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Ans. Yes. There is no regulation against buying YouTube likes. In fact, buying YouTube likes is considered a promotional hack. YouTube eliminates bot-generated and fake accounts, but at Instant Famous, we only provide real accounts and users. So there will be no problem for you!

Ans. Fortunately, YouTube’s terms and conditions do not prohibit getting likes unless they come from real users. We can proudly say that we have never encountered such a problem with our clients. The likes you buy from Instant Famous come gradually, so they don't look spammy.

Ans. Buying YouTube likes from Instant Famous is as easy as 1-2-3.

Find out how many likes you want and choose a package. Fill out a payment page, and process the payment. Each package requires a specific time to complete the order that depends on the package you choose. 

Ans. Of course, not! Our site is completely safe and confidential. You don’t need to worry about your privacy. In fact, our site is protected by an SSL certificate. Also, we don’t save any of your personal information with us. 

So, there remains no safety and privacy risk.

Ans. Luckily, we serve across the globe, but your video should not have any kind of restriction and should play in all countries.

Ans. No, that never happened in the last 10 years. We only provide likes from real YouTube users, and once they choose to like a video will remain a permanent decision.

Ans. Of course, yes. We provide only real YouTube likes that come from real YouTube accounts, which prevent your channel from all future issues. Our provided likes are from around the world. This will make your development look more real.

Ans. Buying YouTube likes is a completely simple and easy way to make your YouTube content popular. We are here to simplify the whole process. You can get a minimum package of up to 100 YouTube likes for $8.11 and the maximum package of 5000 likes at $173.95. We have created this site intending to bring you the desired engagement.

Ans.  Buying the YouTube Likes package at Instant Famous is a walk-like park. You only need to follow these steps, and you are good to go!

Step 1: Choose a Package: We have a variety of packages. You can choose one package that will suit your needs the best. Start with a small package or go with the bigger one, that’s up to you.

Step 2: Fill down the Information: Next thing you have to do is provide the required information. That’s your YouTube video’s link.Step 3: Checkout Securely:  Make the payment and wait for the results.

Ans. Yes. We are happy to help resolve any technical issues. If you have any problems, please email our technical support team. We’ll be happy to help.

Ans. Delivery times vary depending on the size of the package. Please check the package that you have purchased. If you have waited until the said delivery time and still have not received the order, please contact us and we'll be glad to investigate and resolve the problem.

Ans. The duration of each order may vary, but in some cases delivery begins within 10 minutes of your payment. Usually, when choosing a large package, it can take a few hours. If your order doesn't start appearing after 24 hours, please you can reach out to us through our customer support.

Ans. Unfortunately, we can not change the speed of delivery. We recommend that you place an order in advance and allow the specified delivery time. If it's too late, consider a smaller package. Their delivery times are shorter, which will improve your schedule.

Ans. Each package has its own estimated completion time; usually, small orders are completed quickly. And if the delivery window (for the package you selected) has closed and you haven't received your chosen engagement, please contact us, and we'll review your order.

Ans. We stand behind our services and offer a 30-day guarantee. Though we try not to leave you in any distress, still if you see any drop in your engagement, we'll offer you a refill within 30 days of your order placement. 

In some cases, we may even return the money. Such as incomplete product delivery. If you claim payment has not been completed, please make sure the selected delivery window is closed, and contact us immediately.

Ans. No, there is no limit to buying YouTube likes. Keep in mind that you should order your next package once the previous package has been delivered. 

Buying YouTube Likes Can Boost Your Business Conversion

youtube likes

YouTube is recognized as the biggest search engine for finding the required videos across the world. Nowadays, people are using YouTube to promote their business by targeting a huge number of audiences. People always opt for the much easier method to get their tasks done within a short period.

Business promotion plays a greater role in the success of any business. It’s a suitable time for individuals to identify the power of social media sites. People in the current era are very active and live in the social media world like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Taking your business into the digital world and its promotion has become the smart choice for any business owner.

