How to Grow Your Facebook Page Followers - Follow These Ways to Increase Facebook Followers and Likes

How to Grow Your Facebook Page Followers - Follow These Ways to Increase Facebook Followers and Likes

With more than one billion active daily users, Facebook has become a part and parcel of many individuals. People from different countries of the world use the platform for personal, business, and official purposes as it allows them to reach a lot of people. 

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of this social media platform, you need lots of followers and likes. So, how do you get tons of Facebook followers and likes?

Check our easy-to-follow guide below.

1. Try Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to run adverts, and it’s one of the best means of growing your followers and likes. You can run the "Engagement Ads" to increase your brand’s visibility. When Facebook viewers see your post, they may like your ad content and engage with your post. If they love your content and want to see more, they may follow your page. 

The advertisements are affordable and reach a good number of people on the platform depending on the choice you picked.

To know more about Facebook ads, check the advertisement section on the platform.

2. Create an Important Content

Viewers’ interests vary, but they want posted content to be informative, interesting, motivational, or entertaining. Given this, your post should meet one of these demands.

Decide what you want your audience to associate with your page. If you want to educate them, creative educative content. Like entertaining people? Upload amazing and entertaining posts. Your content doesn’t only help your existing audiences, but it can also draw more Facebook users to your page. 

3. Buy Facebook Likes and Followers

One of the quickest ways to boost your likes and followers is by buying likes and followers. Instead of spending time looking for organic likes and followers, invest some money in buying them. It’s easy and quick to buy Facebook followers from any reliable company to increase your engagement.

You can also buy Facebook likes from most of these companies. Remember that buying likes and followers isn’t against Facebook rules. So, don’t worry about getting banned, suspended, or restricted.

4. Build Good Interaction with Your Audience 

Everybody loves attention, and Facebook users are no different. So, an inactive page will not grow followers and likes as the targeted audience will not be able to interact with it.

Your brand should always have a connection with the followers. Don’t hesitate to respond to their comments on your post and also reply to their direct messages. Good interaction with your audience enhances your brand engagement and also builds loyalty.

5. Post at the Right Time 

Many pages fail to do a feasibility study on their viewers; hence, they post at the wrong time. Generally, Facebook users are more active during some hours of the day.

Research on the social media platform suggests that a lot of users are online in the early morning and late at night. You need to post on your page at the right time when your followers will be active. They get to share your post at this time, allowing it to reach a large number of users and attract more followers and likes. 

6. Host a Contest or Giveaway

Have you ever wondered why some popular brands do giveaways or contests on their Facebook pages? It’s because it increases their engagement and creates brand awareness. You need to maximize the benefits that giveaways and contests can give to your count of followers and likes. 

Organize a contest or giveaway on your page and encourage your existing followers to tag a friend and share your page link as part of the requirements to qualify to win. The more viewers share your post and tag their friends, the higher your chances of getting more followers and likes on your page.

7. Engage Influencers 

One of the secrets of growing followers and likes on Facebook is using an influencer. Many of them have the followers and the right skills to draw audiences to your Facebook page activities. When you work with influencers, they give authenticity to your brand. Users believe in a brand promoted by social media influencers as it is like a stamp of approval to them.

Ensure your work with influencers and get across to the target audiences you have not reached.

8. Go Live on Facebook

Have you noticed that most viral videos are Facebook Live videos? All Facebook Live videos are shown on Facebook Live Map. The number of your live stream viewers will influence the visibility of your Facebook Live on the feed. 

Therefore, any time you want to add new products or services to your brand, you can fix a date for its introduction and go on Facebook Live. Give prior notice to your audience and tell them to share the link to the Live Video when you start the video, this will add to your Facebook page followers and likes.

When you’re set to use Facebook Live, don’t wait for only organic viewers. Ask your friends and family to join the stream. You can also use giveaways to draw more people to the event. Many Facebook users will join the event willingly when they notice it already has numerous viewers.

9. Use Hashtags 

Hashtag is another great secret to boost followers and likes on your page as it makes it easier to discover a post. You can reach a targeted audience if you can use hashtags judiciously because it increases visibility among lots of posts.

There are two ways to use hashtags. The first one is by adding related hashtags to your post. For instance, if you post content about education, you can use #education or #school. 

The second one is using a hashtag that is not related to your post but has strong visibility. Sports, fashion, and entertainment hashtags have more visibility. You can use any of them to drive the audience to your post and if it is captivating, they will follow and like your page for more of it.

Although you can use tons of hashtags for a single Facebook post, limit them. Adding too many hashtags can make your content look like spam.


Now that you know how to grow your Facebook page followers and likes, use the strategies above.