10000 views to monetize on YouTube - Put Ads on your videos within 24 hours

Starting from April 2017, YouTube takes a different approach on monetizing views. Five years ago, YouTube created a platform where more creators could participate in their partner program and monetize. As a result, many YouTube creators started to flood in. But, unfortunately, it also opened up doors for people who abused the system for their financial gains. Thus, YouTube had to make some changes and tighten their monetizing policies.

10000 youtube views required

According to the new rules, YouTube creators have to fulfill some requirements first before they begin to monetize. The rules clearly state that unless your channel gains 10000 YouTube views, you will not be able to join the YouTube Partner Program and start monetizing.

 What do the new rules say?

New rules implement some restrictions on your channel unless it has 10,000-lifetime views at its disposal. If your channel does not have at least 10,000-lifetime views, ads will no longer run on your videos. In addition, it will no longer generate any revenue on your behalf. Yet, you will remain a member of the Fullscreen Creator Network.

How will this affect your channel?

Since you will continue to be a member of the Fullscreen Creator Network, it will grant you access to all the benefits that come along with its membership. They will continue to help you reach that 10,000 view threshold at a smooth pace. Once you hit the 10,000 view mark you will be able to start monetization again.

 enable monetization youtube channel

If you are a brand new creator at the initial stage of video posting, you might see this as a big blow. But, do not worry as the new rules are there to give you a better experience than before. There were many reported incidents of abusing and stealing video content in the past. These new rules ensure that your unique content will stay protected throughout. You do not have to worry about abuse anymore. Your content will continue to remain one of your own.

 If you are a small scale youtube creator with less than 10,000-lifetime views in your bag do not worry. All you need to do is focus on making quality content that you are truly passionate about. Many new creators start with the only intention of getting rich so fast. They hardly pay any attention to producing quality content. As a result, views do not come in as much as they expect. So, they get discouraged easily and try to quit the whole process or end up stealing others’ contents. There is an obvious fact most youtube creators do not understand at the beginning. That is, only the high-quality video content will attract more viewers!

At the moment, youtube is working on introducing a review process for the new creators who apply to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program. Once a creator hits the 10,000-lifetime view threshold, they will review his activity against their policies. If everything looks good for them, they will add that particular creator into their YPP program. Besides, they will start to serve ads against his content. They consider this method to be a great way of ensuring continuous revenue flow to customers who only play by rules.

The new method is a good way to confirm whether a certain channel is following YouTube’s community guidelines and adviser policies or not. With this new method, they can track down any re-uploaded content by scammers. It will help them decide the validity of a channel. Besides, it paves the way for keeping offensive videos away from various marketing platforms. It is the goal of YouTube to reach the standard of the prime-time television world.

How to increase the views of a new YouTube channel?

With the new rules and restrictions that have come into the spot light, small scale creators must be brainstorming ways to increase their views. Here are few tips that will help you to reach the threshold view limit quite easily.

  1. Using SEO optimized titles and descriptions

Just like in the Google search engine, descriptive titles with a lot of key words can get you a long way in youtube search as well. Thus, make sure to include quality titles and descriptions that are rich in key words, when you upload videos to your channel.

  1. Using video tags

Using quality video tags will help the algorithm used by YouTube to easily understand the content of your videos.

  1. Using optimized thumbnail images

Thumbnail images usually appear on the results page, social media, and many other places. Make sure to include high-quality images with reader-friendly fonts and facial-close-ups as thumbnail images for your videos.  

  1. Uploading interesting and unique video contents

One of the most promising ways to draw in more users is to upload interesting and educational uncommon videos to your channel. Your channel will succeed if you can establish a strong viewer base around it. Make sure to maintain consistency as well.

  1. Creating end-screens

If you use end-screens at the end of every video, the viewers will be able to know more about other videos and playlists on your channel. They will act as recommendations for your other video uploads. 

new restrictions on YouTube monetizing

Although the new restrictions on YouTube monetizing can be a bit challenging for the new youtube creators, they are there for the benefit of everyone. If you follow the correct methods, including the few mentioned above, you will be able to reach view targets quite easily and develop your channel.