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Growing Your Fanbase on SoundCloud: The Ultimate Guide

In simple terms, SoundCloud is a specialized platform that enables DJs, musicians, etc. and their fans to meet, interact, and enjoy the content. It also allows them to get the privilege of various previews or releases before the contents are taken to virtual record shelves. It is believed to be a good place to gain connections and find people of like-mind. This social network allows you to do many things while you are reaching out to fans. Besides, it is a good marketing tool for musicians.

  • Register with a relevant name

Your display name can attract people for engagement because it tells people about your brand. Therefore, if your username on the platform is not relevant, there is an issue with your marketing strategy. If you are a DJ or musician, register with a relevant name on SoundCloud.

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It is advisable to use the same name you are using on your other social networks to register on SoundCloud. Your name on SoundCloud has an important role to play in establishing your image on the social network. Properly optimize your profile URL and profile name.

  • Add your links

Do not forget that SoundCloud is like other social networks so it might probably not be your primary social platform. Therefore, optimize the sign up via Facebook option available for you. SoundCloud allows you to connect with other social platforms. So, you must take advantage of this feature.

You need to leverage other social platforms to drive fans to your SoundCloud account. You can make SoundCloud your primary place for hosting your music and use other social networks to drive people to your content on it.

You can even use this platform to direct traffic to other social networks if you add links to your other social networks on your profile.

  • Create a bio and contact data

An upcoming artist with a SoundCloud account should judiciously make use of this platform to boost their career. Your bio offers you a useful way to build a good impression of yourself and also present yourself to the world as an artist who has something to offer the audiences. Let your bio tell people about who you are, where you are from, and the message you are trying to pass to the world through your music.

You should include all your major accomplishments. Do not forget to name the record label you are working with, notable venues where you have performed, and any special performances or crowds.

After that, add your contact information. This is essential because it is through the contact information that people will get in touch with you for bookings and studio sessions.

  • Use the right genre tags

You must note that genre labeling plays a vital role in searching for music. Genre tags selected by you will determine the track's genre. These tags are useful and powerful tools in locating music on platforms.

Genre tags do not just give an insight into what is expected of the track, but it also helps people when they are searching for a certain style of music.

  • Pay attention to music people love

If you truly want to grow your fanbase on SoundCloud, you should work on the music that people love and enjoy. However, this does not mean you should abandon your unique style of music. Once you have established yourself and build a fanbase, it will be easier for you to dig into more styles that you love.

  • Use a Good Cover Art

As an artist, you should not joke with your cover art. Do not use any low-quality applications to make your cover artist. You should find applications such as Snappa, Canva, Stencil, etc. that will make your cover art more appealing. Alternatively, you can hire the service of a professional to design cover art for your music.

  • Upload High-Quality Tracks

There are chances that low-quality recordings will not be received well enough by your audience even if the song is good. Therefore, try to upload only high-quality songs that are recorded and mixed properly. High-quality tracks will give you likes on the social network but you can buy SoundCloud likes for more engagements.

In conclusion, if you can master the tips provided above, you are bound to grow your fanbase and increase your SoundCloud plays significantly.