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Top Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel: Put Your YouTube Channel at Work for You

If you own a YouTube, it is very likely that you to grow the channel. To achieve this aim, there is a lot of underneath works that needed to be done to achieve this.

In this article, we shall examine top tips that can assist you to grow your YouTube channel.

  • Let your videos be based on a single keyword/topic

It is essential to build your video around a single keyword or topic as this is a proven way to draw traffic and grow the audience.  Some people who are ignorant of how SEO works ignore this, but this inhibits them from getting YouTube views on your channel.

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Try to pick a keyword before you build any video content because this will help you to create good information on the topic. Once you get your keyword, ensure you optimize your title and descriptions. Make sure you include the keyword in the content to boost your ranking.

  • Brand your channel

There is a difference between great content and the visual appeal of a channel. Visitors easily fall for channels that look more professional. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect visitors to subscribe if your channel is not visually appealing. You need to brand your channel if you want users to easily see your content.

If you already have a blog or website and believe that its visual appeal is different from your main competitors, just replicate the branding on YouTube to make a difference. Try and add custom URLs to the channel header. A concise bio can also do some magic.

  • Promote your YouTube channel on other social networks

The world is now global; hence, no social media channel should be considered as a standalone platform. You can cross-promote any content on your YouTube channel on different social channels without any stress.

The easiest way to grow an audience on YouTube is through promoting your YouTube videos on other social networks. You can make use of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. If you want to make use of other social channels, post a teaser on them while you add a link to the full video on YouTube.

  • Post good thumbnails

Most people ignore thumbnails because they do not seem like a big thing. However, in the real sense, they have great impacts. Through thumbnail, YouTube can easily advertise any video in its sidebar. Without a doubt, your thumbnail will make you stand out among others. It is also helpful for YouTube search because it is only a video with a catchy title and fascinating thumbnail that would rank higher even if the content is less useful. This is because such a video will have a higher click-through-rate (CTR).

  • Engage with the audience

It is very crucial not to ignore the obvious fact that YouTube is an important social media channel. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that it requires social interaction. You should not just post on it without endeavoring to encourage your audience to comment and make a meaningful contribution to the video. There is always a reward from YouTube for every channel with great engagements such as watch time, likes, dislikes, comments, etc. In your little way, try to always respond to comments from your audience.

  • Seek for subscriptions

It is only through the subscription that you can know if viewers are engaging with your channel. Anytime you upload a new video on your YouTube channel, ask your viewers to “subscribe” to your YouTube channel and always try to keep your existing subscribers engaged.

Do not pay for subscribers as this will affect the authenticity of your channel. It will also bring down your engagement in the long run as most subscribers are not genuinely interested in your content. With lots of subscribers, you can get instant likes on YouTube anytime you upload a new video.

  • Increase your posting frequency

If you want to grow your audience, you need to increase the frequency of posting videos on your channel. You can start by uploading at least a video per week. With the help of good smartphones, you can record a quality video and use different mobile tools to edit the video. You can try to always post at the same time each week or day to make your audiences always anticipate viewing your videos.

With the tips provided above, you should be able to make your YouTube channel to work for you.