Delivering real Facebook likes via Facebook ADS is not a myth anymore

How we read in our blog comments and some Tweets about the credibility of the websites that sell Facebook likes, we have thought it appropriate to write this article, to resolve doubts about whether our web works just like the other fake sites.

Clearly we do not work just like other companies or websites, so first of all let’s explain how we work and how to get you, your Facebook likes. So let’s give an example of the last customer we have had, of which will not say the name of the company by privacy and data protection issues.

The last customer we have had was a company dedicated to the sale of sunglasses, which It buy a package of 1000 Facebook likes. Our first step was to find forums devoted to summer fashion. After finding several forums devoted to fashion, write on each one of the forums an article talking about this company’s glasses Sun, promoting your products, talking about the company, writing tenders that had, and putting a link not redirecting company´s website, but your Facebook Fan-Page.
increase facebook likes
These articles generated many visits to the page Facebook around 2500 visits the first day that grow the number of likes to Fan-Page. We know these details because we ask our customers to send us these data during the time period in which we have to get the number of Facebook likes bought by our client. Other 5000 visits from these forums that also increased the number of likes for Fan-page is created during that week.

As the number of likes had not yet reached 1000, we are looking for communities on Facebook-themed glasses Sun and summer fashion. We join a few communities and here also wrote a few articles similar to one of the forums. Thanks to this we reach the number of 1000 likes us our customer had bought.

As you can see, our way to get these Facebook likes for each of our clients has several objectives. One is getting people likes that will really be interested in your products, websites or services. To be interested in your site, they will follow your news and new products every day and will be fans and future potential customers. Another objective we pursue is that you not only get the Facebook Likes that you have purchased from a package, will remain posted articles in forums and communities where we promote our client, will be objected that new users see them, and thus get more Facebook likes and visits that you bought.