Oct 2, 2017

Youtube Likes and Subscribers speed increased by 50x for subs now there's no drops and speed extremely faster then ever same goes for youtube likes! we also dropped prices 

July 2017: 

"As I’m sure you’re all aware, YouTube has been on a frenzy of patching other suppliers, we have stood strong.  This has caused an influx in orders that we can no longer handle with our current infrastructure.  It pains us to do this to you guys, but unfortunately we have to increase pricing by 50% to control the demand so we can get back to acceptable speeds.  This pricing change will be effective 24 hours from the time you receive this email. 

New pricing updated 

While I know this isn’t good news for you guys, there is however a light at the end of the tunnel.  We’ve been working to increase speed for weeks now and have seen some great results.  We expect to have all video speeds at 50,000+ per video within the next 2 weeks.  Further, we’ve been working to bring GEO back, which you will see on the panel within the next few weeks as well.  

I’m sorry to do this to you guys, but unfortunately there is no option right now since we’re one of the only ones left doing views.  You can expect much faster speeds over the next 2 weeks and you’ll see GEO soon.  We hope you understand and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask."

Juni 2017: Due to a youtube update on other providers, we are experiencing a large influx in orders. We are aware views speeds are slower than normal and are working to increase speed.

Mar 3, 2017: All services working fast and without any issues. Place your order with trust and dont forget to visit our Facebook page for discounts codes.

Oct 7, 2016:

Instagram Followers base now 100k and Instagram Likes base now 50k we also fixed some errors on followers service now all orders gets completed 10x faster. Followers are stable and all delivered within 24 hours. All of our package are covered with guarantee.

News 4 September 2016:

Some bigger orders for Instagram Followers are currently delayed by 3-4 days. Instagram is making major changes to their platform.
Instagram likes and views are still instantly.

Instagram Auto Likes Subscription

Price BreakDown! Price was reduce with more than 70%. Now you can get up to 4000 likes for each new photo you publish on Instagram.
New service added: FAST Youtube views and likes we now have 2 type of youtube likes the new one can get up to 10,000 likes done withing few minutes. or less its still in beta testings for next few days.
Instagram services fixed, back to instant speed
New Service added "Periscope" we can do Likes and Followers for that service with super sonic fast speed in huge amounts for dirt cheap price.

Twitter Followers at a moment runs with delays, we working on fixing this service, and we will be also adding today USA TW Followers that will be running with instant speed as a back up til we fix our main method. Hoping for your understanding.

GooglePlus all services got speed increased by 10x and 90% of delayed orders are completed, the speed will be increased even more higher over time.

New service added Instagram Views as some of you already noticed Instagram now shows Views for videos instead of Likes and now we have Views to offer as well don't forget about ours Auto-Likes orders and unlimited Likes packages for Instagram.

New service was added: Twitch Views - 24 hours delivery and up to 100,000 views per day. Cheapest prices for Twitch views you will find only here.

Twitter orders delay to start up to 48 hours. We are working to improve the speed of the delivery. Soon will be 10,000 per days. Stay tune!

Our website is now protected with SSL 256 Encryption meaning that your connection is secure.

All services working fine with a fast speed. Most of our services complete/start within 24 hours.

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Facebook photos likes, Instagram photos likes fast delivered within 1 HOUR when we are online. You can check if we are online by seeing our bellow chat.

06.11.2015: Youtube subscribers not working and service will be suspended for unknown time. For Youtube subscribers orders that have issues contact us. Any undone Youtube subscribers orders will be refunded and any orders that have lost subscribers will be refunded or the pending balance can be used in exchange with other services listed on our website. For more information contact us with your order ID, thank you for using our services!

01.11.2015 YouTube Subscribers working! 24 - 48 hours orders to start.

25.10.2015: Facebook English Speaking Fanpage Likes (Fast, All Types Accepted, Non Arabic, LIFETIME GUARANTEED) now only 14,99$ for 1000 Likes!

25.10.2015: Youtube Subscribers NOT WORKING! Soon we will let you know when this service will be back to normal

10.10.2015: SUPER FAST FACEBOOK LIKES: ORDERS COMPLETE WITHIN 24 HOURS. Try today our Facebook likes !

19.09.2015: Youtube Subscribers disabled again for maintenance we found whats caused 95% drops today. this getting fixed asap 24-48h will be fixed.

12.09.2015: All Facebook likes orders start very fast and deliver within 24 hours. You can try our fast Facebook likes today!!!

12.09.2015: Today Youtube Subscribers Service fixed - No drops Instant Start 24/7. 500-1000 subs per 24h speed.

10.09.2015: New Service was added: Youtube Viral Methods

10.09.2015: service fixed, all new orders going fast and all old that stuck will be restarted and completed ASAP with slow and safe views

03.09.2015: 20% Discount code:  YLHALX7OEZF3 for Instagram followers - Offer Valid for 7 Days ONLY!

02.09.2015: Youtube subscribers working without any issues. All orders are being processed

30.08.2015: Youtube views service stopped because YouTube is under update, all orders will resume when they finish their updates.

30.08.2015: Facebook page likes orders need more time to start due the high amount of request. Thank you for understanding