Benefits of Using YouTube for Businesses

Many businesses create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media platforms. However, YouTube is one that often goes forgotten. Normally, they think that YouTube is all about cat videos and for when we need to learn how to sew a button onto our favorite trousers. In reality, it has tremendous value for businesses.

Lots of Traffic 

Firstly, did you know that YouTube is now second on the list of search engines online? With this in mind, far more people search for something on YouTube compared to Bing and other search engines. As a business, this means that your audience is likely available. There's no reason you wouldn't be able to build an audience on the platform when there are four billion videos viewed every single day. 

Build Value 

If you can locate your audience, you can then add value with the right content. For example, one popular content type comes in the shape of tutorials and how-to videos. If people are searching for a tutorial on how to use your product, where better to learn than from the business itself? Over time, you can create videos for all your products and answer the questions of users.

Gain Credibility and Trust 

With a good strategy (and instant YouTube likes), your brand will gain credibility and trust in the market. Not only will you upload useful videos, but you will also respond to comments and engage with prospective customers. Often, consumers watch videos on YouTube before spending their hard-earned money because they want to see the product in action. If they end up on your video, they can ask questions directly, and your response might just generate the sale.

Of course, you can also upload videos talking about industry trends and news. After giving your opinions and showing your knowledge, all those watching will see that you’re a leader in the market. Eventually, people will turn to your opinion when something happens in the industry.

Engage with Consumers 

As you respond to comments on videos, you become known as a business that helps customers (and there’s nothing wrong with this!). As well as generating sales, engaging with consumers makes them feel valued. For example, they might comment that they bought the product and are now having issues. You can then show your professional side by trying to fix their problem and giving them the appropriate instructions. 

Market Research

When you buy YouTube likes, it helps your content to get exposure because YouTube will recognize high-quality content. This leads to more and more engagement. While some companies ignore the comments section of videos, we think this is a mistake because it can actually be a goldmine for information. If all viewers are asking the same questions, perhaps you can create a video to answer this question once and for all.

Better Google Ranking

With YouTube and Google connected, you will also improve your Google ranking when it's linked to a successful YouTube account. Now, your YouTube channel is generating views, and you have a stronger ranking on Google too. Just through a few useful videos, the whole brand is getting more exposure than ever before. Thankfully, cheap YouTube likes to speed up this process significantly.


Finally, we appreciate the concerns that many businesses have when it comes to creating YouTube content. Essentially, they worry about the time they’ll have to spend creating the channel, making the video, uploading the video, and then sharing it around the internet. While we understand, you should see YouTube as an investment. Why? Because your content never really dies. With what’s called ‘evergreen’ content, it’s possible to upload a video that is just as relevant in ten years as it is now. From this one video, you might generate leads for many years.

Vital Benefits When You Purchase YouTube Likes 

YouTube has got a wide range of uses and benefits for businesses which can easily complement those offered by any other communication channel.

Community Creation 

YouTube can be used as a sort of tool to share and engage with customers. In this regard, some of the most common examples include product launches, event footage, and customer footage through video and video blogs. 

Demonstrating the Products 

YouTube allows business to showcase their products and services in a unique way to the customers. This is very much useful for companies having limited physical distribution channels which are usually sold all over the internet.

Shows Brand Personality 

YouTube is a way to add color to the business page. For instance – if a coffee supplier just can’t post the footage of the coffee tasting event and about its video tutorials, then in such a scenario they can easily share video footage from coffee bean origin and about its varieties.

Demonstrating the Expertise 

Some of the business people make use of the YouTube platform to build their reputation in their business field. This includes uploading short video tips, complete video tutorials regarding their business products and services.

Saving Bandwidth 

You should choose YouTube over other video hosting services because of its ability to embed video content to your website without increasing the bandwidth of your site. This means you can include your video on your website without affecting the customer's download speed.

