We believe in research as a core element in writing. Our team of writers and editors only get to the keyboard after spending significant time in extensive research; this is the only way readers get attracted to our blog. The richness of content and specific details on every niche is crucial. We don’t think it is ethical to post shallow information or unverified data, which is not helpful to readers.

Our team of writers is fully aware of their role in society. They do not only take time to tailor their content to attract readers as a role but because they are passionate about the job. There is no deep motivation to writing than love for a specific topic. Our writers have specialized in multiple niches according to their preferences and they are committed to producing relevant and exciting content to the readers. It is all that matters to us at the end of the day; the content should be relevant and attractive to the readers.

We are driven by the need to share knowledge with people in society. Our articles cover all fields from education to entertainment. We strive to help readers learn tips to life. If a writer can take time to research and discover new helpful techniques, we support the effort by sharing on all of our social channels and the rest of websites to help the writer grow and most importantly let the world know of the new technique. Also, we customize existing information and present them in a more attractive way. We don’t rush to replicating information and life hacks; we take time to test and prove before recommending the tips through the articles. Apart from personal and family life, we make suggestions on how to improve your business.

Knowledge is not only our focus; we strive to empower readers through the content we share. Therefore, use of striking headlines is only to woo you to the fleshy content. Our writers make use of every word; every sentence should have a meaning hence relevant to the reader. We don’t want to waste readers’ time with a word count that adds no value. If it is entertainment let it be as such; if it is information the focus should be on the niche. Our writers are experts in balancing tones embedded in excellent writing styles that keep readers glued to their screens, sentence after sentence until an article is over.

On business articles, we require writers with a rich background in business fields, especially marketing to help the small and medium-sized business grow and expand their operations. However, we consider it unethical to use false information for the purpose of attracting traffic or sales. Our marketing is limited within boundaries of honesty and credibility. We only allow verified company data to run on our site; any advertisements and marketing techniques are wholly based on the data provided.

There is no boundary or limitations to creativity and discovery. This is why we are constantly sourcing for writers who are flexible, disciplined, and passionate about the idea of letting the world know. Ethics is important to us with respect to the credibility of data and tips posted through articles. Writers sharing these interests are always welcome to improve their maturity, build their experience, and ultimately help in delivering information to the world.

Instant Famous specializes in social media and social media marketing. If you specialize in any of these niches, we can’t wait for your guest post. We will publish your articles with your name.

Benefits of submitting a guest post here

  • Grow your social network
  • Featuring on our social media accounts for free
  • Free traffic to your blog
  • You earn a follow to your blog.

At glance

  • Top Google page rankings
  • 25% growth monthly
  • At least 45000 page views
  • 25000 new readers
  • At least 1000 RSS subscribers

Guidelines for submitting a guest post

  • We are keen on originality and quality of articles, give credit where due if you use someone else’s work. Here are our conditions:
  • Use proper formatting and headlines
  • Short and sweet articles
  • All articles should be original, unpublished
  • Minimum of 700 words
  • No offensive and provocative content
  • Must include at least one image
  • Only one anchor text link to your website
  • We can reject/alter/edit a post without notification
  • You have to pay the nominal cost for commercializing a product/service
  • We highly detest articles on pornography, nudity, drugs, gambling, casino, and dating


Consider the following while writing for us

Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with writers and contributors to our blog. We value content and the people who take time to create beautiful pieces to help create awareness in society. All we need is your honesty and professionalism. Besides, it is a free world; get to share with us interesting experiences through our social media channels.

If you are interested in sending us an email to join us, start by following us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. All we need is to connect with you and know each other better for an easy working relationship. It is important you know how we undertake business online before establishing a relationship with us.

Also, share our posts generously. This will help you to gain visibility hence higher chances of getting published.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject the articles that include links to  websites selling the same services as Instant Famous website.

How to submit your content

After reading our guidelines, be free to submit your article formatted on MS Word + image including an anchor text backlink to sale at instant-famous.com