The only Instagram marketing guide that you will need in 2020

In today’s world, Instagram can be hailed as the stalwart of all the social media platforms taken together and the collective impact left by them on users. Presently, Instagram is what Facebook was a few years back; its popularity and utility spread like wildfire that has still not been taken under control. From condensing the distinct faces of the globe connected by one common string of tags within the limited dimensions of the smartphone screen to set up a virtual world that is defined by ideal characteristics, Instagram is ruling the market and is here to stay. Most companies these days have taken the wisest road to success and have taken to Instagram to widen the reach and positive exposure of the same. The most intriguing part about Instagram marketing is that it is the only platform that blends the aesthetics with an integrated solution to attend the customers' expectations. Thus, in the following section, we will be formulating a guide that will successfully procure all your Instagram marketing needs and ensure that your business grows in the upcoming years.

instagram marketing 2020

  • Attend the need of the hour

Gone are those days when in order to stand out of the crowd, entrepreneurs chalked out solitary ways that were remotely related to their brand and the message that it held out to the audience; today, all that matters is the ongoing trend and the niches of it. Nevertheless, here, we are not asking you to tread on the defined path of other brands; explore the latest needs of the market and then relate the constituents of your product or services with them to portray an all-round image which in turn fulfills every aspect of public needs.

  • Add the personal elements  

 Additionally, while following the above-mentioned guideline, do not miss out on the personal touch that can be granted to the profile; for instance, if your company produces candies and chocolates, design your profile in such a way that it looks like a trip down the memory lane. The reason behind this is, out of all the thoughts that hit a person’s mind immediately with the mention of chocolate is childhood- therefore, employing the component of nostalgia will brilliantly work in your favor. What we are trying to say here is that compose your pictorial and video graphics advertisements for Instagram in such a way that it will put forward the scopes of your product and services and at the same time, garnish them with subtle hints that connect with them on a personal level. This will distinguish your brand from the rest; remember that profitable marketing is not simply restricted within professional realms; the real idea is to convince the mind and heart equally to acquire the product.

  • Engage with your followers

Even when you successfully build a strong base of followers, your duty doesn't terminate with it- the objective is not to increase the number of followers but to influence them to obtain the products and services offered by you without any second thoughts. This can be done by regularly engaging with your followers and assuring them that you will be here for them to solve all their doubts and opinions encumbering your brand. Try not to confine yourself within the specifics of your brand, expand its prospects and fabricate means to fit them in the lives of your followers in such unique ways that it appears almost indispensable. Here, the common ingredients of Instagram such as IGTV videos, stories, and highlights can be capitalized upon as they would give the consumers a slight yet interesting insight into your principles and evoke an air of mystery that would eventually compel them to buy it. 

  • Create a community

Another way of brushing up your marketing skills would be by initiating frequent challenges and giveaways; the mechanism of these tasks is such that they will inevitably increase your community and incorporate organic traffic. If you put up a giveaway on your profile, set the rules of it strategically; you can ask your followers to tag two or three of their friends in the comment section and get them to follow you. Chances are, even after the results of the giveaway are declared, most followers will keep following your business opening doors for a bigger family. Also, once your instant Instagram views and likes increase, the recent posts from your profile will be posited on the top of the search engine whenever a user comes looking for a word or hashtag relevant to its name and services.

  • Instagram promotions

Instagram, like all the other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, allows paid promotions that will suitably reach your target audience, the specified age, gender, location, and all the other criteria. The method and threshold of payment too resemble the preceding platforms; here, you will be asked to enter a specific budget that is to be spent on the process of promotion and the span of time over which it will be conducted. You can set it either manually or automatically to make certain that the bid does not exceed or undermine the standard level. Apart from this technique of promotion, Instagram also allows brands to reach influencers who deal with the same field of interest and thereby, escalate the chances of being seen.

  • Make your profile look good

After you have taken care of all these elements, review your profile and the vacuums that can still be fulfilled. The whole profile must be arranged in such a way that it tells a compelling story and a single glance can it can prove enough to win hearts and leave the consumers wanting for more. Publish a quirky and catchy bio along with the link and location to your business so that all the details of your brand are made handy to your followers just with a single click. Ensure that the pictures are clear and sufficed with informational captions and relevant hashtags; the right kind of hashtags can work wonders and provide your profile with the steep that it had so long been looking for.