How to promote the Facebook verified pages?

Nowadays, the social media campaign is a powerful method of business promotion, which is more effective than the usual brand promotional techniques. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites that are frequented by millions of people every day, as most of the urban and even many rural people are found to be the members of this entertaining site. Hence, it is important for the business owners to know how to create a Facebook page, get it verified and promote it successfully for achieving business profits.


How to get verified Facebook page for business

The verification of a Facebook page implies that the information provided on this page is totally authentic and reliable. Hence, it is easier to win the trust of unknown people with the verification marks provided on the verified page. This verification of the Facebook page proves that this company is a legitimate one and any transaction with it will not land the customers into any trouble.

  • The business owner needs to enter the Edit Settings section of his Facebook page. There he needs to fill all the information about his company and its products or services in the ‘General’ section of the page, which he wants to share with his potential customers.
  • Then he needs to click on ‘Verify your Page’ button in the General section and should provide his personal contact number in the given box, with the option to call him up ‘Now’. He may also upload scanned copies of all his business documents, showing the legal validity of his company, where all his company’s name and address are clearly featured.
  • After he receives a verification phone call from Facebook authorities, he needs to enter the given verification code on his Facebook page, to complete the verification process and get the verification badge on his created page.

How to promote the verified Facebook page further in market

  • The creator of the verified Facebook page can contact his Facebook friends and request them to ‘like’ this page and share it on their own Facebook walls so that more and more people can see and know about it.
  • There should be an option for the visitors to like or follow this page so that the owner can know about these visitors and may be able to contact them later for further business promotions.
  • There are many groups in Facebook that may interest the business owner and he may simply join those groups to make new friends there and to share the link to his own Facebook page, to promote his business among the members of these Facebook groups.
  • It is also a good idea to hire an expert SEO professional, who will be able to use effective tools for promoting his Facebook verified page. The SEO professionals may create ads with attractive videos and share it on the Facebook page, as well as among the target audience of the Facebook, to bring most profits for the concerned company. But all these activities of the SEO professionals should fit within the limited budget of a startup company.

Once a Facebook verified page is well promoted among the huge members of Facebook, the company will not have to look back and the owner can be assured of huge profits, but his Facebook page should be always updated.