Instagram content plan for business

Instagram content plan for business: The ultimate guide

If you are deciding to buy Instagram likes, then hang on. We have some vital knowledge to share with you. If we look at the surveys, then Instagram has a massive impact on how people see and perceive things. Moreover, if we look at the trends, then Instagram is the most popular social media platform. The following figures are showing how Instagram grew in past times:

  • Instagram grew by 7%
  • Facebook grew about 0.5%
  • And Twitter only grew up to 0.3%

 In recent times every individual and business is in line to take advantage of Instagram. But it's not as easy as it looks. As of April 2019, Instagram had more than 1 billion active users. So, it's not easy to gain followers when the algorithm is changing every other day. If you are a brand, this platform is too big, and you can’t afford to ignore it.

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing

We use the term Instagram marketing when any business utilizes this platform to grow brand awareness and sales. It is the most popular sales channel, and you can use it in different ways to reap its benefits. But for businesses, it's vital to come up with a customized plan and strategy. However, these plans help to accomplish all those goals that a company has. Some promising stats will help to enhance awareness:

  • Instagram runs monthly 2 million advertisements.
  • If we look at the record, then more than 25 million brands use the business accounts.
  • More than 44% of the users use Instagram for searching and discovering new brands.
  • More than 55% of the users use Instagram to get news about their favorite brands.
  • Above all, people create around 95 million posts on Instagram every day.

The above stats are promising enough and are instigating us to take a closer look at this platform. Brands must establish their online reputation by using Instagram marketing. There are two ways to build online reputation. The first way is to use organic way and the second one is to buy Instagram power likes.

Types of Instagram posts for businesses:

After understanding the term Instagram likes, marketing we head towards types of posts. If you are a brand, you must understand all terms for making the best plan. So, here are types of Instagram posts:


Mainly the Instagram content consists of pictures. By sharing photos, you can tell people about the creativity and diversity of your brand. Moreover, it is vital to create unique images. So, avoid posting too many pictures of your products. In this way, the audience will attract and engage with the content.

Behind the scenes posts:

Customers always love to see the glimpses of a working place where you prepare products. So, for this purpose, you can post behind the scenes of shoots and working areas. As a result, clients can relate to the business.

Repost content from employees:

It is another form of content that, as a business, you can post. If you repost content from your employee's account, it's a great idea to humanize your brand. As a result, more audience will engage, and they will get to know the team with which you are working.

Educational posts:

The next main aim of designing an Instagram handle is to create brand awareness. So, for this purpose, you can create educational posts to create awareness. You can take pictures and videos of your production process to educate people.

Influencer posts:

In this type of Instagram business post, the brands contact the influencers to create the content. However, these influencers with notable following promote and post about your brand. It is the most significant way to grab the attention of the audience.

User-generated content:

User-generated content is similar to the employee's posts. In this, you post images and videos with your brand's hashtag that your fans created. However, with this content, you show how much you care about your customers. Moreover, it's a great way to make your timeline eye-catching and trustworthy.

Instagram content plan for business: Buy Instagram likes:

Instagram likes

After reading everything about the Instant likes and Instagram likes now the next thing is to learn to create an effective content plan. If you want to target the right audience and earn an organic following, you have to work hard. Above all, it is vital to work hard in the right direction. So, here are the following steps that you have to follow to make an effective content plan.

Learn Instagram basics:

Instagram is a social media app that came into existence in 2010. However, it offers two types of accounts, personal and business. If you are running a private handle, then you have to switch towards a business account. So, here are essential steps to make a business account.

Create an Instagram business account:

The Instagram business handles come with some cool features and many benefits. So, it will help if you are creating a business account. If you create a business handle, you will be able to add links to stories and create shoppable posts. There are few necessary steps that you have to follow to create an account. Above all, here are the following benefits that you will get by using a business handle:

  • See Instagram insights
  • You can run Instagram ads.
  • Primary and secondary shopping messaging inboxes
  • And you can create a call-to-action button on your profile.

So, if your business doesn't have a business account before, then create it now. In this way, you can get the fruit of all your time and hard work you gave to the handle.

Optimize Instagram handle:

After successfully creating the account, the next step is optimization. It will help if you want to make the first impression right. When someone visits your account, you have minimal time to grab attention and convert that visitor into a customer. So, here are steps that you can take to optimize performance.

  • Choose a profile name that accurately represents your business.
  • Try to tell exciting stories to grab attention. Moreover, try to engage the customer with your brand.
  • Add the link of your website in bio to drive more traffic.
  • Make a hashtag that represents your business.
  • Choose an appropriate and high-quality image as a profile picture.

If you are using an online medium, then your brand's aesthetic can win customers. So, try to make a customized aesthetic that represents your brand.

Create engaging content:

Content is the main thing that will bring customers to your brand. So, it is crucial to develop content that is engaging and can acquire the client's attention. Due to the immense importance of content, it is at the top of the list.

Plan content in advance:

Instagram is a place that is full of content creators. If we look at the stats, then brands post on average 27.9 times per month. If if you want to deal with this competition level, you have to prepare yourself in advance. Yes, it's a good idea to design catchy posts in advance to keep up with reach and engagement. If you stop posting, then you can ruin already established engagement and post reach. So, ensure to plan posts at least 2-3 weeks prior before posting. But you also have an option of creating content on a monthly and weekly basis.

Pro tip: If you can't give enough time to post content, there are automated tools. These tools help you to schedule posts before time.

But after creating the content, you have to decide how you want to attract people. Instagram offers different methods (paid & unpaid) through which you can promote your content. Here are some ways to use the content to grab more attention.

Organic content:

It is a primary term that we use when a brand decides not to use paid mediums to get following and attention. However, before posting anything, you have to determine if you want paid promotions or organic reach. It's tough to gain followers organically. But once you have followers, then it's easier to keep them engaged.

