped offices. Determine where you will be filming most of your videos, and, if possible, get a good microphone. People won’t watch your videos if they can’t understand what you’re saying. First, in the list of top ten tips for great YouTube videos is make them hear you.  I see this time and time again and believe me people will just click the X rather than turn your videos volume up.

Tip #2
Do some research on content. Hopefully, you’re making a video on something you know about. And also, hopefully, you already have a list of people interested in your topic. You’ll build that list exponentially as you participate in the YouTube community, but only if your content is what you advertise it to be. If you promote “the best answer to______”, you need to come through with information that matters. With this in mind, one of the top ten tips for great YouTube videos is to give them something worth watching.
top ten youtube tips
Of course, you can do lots of research on the production of your videos, and on the content as well. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at the process from another perspective.  The more valuable your videos are the better results you will get.  You get out of YouTube simply only what you put in.

Tip #3
Spend some time and thought on setting up your channel. This is your viewer’s key to navigating your videos, and if you want more viewers, they need to be able to navigate easily. Your channel needs your business logo on it, and you’ll need to choose complementary colors, too. Your channel can contain information about you and your business, so provide something interesting along those lines. You will also be allowed to post links on your channel, so be sure to post a link to your company’s homepage. In addition, there is a type of call to action in that the viewer can subscribe to your videos with a button click. So, one of the best tips for great YouTube Videos is to give them a home on a great channel.  Trust me go the extra mile and customize it!

Tip #4
The next in the top ten tips for great YouTube videos is—use subtitles. Ok, so you bought a good microphone. The subtitles have been available since 2010, so make the best of them! They are automatically provided through a voice recognition program, so most of the work is done for you. While your microphone takes care of many problems, any viewers who are hearing impaired will appreciate the subtitles. It also helps when you remember that many people may not understand your accent. If you don’t believe it, just watch what the speech recognition program comes up with!  By the way, you’ll have to carefully edit the subtitles.

Tip #5
Be careful when using the annotations feature with YouTube. It’s a scientific fact that people cannot listen to absorb information and read to absorb information at the same time. If you have a video worth watching, and put annotations all over it, the viewer will either be annoyed by the annotations popping up, or by the rattling going on in the background while he’s reading the annotations. Just remember that you shouldn’t annoy your viewers.

Tip #6
Number 6 of the top ten tips for great YouTube videos is to use YouTube tools. They are free for your use, and you can actually find out which links people followed to find your video. You can also find out what demographics are interested in your video. This can be very beneficial!

Tip #7
Once you have established a YouTube channel, don’t let the new wear off. It’s kind of like blogging—you start off with a lot to say, then end up wondering what to do with it. Even if you don’t post as many videos as you thought you would, check in on your channel regularly to respond to comments and friend requests. Number 7 of top ten tips for great YouTube videos is—don’t get bored with it.  Make videos about something you are passionate about.

Tip #8
YouTube gives you  great tools for managing comments on your channel. Of course, you don’t need to delete a comment just because it’s critical. Your viewers will call you on that kind of stuff. However, you don’t have to put up with vulgarity and completely off-subject trolling. You can delete this type of comment, and even block users if you need to.

Tip #9
YouTube is a social media, so you need to be sociable.  You will fail on YouTube if you don’t become sociable. You have to actually participate with your viewers.  If not people will surely stop watching your videos.  Not to mention you need to go outside of YouTube and be proactive on forums and social media sites.

Tip #10
And finally, remember to keep your videos organized. You can make playlists and folders with links, and keep things organized so that your viewers can easily see what is available. Number 10 of top ten tips for great YouTube videos is to stay organized.