instagram auto likes

World of bots and programs in Instagram likes and subscription

Instagram is now not just a social networking site. It has become a status. People start to judge others by their followers, their fan counts and amount of likes they get. Because of this, many people including celebs are after getting too many subscribers and likes on their photos, comments, and videos. This has also become a propaganda tool for politicians. The celebrities are posting their day-to-day pics on this instant status posting sites. If the content gets fewer likes then it means that the content is not good. If it gets a high number of Instagram auto likes subscription means you are attracting more number of people towards you. As they say, sugar attracts ants. The liking and subscription increasing more business opportunities.

instagram auto likes

Different types of likes

Like, sharing and commenting on a post is an integral part of everyone’s life. With the involvement of more number of celebrities, companies and political parties, the business is growing. There are different kinds of likes. They are a comment like and reply. Second, one is a photo like and reply. Third is like, bookmark and share. Instagram auto likes subscription will help you to achieve this goal. You can choose different packages or hire people with Instagram accounts. Then you can increase your total like counts easily. Here, more often than not you need to spend time and money. You can become famous instantly if people note your rise on Instagram.

Why do we need Instagram auto likes subscription?

Let us consider one example to explain it properly. Consider that you have one cosmetic business and you want to increase your sales. How can you do that? First thing comes to your mind is online marketing. For cosmetic products, there is no better market tool than the Instagram. As people and celebrities post their photos with different styles, you can utilize models to do the same thing. However, there is a problem. Celebs are famous; hence, they can get more likes from their fans. However, you do not have any support system. Therefore, at that time you will need Instagram auto likes subscription. Hiring people with the Instagram account is difficult as you cannot reach everyone and there is no guarantee that they will help you. It also helps you in increasing your reputation, increase the publicity of your products and convey your idea to the world.

Types of Instagram auto likes subscription

There are two types of subscription systems. One is by using bots or the programs. Second, one is by using the subscription packages. Both will help you to increase your likes but also helps you in increasing your follower count.

Subscription systems

These are a very simple method. There are many websites out there, from where you can increase your likes. All you need to do is select your package and the bulk of count. Once you do that, they will send the amount. You pay it and you will be added to the dashboard. Once the subscription is completed, you will receive likes within minutes. These are like pay and get services. Once you get likes, they will stay. If you want to buy more then you need to select the package again. Packages vary from $5 to $500. The bulk like varies from 1000 likes to 100000 likes. Sometimes even more. However, these are costly and the trust factor is not up to the mark. Here you do not need any password or authentication to get your likes on Instagram. It is one pay and one package service for Instagram auto likes.

Bots or programs

These are flexible systems. They are nothing but a programs or software. You can use it to do multiple things on your Instagram account. You buy the software with a monthly subscription and you will get Instagram auto likes subscription. These are less costly compared to online subscription systems. Some of the top software are as follows

  1. The follow adder

This is an advanced bot, which helps in increasing your likes on comments and photos. Apart from these, this will help you to manage your followers and their behaviors towards you by blocking or allowing them. It has different features like follow back, auto like an auto comment, increase brand awareness, proxy support, and many more options. This is a leader in social media automatic management and pricing is good.

  1. Instazood

This is also one of a powerful tool to increase your value on the Instagram. It also has Instagram auto likes subscription system. It is a very simple system with hashtag tagging, following or blocking people, location tagging etc. the pricing of this system is decent. You can use them for all the basic Instagram management.

  1. InstaQ

This auto bot system is available on all platforms like Windows, Mac and the Linux based systems. This uses a technique of Anomaly detection and offsetting system. It also helps in all basic and professional Instagram account management system. You can use it for auto comment, auto liking, block or whitelist, follow or unfollow proxy support etc.

  1. Robolike

This has some good packages and helps you in all Instagram management function from auto liking to hashtag tagging.

  1. Everliker

This is a free bot available in google chrome. This extension helps you to increase your followers and the like count.



Instagram auto likes subscription has become a business now. If you want to increase your business and your status you can opt either bots or subscription systems.