Instagram ads:

It is the inorganic and second way to use the content to grab visitor’s attention. However, it is a more direct approach to spread words about your business. There are many different ways in which you can run ads. Here we are giving some examples:

  • Image and video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Story ads
  • And shoppable posts to get instant likes and reach

These all are paid means to enhance brand awareness and sales. You can choose any methods that suit with business's needs and ready to give the results you are expecting. Thus, you can either go with an organic or free campaign. But make sure to have a proper plan and knowledge.

General tips for creating a perfect content plan for Instagram:

The first two points provide the base and help to step into this world. But there are many things that we didn't discuss yet. So, here we are mentioning points that need your attention to create a perfect Instagram marketing plan.

Clarify the lifestyle you are selling:

It is the backbone and a mist thing to decide before jumping into the online world. You can win Instant likes by clarifying the working niche. So, try to create a picture of the idea/product you are trying to sell in the grid. For instance, if you are selling a clothing range, try to engage customers with your content. Hence, try to make sure that the visitor spends maximum time on your timeline. So, while selling anything, remember these golden lines:

"People don't visit profiles to see what you are selling. But they visit there to see what you have to offer them."

So, try to give maximum benefit to your clients. By providing value, you can create loyal customers that will remain with you forever.

Craft best captions:

Captions play an essential role when it comes to describing situations and images. For instance, you are uploading a video without a caption; then it's not worth posting. It will help if you craft the best caption that describes your image or video. If you want to reach a new audience, try to adopt an updated engagement strategy. According to experts, the relevant caption plays a 50% part in making the post a hit. There are many online tools and software that help to craft and edit the post captions.

Don’t forget to design hashtags:

Hashtags are also crucial if you want to maximize your impact. Moreover, act as the saviors when it comes to enhance visibility and reach. You can use popular, relevant, and specific hashtags in the post. Above all, tags help to make the content viral, and you can analyze the campaigns. There are the following types of labels that you can use in the content to increase instant likes.

  • Trending tags: By using tools and software, you can find that are trending nowadays.
  • General tags: These are the tags that businesses most commonly use in their post throughout the year. So, you can copy these tags to capture attention.
  • Niche-specific hashtags: These are the tags that relate to your industry in which you are doing business. Above all, companies have the option of using their name as hashtags.

According to experts, Instagram allows using 30 tags in one post. But 30 tags make the posts spammy. So, on average, you can use 5-6 hashtags in one post. But experts recommend using nine tags per post to get the best reach and engagement.

Post content at the right time:

When it comes to Instagram, then post timing is of utmost importance. The algorithm work if your content engages the right audience at the right time. So, ensure to post content when most of your followers are online. According to the Sprout social, the following are the best times to post content:


Best post timings

Wednesday 11 AM, & Friday 10-11 AM

Best day


Engagement time

Tuesday to Friday 10 AM -3 PM

The worst day for posts


Less engagement

Late night and early mornings 11 PM-3 AM


But it would help if you decide the post timings according to your business niche and targeted location. Moreover, many built-in tools will give you an idea of when you should make a post.

Check your reach:

If you are a brand, then make sure to check the reach stats. It will help to take corrective actions against lapses and faults. These metrics show the performance and number of people who have seen your post. But if one person sees a post multiple times, then it counts as one, and on that base, you can decide whether the post was hit or not.

Check Instagram analytics to measure results of instant likes:

If you want to grow your brand's social media handle, then make sure to read and measure the analytics. Above all, don't forget to read the tips for improving Instant likes and buy Instagram likes and reach. These stats will help you to measure how the campaign is working. However, you can take corrective measures to improve content, optimization, and hashtags. Moreover, here are following other metrics that require your attention:

  • Pay serious attention to post comments.
  • Try to improve the engagement rate by adopting different measures.
  • Collaborate with influencers to leave positive impressions

According to the updated Insta algorithm, the "post save" ratio is more important than the likes and comments. So, encourage your audience to save business posts.

Make business stories to provide value:  

Almost all businesses on Instagram make the stories for promotion, and this technique is giving excellent results. According to stats, Instagram witnesses most of the stories that companies upload. So, it's a vital thing to make an effective Instagram marketing plan. Stories disappear after 24hrs so try to remain in front of your followers' eyes. It will help to build relationships and connect with the followers. As a business, you can use these things to design a good marketing plan:

  • Tell business stories.
  • Create a poll or question & answer session
  • Announce new product launch
  • Think fast and try to convey the message in less possible words
  • Try to provide value through posts.
  • Use call to action technique to create a sense of emergency

Moreover, make sure to design stories that align with business identity and aesthetics. If fans tag you in posts, then reshare at your timeline to show value.

Buy Instagram likes:

If you want to boost your business handle, then buy Instagram likes. There are many benefits of purchasing instant likes. But before buying the likes, make sure to use a service that provides likes from real accounts. There are following some benefits of using an authentic service to buy Instagram likes:

  • Give a boost to the business account
  • It helps to create an authority
  • 24/7 customer support always there to solve issues
  • A good service offers customized pricing plans as per business demand
  • Swift delivery of instant likes
  • Provide instant likes that are secure

If you don’t want to give most of your time to earning organic followers, then "Instant famous" helps businesses. It is a service that comes with different packages that are specially designed for businesses. So, give this service a chance to build the authority of your business.

Buy Instagram likes: Final verdict:

If you are a business, then creating good content is crucial. So, if you want to design a fast-paced and visually rich Insta handle, then make an Instagram marketing plan before starting. You can follow the above tips to create a strategy that can attract visitors and increases the account's reach and engagement. So, follow recent trends to raise brand awareness and instant likes on Instagram.