Buy Instagram Followers - 5,000 Followers For $34,99 Or Your Money Back

Buy Instagram Followers - 5,000 Followers For $34,99 Or Your Money Back

Instagram is currently has 150 million active users every month of which over 60% are in locations outside the United States. Every single day, there are 55 million photos shared, and 1.2 billion likes generated on Instagram.These impressive statistics should grab the attention of every business, because Instagram represents one of the most tremendous marketing opportunities on the internet.

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This realization has prompted top brands like Nike, Starbucks and the NBA to move into Instagram. However, to harness the true potential of Instagram requires having a significant number of followers. Getting a large number of followers is not easy. It typically requires time, hard work and a significant financial investment. Unfortunately, not every business has the time or resources at its disposal. This has made many businesses to miss out on the opportunities. But this should no longer be the case because it is now possible to buy Instagram followers.

Using this service, an account can grow increase the number of its followers by a significant margin at an instant. Therefore, a process that may have taken months or year happens almost instantaneously. The benefits to businesses which buy Instagram followers include the following:Increased Exposure Everyday,

Instagram selects the most popular images from its site and features them on its home page. These images are view by thousands of users every day. One of the criteria for selecting such images is the number of followers an account has. Therefore, the larger the number of followers of an account; the higher the likelihood of having an image from the account featured on the home page. Therefore, buying Instagram followers is a strategy that a business can use to compete favorably on the platform. This means that a business does not have to wallow in insignificance simply because “others got there first”.

A business is enabled to attract potential clients and proudly show off its products and services. Attracting More Followers It is basic human Psychology that people are attracted to what interests others. The assumption is that there must be something of great value pulling the others. This works with Instagram as well. Having more followers will have the boomerang effect of attracting even more followers. For instance, Ellen DeGeneres’ account already with 3 million followers. But it continues to attract 200,000 new followers monthly. Therefore, buying Instagram followers can have a net effect of attracting more followers.

And given the fact that Instagram users can share their content with other networking services like Facebook and Twitter, the opportunities for expansion are endless. More followers mean a bigger marketing opportunity.Value for Money Buying followers on Instagram is much cheaper than advertising. It is cheaper because the costs are minimal compared to conventional advertising. For instance, there are services which sell followers for as low as $12 for 1000 followers. However it should be noted that there are sites that do not provide legitimate followers – so there is need for caution when selecting a service. That said, a legitimate service can enable a business to acquire a number of followers at a rate much lower than would be required for an advertising campaign.

Therefore, a business that opts to buy Instagram followers stands to get greater value for money that one which opts to attract a similar number of customers through advertising.Strategic Positioning Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. It is aggressively tapping into the fast growing smart-phone platform. Its mobile apps are one of the most widely downloaded. As the smart-phone industry continues expanding into the developing world, Instagram will expand with it. This means that a business with a significant presence on Instagram will be in a perfect position to tap to expand into those markets. This is the reason why 100% of the Car, Fast Food, Soft Drink and Apparel industries are now represented on Instagram. If a business buys Instagram followers, it will be positioning itself to benefit from the expansion of Instagram.