How Can YouTube Views Make You Famous As A New Artist?

When you release your video on YouTube your first aim is to increase the number of views. As new artists, it is natural that you will not get many views. Now, these views are important to make your video popular on YouTube and increase your value as an artist too.

Thus, to increase your popularity the best option available is buying YouTube views from any reputable service provider like It will have a tremendous impact on your video as search engine shows the videos with more views at the top and people also watch videos that have more views.  

Hence, if you buy YouTube views you can be famous because

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It helps in a great head start

YouTube is a good platform for making your music album popular, but that will not be popular with four to five views (thanks to mom, pops and few friends!). What is needed is a kick start and this is what you get by buying YouTube views. Soon after you release your video on YouTube if it is possible for you to increase the number of views you will get a momentum that will attract more views in future. So, do not start from the scratch, but buy these YouTube views to make your position stronger.

Strengthen your Social Credibility

What will you view first, a video with 100000 views or a video with only 5000 views? Naturally, when it comes to choosing a video you will go for the first one. Viewers normally prefer that content that has been viewed or shared earlier. When your video has more views the listener will find interest in that view as they perceive that many others have already viewed it and thus, it must have something worthy of it. It will also help in increasing your popularity that will help you when you produce more videos in future. By using the concept of social proof it will help in increasing your social authority.

Get higher rank in search engine results

Another difficulty that you may face as a new artist is getting good YouTube search ranking. When you are new you do not have many viewers and the number of viewers affects your search engine ranking. Thus, when you buy YouTube views the total number of view increases which in turn helps in increasing your search engine ranking.

With better search engine ranking when someone will search for videos in your zone they will find your video among the top ones. Hence, they will view your video and again the total number of views of your videos will increase. All these will affect the popularity of the video and gradually your video will be ones that are suggested by the viewers by YouTube.

Increase conversions on CTA

By purchasing YouTube views you will also be able to increase the total profitability of your video. With more views and positive comments, organic viewers will be enticed to click on your links and annotations. Thus, it is also a good strategy to influence your bottom line and increase your ROI.