Instagram Marketing: Why You Need to Market Your Business on Instagram

Instagram Marketing: Why You Need to Market Your Business on Instagram

For several years, Instagram marketing has continued to grow significantly as more businesses are hopping on it. Perhaps you are wondering about whether you should invest in Instagram marketing or not. The truth is that Instagram marketing is essential for every brand nowadays as it can take their business to the next level.

To clear your doubt, here are some of the reasons why you need to market your brand on Instagram.

  • Everyone is on Instagram

As noted by Statista and other trusted sources, more than 1 billion users are active on Instagram every month. Factually, Facebook is the only social media channel that is accessed more than Instagram by social media users. All these stats are showing you that the majority of your potential customers are on Instagram.

So, if you are not marketing your business on this social media platform, you are missing out on a big chance to reach many potential clients. You need to get on Instagram now.

  • Instagram aids business growth

As stated above, everyone is using Instagram. Therefore, it is not strange that this social media channel can provide lots of audiences to businesses. This is especially true for small or medium-sized businesses that are only known by a few people.

With the ability of Instagram to help you reach more audiences, this social media channel can improve your business growth. As more people get to know about your brand, the chance of using your services or product increases.

  • Instagram is suitable for all business sizes

Without mincing words, Instagram marketing is meant for all sizes of businesses. Whether you are leading a global organization or just starting a small, one-man business, Instagram marketing can be useful for you.

Regardless of the size of a business, Instagram can be utilized to create exceptional brand awareness. It can make your small brand known to lots of people. Similarly, Nike, Samsung, and other household names have been using the platform to stay relevant to their customers.

  • Instagram helps you to share your brand story in exciting ways

Today, storytelling has become a crucial part of digital marketing. Existing and prospective customers want to know the story behind your brand. They want to see your human side. Fortunately, Instagram enables you to share the story of your brand with your audiences.

Also, Instagram allows users to post different content types such as videos, pictures, live events, etc. This means that you can share your brand story in numerous ways. You can post the behind-the-scene video of your brand, host live Q&A sessions, and do lots more to help your audiences know more about your business. As long as your story connects with the emotion of your audiences, it is bound to produce a great result.

  • Instagram keeps your existing customers engaged

Perhaps you are wondering why Coca-Cola, Apple, Adidas, and other well-known brands are still using Instagram and other social media channels. This is because these big brands understand the importance of keeping their customers engaged. Therefore, they are investing lots of money in Instagram marketing for customer engagements. These brands look for varying ways to get more Instagram followers, comments, likes, and lots more.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways to engage your existing customers, you need Instagram marketing. Take advantage of Instagram to remain in the mind of your consumers.

  • Instagram allows you to make money directly

Due to the advancement of e-commerce, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms are now investing in social shopping. On Instagram, the Shop tab was recently added to the homepage to aid social shopping. This means that customers don’t have to visit another website before buying a product or service. All they have to do is to click a few buttons on Instagram to get your offers. Therefore, you can make money directly from Instagram.

  • Instagram makes it easy for customers to connect with you via mobile channels

From its inception, Instagram was created as an app. This makes it different from Twitter, Facebook, etc. that began as browser-based platforms. Consequently, Instagram tends to be more suitable for mobile users. They just need to launch the Instagram app on their mobile devices and start connecting with your brand on the go.

Remember that many people now access the internet via their mobile devices. So, the mobile-friendliness of Instagram will assist you to connect with more audiences.

  • Instagram ads help to connect with new consumers

Instagram ads are some of the most innovative means through which businesses can connect with new consumers. Generally, with the aid of Instagram ads, your Instagram content will be shown to numerous Instagram users that would not have seen it otherwise.

Notably, you can choose the ages, gender, location, and other specific demographics of the people to see your posts. Hence, Instagram ads can help you to reach more new targeted customers.

  • Instagram gives you exceptional insights into your campaign

When you are using Instagram, the platform can allow you to get a wide range of data about your followers. The data could include their gender, age, the time they usually use Instagram, etc. You can also learn about the best time your post usually gets the most engagement, the performance of every post, and lots more. Using the data, you can improve different areas of your social media campaign.

  • Instagram can help you to track your competitors

If your business wants to compete favorably in your industry, it is important to keep an eye on your competitors. In the past, this could be difficult as you would need an insider to provide the needed information. But the good news is that everyone is now telling their story on Instagram. This means that you can learn more about your competitors via this social media platform.

With the information you get from your competitors, you can tweak your strategy for a better result.

With the points above, you will agree that you need to market your business on Instagram. To get the most out of your Instagram marketing, learn how to increase your Instagram followers without much hassle.