Best Way To Get Website Traffic In 2017

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what the best way to get website traffic is?

Website traffic is important and in fact, it’s one of the biggest parts of the internet. There are so many ways that you can do to help increase your website traffic, and here are some of the ways.

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1.) BE SOCIAL Of course, you have to let people know about your website. You have to be proactive in this! You can always turn to social media to spread the word of your website. How can people go to your website if they have no idea about it? Why don’t you try promoting it on websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and finally Google +? Google + is a great promotion tool if you want your website to show up in personalized search results and it seems to be effective in B2B niches.

2.) ADVERTISE As I said above, how can people go to your website when they have no idea about the existence of your website, right? Just like what products are doing, you will need to advertise your website as well to attract visitors. You will have to build your brand and put your website out there where people can see it easily. If you want more sales for your website, you will have to target high commercial intent keywords as a part of your paid search strategies.

You can hire someone who is good when it comes to keyword building or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you have a little extra money. But you can always learn SEO on your own. SEO is still effective in getting website traffic. Be sure to add some internal and external links! Ever heard of meta descriptions? Now might be the right time to stop and learn about them.

3.) MAKE IT IRRESISTIBLE. You have to make things look nice when you are sharing something. It has to be something that viewers would want to click and read about. That is exactly why you should pay more attention to your headline because it will be the one that viewers will see first. Will your headline make them click your link? Or does it sound really boring and draggy? Just as you should take some time to learn about search engine optimization, you should also allot some time to learn about headline writing. Don’t push that publish button yet until you are really really sure of your headline.

4.) GOOD CONTENT Of course, once a reader has clicked on your website link, he or she will begin to read your article. Is it too boring? Is it too draggy? Is it complicated to understand? Be sure to use easy to understand and read words. You should also try to vary the length and format of your content just to keep things fresh and mixed up. Make sure that the tone of your work is appealing and interesting or else, you will be boring readers. Remember that you have a lot of competition out there. You aren’t the only website when it comes to lifestyle, food, clothes, photography, or whatever topic it is that you have chosen. There are hundreds of websites out there and in the end, the percent of content remains large.

5.) LONG-TAILED KEYWORDS What are long tailed keywords? This refers to the three or four keyword phrases that are very specific to whatever it is that you are trying to sell or advertise. Long-tailed keywords help customers find the thing they are looking for quicker, compared to only short and vague keywords. This also means lesser competition in the search results page. Learn how to use long tailed keywords. because they will be highly helpful to you website and SEO strategy.

6.) INVITE OTHERS TO GUEST BLOG AND VISE VERSA. The main point of this is to get some other blogger’s readers or subscribers familiar or at least check out your blog! That’s why it’s also important to be social and be nice to people who own blogs. The more external links you can get, the better you will fare for Google or any search engine, especially if the website is trustworthy. If you guest blog at a reputable website, you will be able to gather a size of blog traffic. This move will also be able to help establish your brand more. If you don’t want to guest blog, you can ask people to blog on your website. This could also bring new readers to your website which is great for you! Just be sure that your guest will be posting quality material.

Google doesn’t like low-quality post and this could bring down your rank in the search engine results.

7.) E-MAIL MARKETING The often forgotten method, but still applicable and capable of attracting readers. You don’t even have to do it super well, just a moderate blast will be able to up your website traffic significantly if you do it the right way. Gather e-mails from people who subscribed to you or those who previously ordered from you. E-Mail them from time to time and let them know about a new post you created or a sale that’s happening at your website. It’s easier to promote from people who have already bought from your website. Those are but a few ways on how to increase traffic to your website for free!

Hopefully, our article for today has helped you even just a little bit.