Leverage promotions and solve the customer issues

Another important thing to notice is, it gives the ability to revisit the successful event by going through its video footage. If you happen to run an event, you can easily share the highlights of the event via YouTube. 

Some business people make use of YouTube to provide solutions to customer issues. In fact, a video can be considered a great way to address the most regularly asked questions regarding its issues. In such a scenario, it's better to be proactive by acknowledging the issue and showing how actually the customer can deal with it rather than allowing the market to do it for you.

Buying YouTube likes helps to overcome the tough competition, which exists these days amongst various companies to get a good name for their business and stay ahead of the competition. It would attract many people to like, comment, and subscribe to the video channel. The business video can easily become viral within a single night by purchasing YouTube likes. In addition to gaining popularity within a short period, it also offers better page rank as well as online visibility. More of the number of likes to a video indicates it is worth watching. 

We are living in the 21 century wherein new businesses and entrepreneurs are coming out with creative business techniques. In this regard, YouTube launched by Google is a widely used alternative to TV. YouTube is visited by lots of people daily, it can make your business reach greater heights and creatively spread your message along with content. You can create an informative and entertaining video and upload it to YouTube, but it will not alone help you reach your potential clients. The best solution to overcome this issue is to buy YouTube likes.

When you buy 100 YouTube likes, more and more people will watch your video by liking and commenting on it. Then much faster your YouTube video will become viral in promoting your product and getting more business. So by now,  we hope you might have understood the importance of getting YouTube likes and how simple it is to get YouTube likes. But the thing is you need to put in your sincere effort and time. On the other hand, you should have an extremely large fan base to get a huge number of instant likes. But in this case, you need not do anything like that as there is a perfect solution available. All that you are supposed to do is buy YouTube likes and get it going. 

So, when you buy YouTube likes there is an increased chance of getting more visibility to your video on Social Media Sites. YouTube works in the same way as Facebook with likes and comments. Then it jumps from the current location to a new one. Hence, by reaching this position there is every possibility of getting more views from the people. 

As some people start watching and liking your videos, gradually you will see a higher rank in the popular search engines, a higher ranking in any search engine will give you a wider audience outreach, and you will get more traffic to your video. When you choose YouTube likes, your video will be noticed by a huge number of people. Interested people subscribe to the YouTube channel, and they will get a regular notification about their next work. 

Though YouTube likes are available from many suppliers, finding a suitable one can be a bit difficult. In this regard, it's wise to choose a website that offers constant customer support along with a money-back guarantee scheme.

Why Choose Instant Famous? 

You know why YouTube is so valuable and why you should buy YouTube likes, but why should you choose to partner with Instant Famous?

Packages to Suit You

Firstly, why go anywhere else when you have a package to suit you with Instant Famous? As you'll see above, it's possible to choose the number of YouTube likes that you need. If you only have 1,000 subscribers, it's probably best to start with the smaller packages. Hopefully, the channel will grow over time, and you can eventually purchase 5,000 likes without it looking odd for your account. Packages include: 







Verified YouTube Users 

To be honest, you weren't expecting this, were you? We know that the market is full of services offering fake likes and bots, but we don't. Therefore, we offer a genuine service where all likes you receive come from worldwide verified YouTube users. With this, you're able to boost the likes on a video without the risk that normally comes with it.

Simple Process 

It couldn’t be easier; just choose the package that you need, select a quantity, and then paste the link of the video you want to receive instant YouTube likes. In just minutes, you’ll take the first step towards a potentially viral video. Depending on the package you choose, delivery will vary. While smaller packages are delivered within 24 hours, the larger products may take up to seven days.

Money-Back Guarantee 

We want all our customers who buy cheap YouTube likes to be happy, and this is why we offer a money-back guarantee. Lasting 30 days, just get in touch if something goes wrong, and we'll do what we can to turn things around.

Great customer service 

Natural way to grow using cheap YouTube likes 

We also offer services across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and many other social media platforms 

Fantastic reputation in the industry (just look at the positive reviews on our products)



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